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May 31st, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Cutting-edge data analytics and insights for experienced data professionals


- Expand your knowledge of database and information technologies
- Update your knowledge of legislative requirements and trends that impact good data governance
- Use advanced data visualisation to create impactful change within your department
- Construct powerful business cases based on predictive analytics


Felipe Rego

Felipe is a leading advanced analytics and data science partner, helping teams build, manage and enhance their data science and visualisation solutions in a strategically-aligned, commercially-oriented and customer-centric way.

With extensive industry experience as well as analytical expertise, Felipe is often required by marketing, sales, finance, technology and strategy teams to provide support and to deliver robust analytical solutions that are easy to use, understand and implement. Felipe’s unique methodology focuses on a holistic organisational approach to using data and science to improve performance and reduce costs.

Data Science & Analytics Partner
Felipe Rego


Advanced Data Skills for Government
Advanced Data Skills for Government

31 May


Improvement and innovation (for data)

- Making sense of your organisation’s data governance capability and maturity level

- Expand your understanding of modern database and information technologies

- Deep dive into ways to structure your data, including scope and limitations of data and systems

- Creating a data roadmap from business strategy to successful data management

Managing your organisation's data governance and data teams

- Learn to formulate and advise on data governance policies and contribute to the structure of organisational data governance frameworks (includes data access, data security, privacy and ethics)

- Maintain awareness of new legislative requirements and trends that impact good data governance and ensure organisational compliance with these (includes data access, data security, privacy, and ethics)

- Develop a comprehensive understanding of the data assets available to the organisation and understand how these assets contribute strategic value

- Strategies for storing and working with metadata keeping it refreshed, updated and repaired

Strategies to analyse, interpret, and organise large amounts of data

- Learn how to clearly explain the output of your data systems or processes, and machine learning algorithms

- Explore various analytics approaches and solutions incl. market segmentation, recommendation engines

- Linking predictive analytics and insights to business outcomes 

- Construct a business case based on concrete, accurate and relevant numbers

Fundamentals of data for data visualisation, insights and storytelling

- Learn how to structure and communicate with data for impact and change

- Using data for visualisation to drive decision-making for your department

- Knowing your why, and what your data needs to achieve

- Learn about new programs, tools, and governance strategies in and around supporting data communication

  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego



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Virtual / Streaming

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