Agile Foundations Workshop

Understand key Agile Project Management techniques & methodologies to improve project performance

  • December 10th - 11th, 2019
  • Cliftons Auckland


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- Empower teams with Agile techniques that drive self-direction & responsibility
- Transition from 'traditional' project management to the Agile way
- The various Agile approaches, including Scrum methodologies
- Incorporate best Agile practices into your existing organisational frameworks


Nick Foard

Nick is a veteran agent of change with over 20 years experience in iterative analysis and development methods as well as business transformation and training delivery. Nick is passionate about sharing his skills, experience and ‘know how’. Helping teams and organisations transform their capabilities to deliver more value to customers that is aligned with strategy and purpose, whilst developing an innovative growth mindset culture. In the last 10 years, he has been focusing on Agile, Lean, Scrum Master and Product Ownership work across a wide range of clients and industries. 

Founder & Agile Coach
Nick Foard


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Agile Foundations Workshop

10 Dec - 11 Dec


Explore Agile concepts and Project Management Methodologies

- Overview of core Agile concepts – What is the Agile approach?

- Other traditional project management methodologies, including Waterfall

- Command and Control versus Servant Leadership

- Importance of stakeholders sharing an Agile Perspective


Understand the Agile Manifesto

- Foundations behind the Agile Manifesto

- Interpreting the Manifesto values and principles


Delve into the elements and terminology of Scrum Methodology

- What is Scrum and when to use it?

- Scrum Sprint planning and executing

- Using reviews to meet customer demands

- Scrum retrospectives and tools for improvement


Develop better Scrum teams and team space

- The basics for good Agile teams and team space

- Delegating roles in Agile teams:

      - Scrum Master/Coach

      - Product Owner/Customer

      - Team Members/Developers

      - The importance of team space

- Physical space recommendations for successful Agile implementation

  • Nick Foard Founder & Agile Coach Nick Foard


Prepare for your Agile project

- Project initiation and inception

- Determine project justifications and analyse metrics

- Create a strong project vision and providing value-driven delivery

- Identify and manage various stakeholders along the way

- Forming your ideal Agile project team


Planning your Agile project with Scrum techniques

- A brief overview of project planning

- Creating and developing epics and stories

- Non-customer facing stories

     - Investigating customer profiles to discover personas

     - Story Maps

     - Estimating and prioritising stories

- Creating product backlog and roadmap

- Conducting release planning


Master the function of sprints

- What are iterations and sprints?

- How to determine and calculate project and team velocity

- A look at iteration planning, meeting and guidelines

- Tracking and tools to keep your projects running smoothly:

      - Daily Standup Meetings

      - Cumulative Flow diagrams

      - Kanban Charts

- Backlog grooming and sprint reviews

- Sprints in closing, including release, reports and retrospectives


Other Agile principles and applying best practices to your team

- Kanban techniques and best practices

- Explore Lean Software Development and Lean-Agile portfolio management

- Choose the right methodology and frameworks for your project

- Incorporate Scrum and Agile practices into your organisation

  • Nick Foard Founder & Agile Coach Nick Foard


Cliftons Auckland

Level 4, 45 Queen Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

+64 9-374 0999

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