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20th - 21st, June 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Enhance your ability to communicate effectively in writing and in action


- Adopt and maintain an audience-centered mindset
- Overcome verbal and non-verbal barriers to build valuable connections
- Influence vs persuasion - How to achieve the desired outcomes and build long-lasting relationships with your audience
- Techniques to manage your emotions and mindset in challenging communication situations


Giles Watson

As Practice Support Manager at Queensland Law Society in Brisbane Giles introduced a client service component to the Society’s practice management course for practice principals – a first in Australia. Prior to that, at the Law Society of England & Wales he managed Lexcel, a client-service focused quality scheme that led to a 30% reduction in complaints against accredited law practices. As a speaker and facilitator, Giles is known for his engaging style and practical, relevant content.

CX Training


Workshop Day One - Written Communication
Workshop Day Two - Communication in Action
APS 5 - 6 Communication Skills for Impact & Influence Toolkit

20 Jun - 21 Jun


Influential and impactful writing essentials

- Explore the components of effective written communication

- Understand the effect of voice and tone in creating impact

- Recognise loss of context in written communication

- The role of Emotional Intelligence in written communication

Taking a reader-centred approach

- Understanding your target audience - Who are they? What is your relationship to them? What do they need?

- Articulate your desired goal and purpose, and how to align this with your readers' needs

- How to build trust and demonstrate empathy

Impact, influence and persuasion

- Understand the distinction between influence and persuasion

- Practical strategies for influential and persuasive writing

- How to avoid adverse reader reactions

Planning, structure and editing

- Develop your understanding of objectives and structure

- Learn classic structures for alternative communication styles

- Tools to enhance formatting to create impact

- Level up your editing of content, impact, flow, grammar and spelling

  • Giles Watson Director CX Training


Verbal and non-verbal strategies to maximise impact

- Understand the power of body language and tone of voice

- Tailor your message to better meet your audience's needs and rhythms

- Use curiosity to overcome assumptions and bias

- Explore alternative communication styles

Communication skills 1: Building a connection

- Learn techniques to build rapport quickly and authentically, including active listening and finding common ground

- Explore the benefits of assertiveness and accountability in building trust and respect

- Develop your questioning and listening skills to create open communication and build deeper connections with your audience

Communication skills 2: Making an impact

- Strategies for managing expectations

- Tools for giving and receiving feedback effectively

- Demonstrate confident and fluent presentations

- Persuasive techniques - questions, storytelling, insights

Overcoming communication barriers and managing challenging situations

- Understand the impact of emotions and mindset and tools to manage them effectively

- Explore the different types of conflict that can arise in your role and de-escalation strategies 

- Learn techniques for delivering disappointing news and apologies with empathy and professionalism

  • Giles Watson Director CX Training



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