4th Annual Women in Leadership NT Summit

Unlock your potential & broaden your horizons through self-expansion in a rural environment

  • February 4th - 7th, 2020
  • Novotel Darwin


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- Secure your future through professional development in a lower demographic
- Strengthen your networks and solidify your professional presence in a rural environment
- Harness the power of diversity in your community
- Conquer your domain through confidence and communicate like a leader


Vicki O'Halloran

Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO is the current Administrator of the Northern Territory. Her Honour was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Somerville Community Services, a local not for profit youth, family and community welfare organisation. Her Honour was awarded the Telstra Northern Territory Business Woman of the Year in 1998 and in 2015 was a Territory (State) Finalist for Australian of the Year.

Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO, Administrator of the Northern Territory
Northern Territory Government

  • Selena Uibo
    Minister for Aboriginal Affairs; Minister for Education; Minister for Workforce Training
    Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory
  • Meredith Parry
    Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President Operations
    Charles Darwin University
  • Michelle McKay
    Chief Operating Officer
    Top End Health Service
  • Joanne Norton
    Executive Director People & Organisational Capability
    Department of Health, NT


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Communicating with confidence - Developing authenticity, authority & agency
Lead for inclusion - A plan for cultural inclusivity
A resilient, stronger you
Build a professional network to secure career prosperity
The importance of a mentor in career development
Develop your executive presence & lead with confidence
Lay your stake in a male-dominated environment
Interactive networking session
Growth mindset - Pave the way to your professional development
Upskilling - Be successful in the modern workplace
Reflections on leading in a male-dominated environment
Vocal presence to empower your communication
Design your employee retention strategy to overcome transient workforce
Identifying strengths within your business & nurturing internal growth
The powerful you!
Delegation & task management - The fundamentals for aspiring leaders
Pre Summit Workshop

04 Feb


Confident communication is an underestimated skill. When establishing your managerial credibility, you must communicate with determination and clarity. But communication is more than the ability to convey ideas. Exceptional communicators evoke emotions and rouse attention. 

This workshop will help you understand various communication styles and tap into your strengths so that you can convey ideas and influence with authenticity. 

Communication dynamics  

- Learn about communication triggers that influence behaviour 

- Discover your communication footprint and how to leverage your strengths 

- Build your leadership brand 

Build high-performing teams 

- Learn how to unlock the potential of individual team members and optimise their strengths 

- Inspire individual confidence and responsibility 

- Reduce conflict and increase engagement 

- Create and sustain collaborative relationships 

Leverage emotional intelligence for navigating change 

- Lead with a balanced head and heart 

- Inspire others to galvanise behind a purpose 

- Creating meaningful customer-centric connections 

  • Catie Kirke Founder & Creator A.R.T. Your Life

Summit Day One

05 Feb

Case Study

Diverse teams boost creativity, enabling your team to tackle problems from multiple angles and discover unique solutions. But to build a multicultural team, you must first establish trust.

Join the Honourable Minister Selena Uibo as she discusses how you can break down cultural differences to establish trust in the workplace. You'll learn how to proactively accommodate different work schedules and provide everyone with a voice to secure the fair treatment of your team. 

- Break down cultural differences and establish internal trust

- Workaround cultural customs to accommodate individual needs

- Be fair and provide everyone with a voice 

  • Selena Uibo Minister for Aboriginal Affairs; Minister for Education; Minister for Workforce Training Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory

Case Study

Deadlines, rivalry, and organisational change characterise the modern workplace. Success relies on your ability to ‘bounce back’ from inevitable career challenges. Join Karinda as she explores strategies to help you build workplace resilience.

- Adapt through positivity 

- Develop and strengthen emotional insight 

- Create a responsive comeback plan 

  • Karinda Gill Founder, Business Development Manager Abode New Homes

Case Study

Forming and maintaining strong professional relationships is a core component of career success. Networks help you access resources, information, and support. However, some people find networking a daunting task and refrain from making these vital connections.

Join Linda as she explains how to make professional connections, make a lasting impression with new contacts, and solidify your professional presence online through an interactive activity. 

- How to network and why you should

- Make a lasting impression on new connections 

- Go digital! How to master your professional presence online

  • Linda Fazldeen Director, Defence & Veterans Engagement Department of Trade, Business & Innovation - Northern Territory Government

Case Study

A mentor is an experienced role model and trusted adviser who offers their knowledge, experience, and advice to guide the mentee during their professional journey. But how easy is it to sustain a supportive relationship?

Join Angela as she discusses how to overcome these challenges by maintaining communication and independence.

- Maintain effective communication and constructive feedback

- Set achievable goals for your mentee to build confidence

- Foster your mentee's independence through the option of choice

  • Angela Tomazos Managing Partner Northern Territory Regional & Agribusiness National Australia Bank


Executive presence is a trait aspiring executives know they need, but its definition is murky at best. Is it charisma? Is it grace under pressure? Will those in charge of your career path agree that you have 'it'? Join our panellists as they discuss what it takes to develop your executive presence and build confidence.

- Embrace our unique

- Utilise the power of silence

- Get out of your comfort zone

  • Joanne Norton Executive Director People & Organisational Capability Department of Health, NT

  • Renae McGarvie Police Sergeant Northern Territory Police, Fire & Emergency Services

  • Catherine Fairlie Regional Manager NT ITEC Group Australia

Case Study

For many women, "making it" necessitates learning how to navigate male-dominated environments. Unconscious bias, male preferential norms, and a lack of recognition are all challenges women must learn to overcome if they wish to succeed. Tracy will discuss the importance of staying true to yourself while exploring strategies to be seen and heard.

- Develop strategies to be seen and heard

- Play to your unique strengths and thrive

- Find a sponsor to champion your success

  • Tracy Jones Superintendent, Community & Corporate Affairs McArthur River Zinc Mine


Catie will conclude today's event with getting you started on your professional presence online with an interactive networking session using online social tools.

Summit Day Two

06 Feb

Case Study

As technology advances, employees can be left behind in an ever-evolving environment. Executives who approach these challenges with a growth mindset will ensure success. Join Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran as she discusses how you can adapt to changing times. You'll learn how to adopt a growth mindset, set learning goals, and seek constructive feedback.

- See success as more than just a result 

- Set learning goals and targets for your growth

- Seek feedback to support your development 

  • Vicki O'Halloran Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO, Administrator of the Northern Territory Northern Territory Government

Case Study

Upskilling gives you a competitive edge to stay ahead in your industry. Join Maree as she highlights her journey to leadership and how you can increase your value through upskilling and keep up with industry demands.

- Increase your value in your organisation

- Be ahead of your industry through investing in yourself

- Be the best version of you

  • Maree Bredhauer Mayor Litchfield Council


Women have been eschewing clerical positions and venturing into traditionally male-held professions for over a century.

While the movement to enter male-dominated environments has progressed, men may show a reluctance to follow suit. So how do we rise to the challenge? Lieutenant Colonel Mason will discuss how to use a tactical adaptive mindset and be a chameleon without compromising authenticity.

- Lead with a tactical adaptive mindset

- Balance authentic leadership and be a chameleon

- Prepare for the unexpected

  • Michelle Mason Commanding Officer Joint Health Unit Australian Army

Case Study

To build executive presence, you must first harness your voice. Without it, the power of your presence can be diminished, opening windows for bias. Meredith will discuss how you can use your voice to your advantage and strengthen your confidence.

- Become aware of your vocal impact and presence in the workplace

- Explore your vocal variety to engage your listeners and increase your credibility

- Improve your confidence and authority when speaking before an audience

  • Meredith Parry Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President Operations Charles Darwin University


Businesses are always competing for the best talent. Implementing strategies to support and retain their staff is the goal, but this is easier said than done. Join our panellists as they discuss how they have tackled employee retention challenges and share strategies to help you achieve the same.

- Best practice recruitment strategies

- Entice new talent

- Develop a dynamic and diverse team

  • Michelle McKay Chief Operating Officer Top End Health Service

  • Penny Eckel General Manager Crocosaurus Cove

  • Jacqueline Reid Strata Manager Altitude Management NT

Case Study

Research has shown that nurturing talent has a positive impact on culture, growth, and commercial success. Karen will explain how she created an efficient and successful company by challenging individuals to harness their inner passion.

- Tailor job roles to individual strengths

- Recruit like-minded individuals with the ethos and passion that mirrors your organisation's vision

- Keep your vision front and centre in your daily work

  • Karen Sheldon Founder, Managing Director Karen Sheldon Group


Join Catie as she concludes the summit with reflection upon the lessons learnt, how you can apply these tips, and guidance to truly become your powerful self.

  • Catie Kirke Founder & Creator A.R.T. Your Life

Post Summit Workshop

07 Feb


Delegation is a critical management competency, so why do we have trouble letting go? Many things can get in the way, but once you learn to overcome these obstacles, you will get more done and achieve better outcomes. This workshop will provide you with techniques for delegation and task management.

Understand the value of delegation

- Principles and benefits of delegation

- Using the power of other people

- Competency and proficiency 

Distinguish critical elements of delegation and task management

- Stages for delegation

- Manage obstacles

- Establish trust  

Identify tasks to delegate and promote team accountability

- Types of tasks that demand your time

- Don't let other people’s priorities become yours

- Identify your team's strengths and delegate accordingly

Improve productivity by identifying and overcoming barriers that obstruct delegation

- How to identify unseen problems

- Define goals and objectives

- Risk management and conflict resolution

  • Suzie Whitfield Founder Suzie Whitfield Coaching & Training


Novotel Darwin

100 The Esplanade, Darwin, NT, 0800

61 (8) 8963 5000

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