7th PMO Leadership Summit

Join industry-leading PMO experts and learn how to unlock ongoing value for your organisation in a rapidly changing world

  • February 18th - 21st, 2019
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


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Partner your PMO with decision makers
Leverage agile for your organisation
Transformational case studies
Develop critical leadership skills


Peter Munro

Peter currently manages Metro Trains Melbourne's Network Operations, responsible for train, fleet and customer control, signallers and overall organisational operational performance results. 

Prior to this, Peter was responsible for delivery of the rail infrastructure maintenance & renewals program of $240m pa with a workforce exceeding 700, delivering major reform with strong results in cost reduction, productivity improvement, employee engagement and injury reduction. 

Peter has also worked with a Private Equity owned plant business with revenues of $100m across 14 WA branches, as well as managed Downer Group’s rail infrastructure contracting business for WA.

General Manager, Network Operations
Metro Trains Melbourne

  • Sam Bowtell
    Program Director
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • David McGahey
    Former Director General, Plan Centaur
    Department of Defence
  • Margaret Wilde
    VISA Programme Director
    National Australia Bank
  • Coralie LeRay
    Manager, IT Enablement and Assurance
    SA Water


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Download the brochure
High impact PMO leadership workshop
Transforming your organisation to be performance-oriented
Setting up an enterprise PMO
Aligning delivery to improve project outcomes
Turning data into insights
Building buy-in across all stakeholders
Bouncing back from setbacks
The PMO’s struggle: Inconsistent and fragmented project management artefacts
Becoming best in the world - Telstra's journey to PMO success
Aligning PMOs and strategy through effective governance and frameworks
Delivering PMO value through volatility
Incorporating agility into your everyday
Complex project management in action – The OneSKY story
Agility in your PMO
Make your value visible with credible communication
Embracing the opportunities of a volatile world
Embracing agility - Moving from PMO process to value managment
Pre-Summit Workshop - 18 Feb


Explore how leaders in change management, transformation and PMOs can create value for their organisation through times of rapid and often volatile change. Having the support and engagement of stakeholders will often be the major difference between project teams that deliver outcomes aligned to strategic objectives and projects that fail to solve problems.


This hands-on workshop is a great opportunity for aspiring and current leaders to reinvigorate their ability to create and maintain high performing teams. You’ll develop skills and strategies to engage, inspire and empower, whether you’re in a team or leading one.


Engaging people to build organisation-wide sponsorship

-Creating greater engagement within teams

-Strategies to improve collaboration across program and portfolio teams

-Learning to effectively resolve conflict and create sustainable working relationships at all levels


Thought leadership and developing resilience

-Identifying and improving your resilience score

-Ways to promote thought leadership

-Boosting your credibility in dealing with complex problems


Unlocking your leadership effectiveness

-Creating a culture that’s receptive to change and growth

-Exploring the relationship between leadership and management

-Identifying areas for growth


Empowering people to achieve high impact outcomes

-Devising a framework to make effective decisions as a team

-Strategies to delegate tasks and responsibilities 

-Setting clear expectations and methods to provide enriching feedback to teams

Conference Day 1 - 19 Feb

Case Study

To deliver value through disruption you need to be robust enough to withstand challenges and flexible enough to act quickly. In this case study, Peter will explore the cultural transformation of Metro trains decades after moving from public to private enterprise.

-Understand the problem at hand

-Develop a strategy to overcome issues

-Play-by-play implementation of tactics in transformation

  • Peter Munro General Manager, Network Operations Metro Trains Melbourne

Case Study

Are you looking to establish your own PMO or to define the driving force behind your existing PMO? Hear from Peter who has been brought in to the Salvation to establish an enterprise PMO and learn how to maximise your PMO strategy.

-Link strategy with executive focus

-Set expectations among sponsors

-Enable credible and effective flow of information

  • Peter Houlihan National Head of EPMO The Salvation Army

Case Study

Delivery is the core function of many PMOs. Your ability to deliver accurately and efficiently will go a long way in demonstrating value to your organisation. In this session, Nathan will develop a case study on collaborative project delivery.

-Establish a thorough understanding of stakeholder needs

-Ensure strategy remains aligned with goals

-Find efficiencies in delivery

  • Nathan Grayson Head of Insurance Program Management Office Suncorp

Case Study

To bring value to your organisation it's important to first understand and optimise the objectives of projects. In this session, Vanitha will explore how JLL leverages data to improve end-to-end planning, process and delivery.

-Manage data and distilling information

-Define client-led objectives

-Work with data analysts to draw out key information

  • Vanitha Ryan Director Client Intelligence, Project and Development Services JLL

Expert Commentary

  • Om Prakash


You're only as strong as your weakest link. As a leader of projects, programs and transformation, ensuring all stakeholders are working together is critical to your ability to deliver value for your organisation.

-Implement strategies to maintain executive support

-Build bottom-up support through engagement

-Leverage ownership as a tool to motivate

  • Coralie LeRay Manager, IT Enablement and Assurance SA Water

  • Dean Snowden Program Manager University of Sydney

  • David Errey Divisional Manager - Asset Creation Yarra Valley Water

Case Study

As a leader, you must be able to maintain composure through challenges. Recovering from project setbacks takes coordinated, sustained effort and effective leadership. Reflecting on his military career, David will discuss how to bounce back from setbacks.

-Lead and remain resilient through transformations

-Maintain confidence within diverse teams

-Take the lead on recovery projects

  • David McGahey Former Director General, Plan Centaur Department of Defence

Sponsor - Solution Spotlight

  • Laith Adel

Case Study

Over the last 5 year's Telstra's PMO has moved through different functions, including delivery, sponsorship engagement and cultural transformation. This session led by three heads of Telstra's project branches explores the journey of delivering value in a highly disrupted environment.

-Successes, challenges and lessons learned along the journey

-Select the right projects and ensure they’re delivered

-Adjust your PM framework to include multiple methodologies  

  • Rob Loader Director, Capital Planning and Delivery Telstra

  • Peter Moutsatsos Chief Project Officer Telstra

Conference Day 2 - 20 Feb

Case Study

PMOs can lead strategic deployments when they align with stakeholders. Understanding how you can leverage frameworks to do this can be critical to your success in delivering ongoing value.

-Utilise tools to centralise governance

-Understand requirements and lean away from legacy governance policies

-Demystify requirements from all stakeholders

  • Raj Ranasinghe Major Capital Works Project Program Manager, City of Brimbank and Vice Chairman, Institution of Engineering and Technology Victoria City of Brimbank

Expert Commentary

Self-disruption is a sensible first step if you are to tip your PMO upside-down looking for value-improving activity. Neil will discuss how the traditional PMO can transition to a Value Management Office.

-Delegate governance responsibility to delivery teams

-Ambiguous agile projects and business case approval

-Value-erosion versus value-adding in the PMO

  • Neil Creasey Independent Agile PMO Specialist and Former Senior Manager Delivery Excellence, Telstra Private Consultant


How do you leverage the benefits of agile for your organisation? Does your organisation recognise the benefits of being agile? This panel will discuss how PMOs can create exceptional value as agile leaders.

-Understand how an agile PMO operates

-Leverage aspects of agile for traditional PMO to improve process

-Build agility into your organisation's regular operations

  • Sam Bowtell Program Director Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • Margaret Wilde VISA Programme Director National Australia Bank

  • Greg Dalton Head of Transformation and Delivery Westpac

Case Study

As modern projects are becoming more complex, the way we approach the management of project work needs to adapt, to negotiate diverse and emerging issues in dynamic and changing environments. This session will explore OneSKY, the first integrated civil/defence air traffic management system.

-Concepts and ideas of complex project management

-Successes and challenges of applying best practice in highly complex environments

-Explore the value from a company point of view

  • Ray Bajinskis Program Portfolio Director Thales Australia

  • Naomi Mathers Director, Industry Liaison and Member Services International Centre for Complex Project Management

Expert Commentary

How can the PMO effectively manage governance over a portfolio that involves traditional and agile project management delivery approaches when Agile PM is often regarded as code for “no governance”?  In this session, we will look at some practical approaches to reconcile this apparent contradiction.

  • Peter Sexton Partner, Management Consulting KPMG

Expert Commentary

Experience and capability are not always enough to get ahead in your career. Mastering the art of confident communication and learning to avoid key credibility killers will help you establish an influential leadership profile.

-Communicate to manage up and down

-Strategies to negotiate to better outcomes

-Enhance your presence with non-verbal cues


This final session led by our Chair, Yvonne Butler, is your opportunity to reflect on the key messages of this event. As a former CEO of the AIPM, Yvonne has the knowledge and credentials to help you step up your PMO leadership.

-Reflect on key messages of this event

-Leverage the position of the PMO as a trusted partner

-Shift the value proposition of your PMO

  • Chivonne Algeo Associate Professor, Project Management Monash University

Post-Summit Workshop - 21 Feb


This workshop is your opportunity to work through real-life examples of how you can leverage agile frameworks. John Farrow, a business enterprise agility coach, will will take an interactive approach in exploring how the PMO can transition towards a Value Management Office. Among other topics, you’ll work through specific examples of forecasting, reporting and prioritisation in the fundamental principles of Waterfall, Agile and Devops as suited to your current PMO structure.


Framework foundations - Waterfall v Agile

-Exploring different function and roles within the Business Agility landscape

-Moving from push to pull reporting

-Understanding your value - from management to leadership

-Creating your new development map - the lean UXD – Dev – Ops cycle


Value reporting - Moving away from project reporting

-Structuring the Value Management Office

-Supporting your organisation - Moving from roles to functions and services

-Working through planned and unplanned work – how to monitor


Sizing and prioritising value in an Agile world

-Estimating techniques  

-Forecasting in a team (squad) environment

-Exploring models of set based design

-Scaling agile reporting for portfolios (Tribes), programs, projects and enterprises

-The Lean Change overview - change & resource management


Executive and team, program, portfolio planning and reporting

-Working through big room planning (iterative forecasting, sprint commitment and showcase)

-Feedback loop to forecasting

-Tools available to leverage agile frameworks

-Finalising your VMO, processes, boards and frameworks


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Convention Centre Place, Melbourne, VIC, 3006, Australia

(03) 9235 8000

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