7th Women in Project Management Leadership Summit

Networking opportunities, inspirational stories and practical advice from leading project management professionals

  • March 18th - 21st, 2019
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney


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Master essential leadership skills
Hear inspiring stories from accomplished project management professionals
Enhance your influence and accelerate team success
Sharpen your strategic communication skills


Louise Lloyd

Louise is the General Manager of the Australian Institute of Project Management and she believes that great leadership is about translating a grand vision into an achievable reality.


Louise has over 20 years of experience in leadership within a range of industries including Not for Profit. She has developed and led teams through strategy development and execution through project, programme and portfolio management,  operational implementation, transformational change management, PMO and ePMO management, consulting and stakeholder management to generate revenue, reduce costs and achieve other significant organisational objectives.

General Manager
Australian Institute of Project Management

  • Julia Checchia
    PMI Sydney Chapter
  • Chelsy Snell
    Chief Technology & Projects Officer
    AIA Australia
  • Kate Morris
    Director, Strategic Program Management
  • Becky Wood
    Executive Director, Fleet Program Delivery
    Transport for NSW


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Download the brochure
Enhancing professional relationships with authentic leadership
Leading teams to face challenges successfully
The science of a success mindset
Embracing collaboration for improved performance and process
Leadership - expectations versus reality
Applying agile principles to leadership
Superpowers for tomorrow's leader
Driving transformation & leading change
Maximising stakeholder relationships through influential communication
Managing stress & avoiding burnout
Lessons learned from 30 years of project delivery
Balancing personal and professional aspirations
Innovation and creativity in project leadership
Leading people, performance & process
Progressing from a technical expert to a strong leader
Pre Summit Workshop - 18 Mar


Improve performance and effectiveness at the individual and team level by allowing your staff to gain a thorough understanding of their natural behaviour, communication and work styles. Through developing a deeper understanding of what motivates and drives you and those you work with, you can adapt your communication to guarantee more fulfilling interactions and stronger professional relationships.

This workshop will help you highlight strengths and areas requiring education or development. It will give you the tools and skills to achieve maximum motivation, performance and team growth. You will be guided through a number of activities that will assist in strengthening your communication and leadership skills. Explore the demands of communications leadership and the skills and attributes needed to lead an effective team, build relationships and deliver success as a female leader.

Master the essentials of behavioural profiling for successful leadership

- Understand the impact of different personality types

- Utilise natural energy styles to achieve maximum motivation

- Transform behaviour, communication and work styles

Communicate your message effectively

- Tips for clear, concise and confident communication

- Techniques for optimising project success

- Develop essential skills to maximise team engagement

Engage and manage sensitive issues under pressure

- Develop outstanding emotional intelligence

- Navigate conflicting perspectives

- Learn to mediate constructively

Effective and constructive feedback

- Understand why feedback is important

- Use feedback as a tool for self-improvement

- Provide feedback to positively influence those around you

Conference Day 1 - 19 Mar

Case Study

To be confident with your leadership, it is important to feel comfortable with your ability to lead others in a way that feels genuine to you. In this session, Louise will explore the best ways to develop your authentic leadership style.

- Discover your personal and professional brand

- Present yourself confidently and naturally

- Develop strong professional relationships

  • Louise Lloyd General Manager Australian Institute of Project Management

Case Study

Dealing with unexpected challenges in project delivery is unavoidable but a great leader is capable of helping their team navigate these obstacles. Drawing on her previous experience as CFO of WaterNSW before moving into her current role of Director of Major Projects, Elli will offer a unique perspective on how to lead teams effectively for great outcomes.

-Empower your team and create a shared vision

-Formulate an action plan to help overcome obstacles

-Identify opportunities for growth

  • Elli Baker Director, Major Projects WaterNSW

Expert Commentary

The key differentiator of successful people often comes down to mindset. Understanding how to develop a successful mindset and the science behind it will help you advance your career with confidence.

-The neuroscience of a growth mindset

-Tools to increase the accountability of everyone in your business

-How to ensure your beliefs are aligned with your goals


This interactive session will offer aspiring leaders the opportunity to collaborate on problems currently facing them in their roles and careers. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights from professionals across industries and share insights on how to successfully overcome problems through embracing collaboration and innovation.

-New employee engagement ideas

-Improve the process of project delivery as a leader

-Enhance personal and team performance


There is often a disconnect between the expectations of leadership and the reality of the role. This panel of experts will share insights from their leadership journeys and how they’ve navigated their own expectations and the expectations of others.

- Practical and personal advice for emerging leaders

- Advice in hindsight

- Turn challenges into opportunities

  • Kate Morris Director, Strategic Program Management Mastercard

  • Liz Bamber General Manager, Enterprise Portfolio Management Transurban

  • Petie Walker General Manager, Project Management & Direct Procurement Stockland

  • Mary Glikin Associate Director, Delivery Capability Optus

  • Rachael Chan Head of Projects, ANZ Macquarie Group

Expert Commentary

The ability to develop an adaptable leadership style in a rapidly changing landscape is critical for shaping a successful future. Leading in this way will help you keep pace with changes and promote an environment of continuous delivery.

-Leverage the benefits and uses of agile principles

-Improve end-user adoption and usability

-Move to an agile environment

Case Study

Progressing into senior leadership roles requires solid experience and strong management skills, but how do you gain this experience? Every career has plenty of untapped challenges and opportunities to build leadership experience, you just have to know where to find them. Joanne will share some of the lessons she has learned through her journey.

-Expand your skill set and develop your capabilities

-Network effectively across organisations and industries

-Learn to work outside of your comfort zone

  • Joanne Murray Program Manager, Transformation and Innovation Boral

Conference Day 2 - 20 Mar

Case Study

Leaders must develop the influential skills to lead teams through transformation and change. Focusing on personal skills and strengths using self-reflection will increase a leader's ability to guide teams effectively.

-Reflections on personal and professional transformations

-Proactive versus reactionary leadership

-Use self-assessment to develop a strong leadership mindset

  • Julia Checchia President PMI Sydney Chapter

Case Study

Effective communication has a whole host of benefits. Clear communication can relieve stress and uncertainty, build trust and defuse conflict while steering you and your team towards organisational goals. By building relationships with great communication within and beyond your organisational boundaries, you will excel as a leader.

-Improve project delivery through clear communication

-Earn respect and credibility

-Guarantee stakeholder investment

  • Lisa Hilton Head of Technology Delivery Origin

Expert Commentary

To take your career to the next step, it is important to align your mental wellbeing with your drive for success. An increase in stress levels will hinder your ability to deliver effective results in your team and organisation. Christine will highlight potential stress factors that can otherwise go unrecognised and offer some strategies to effectively deal with these obstacles.

- The effects of stress on your body and behaviour

- Strategies to alleviate stress in the workplace

- Use nutrition to increase wellbeing

Case Study

Tony brings a robust and common sense approach to executive leadership that leverages a deeply practical understanding of the financial and commercial drivers behind effective project delivery. In this session he will share the wealth of experience gained from multiple roles.

- Learn from others

- Examples of positive leadership styles

- Challenge the status quo 

  • Tony McCabe Former Executive Director, Projects Department of Education NSW


A healthy work-life balance is a desirable goal, but juggling your commitments can be challenging in practice, especially in project management. This interactive panel discussion will explore how to strike a balance that works for you.

- Discover your ‘why’

- Construct realistic expectations within your capabilities

- Understand that your time is valuable, not just at work

  • Chelsy Snell Chief Technology & Projects Officer AIA Australia

  • Becky Wood Executive Director, Fleet Program Delivery Transport for NSW

  • Sonja Shand Senior Project Manager Roads and Maritime Services

  • Bernadette Keating Sector Lead, Commercial, Core Places, Building Lendlease

Case Study

Innovative thinking can produce excellent results in project delivery, but knowing how, when and what to implement can prove challenging. Drawing on her experience, Carolyn explain how to make creative project delivery more accessible and achievable by introducing contemporary and collaborative thinking styles.

- Where and when to be creative during the project cycle

- Harness your unique strengths and draw upon the strengths of others

- Develop your innovation and creativity toolbox

  • Carolyn Blackburn General Manager, Projects HESTA


In this interactive session, Cheryl will bring together the themes and ideas explored over the course of the summit. Through an engaging discussion, she will help to summarise key takeaways from the event and offer ideas for driving career progression.

-Key lessons gained from the summit

-Important skills to help you succeed

-Develop an action plan moving forward

Post Summit Workshop - 21 Mar


Project management leaders face an increasingly dynamic, diverse and complex work environment. Thriving in this environment requires the project management leader to balance their technical and leadership skills to drive high performance, productivity across teams and to manage stakeholders.

This workshop explores who you need to be as a leader, how to manage stakeholders and will delve into the habits of successful leaders. Successfully applying these tools, techniques and knowledge through a project management lens will enable you to become a highly capable, innovative and outcomes-driven leader.

Determine who you want to be as a leader

-Identify common traits of successful leaders

-Develop a leadership mindset

-Align your values and beliefs

Adapt your leadership style to different stakeholders

-Build your leadership brand and influence

-Grow your team culture and values

-Develop flexibility in your communications to meet stakeholders needs

Implement habits of a successful leader

-Balance the juggle between conflicting priorities of team/stakeholder management

-Identify what tasks to own and what to delegate

-Drive accountability within the team

Prepare yourself for leadership challenges

-Maintain transparency through complexity

-Develop leadership techniques to lead through complex situations

-Master techniques to inspire, motivate and engage diverse teams


Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9253 9000

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