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7th - 10th, June 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Become a master of change and lead your organisation through cultural transformation


- Create high performing teams who can navigate change with innovation and agility
- Handle difficult conversations with confidence and precision
- Stand out of the crowd and become the right leader for promotion
- Build influential networks with like-minded, future focused leaders and mentors


  • Annette Grundy

    Senior Director Quality, APAC

    Baxter Healthcare
  • Angela Ratcliffe

    General Manager, Sleep and Respiratory Care APAC

  • Nicole Good

    Head of Customer Experience

    Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Michelle Zimany

    Director, Human Resources, Australia & New Zealand & JPAC HR Genzyme

  • Alyssa Kent

    Senior Business Unit Director, Inflammation

    Gilead Sciences
  • Dr Pinky Dharmshaktu

    Head of Oncology, Medical Affairs

    Merck Healthcare Pty Ltd
  • Sally Di Martino

    Head of Human Resources & Compliance

    Eisai Australia
  • Sue Hansford

    Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand

    Integra LifeSciences
  • Mark Verschuur

    Chief Executive Officer

    Fairmont Medical
  • Lauren Greig

    Head of Clinical Services

    Siemens Healthcare
  • Russell Basser

    Senior Vice President, Research & Development

  • Marthe D'Ombrain

    Senior Director & Head, Global Research Innovation

    CSL Limited
  • Michael Carr-Gregg

    Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg

    Psychologist & Consultant
  • Mary-Beth Brinson

    Vice President of Global Clinical Affairs

  • Roanne Innes


  • Jo Wise

    Leadership Performance Coach

    Jo Wise Leadership
  • Reem Borrows

    Human Performance Specialist

    Dreem Coaching and Consulting


​The strength of your team is your advantage
Learning to embrace challenge and change
Goal setting - Aiming for significance
The eight secrets of wellbeing
Hone your communication for success
Team leadership is about leading leaders, not followers
Don't take change personally, just get personal
Vertical development in a VUCA world
Network with intentionality
The authentic leader
Goal Setting - Check in
Trust is first given before gained
Inspire leaders to the agile renaissance
Prioritise wellbeing today for long term success tomorrow
Intentional space equals dynamic innovation
Self promotion - Increasing credibility and visibility to get ahead
Closing Roundtable
Perfecting the skills of leading change
Pre-Summit Workshop

07 Jun


Striving to create a functional, cohesive team is one of the few remaining competitive advantages available to any organisation looking for a powerful point of differentiation. Therefore, developing your team leadership skills should be one of your highest priorities. The greater your team is, the greater the chance of organisational success.

In this interactive and dynamic workshop, Roanne will guide you through the foundations of what it means to be a team leader and how to create a thriving culture for your team. With these teachings as the groundwork, you then will deep dive into coaching and how improving your situational leadership skills makes you a better communicator and connector to your team and stakeholders.

Get the basics right

- Learn how to foster your authentic leadership style

- Create and form a collaborative team environment

- Establish team trust through ownership and task delegation

Create a high performing team

- Learn about temperament and interaction styles and the impact they have on the team

- Create norms detailing how all participants expect to behave

- Outline and map out short-term achievable goals for the team

Operating with situational leadership

- Explore and understand the situational leadership model

- Apply appropriate directive and supportive behaviours

- Discover the techniques of implementing the leadership model to your team

The next level in team leadership - the coach

- Understand coaching methodologies to build rapport

- Master how to identify and coach different personality types 

- Gain tips and insights that will hep make every coaching situation more successful

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Summit Day One

08 Jun

Case Study

Challenges and change are part of life right? Your leadership journey will be full of both, but don't let the obstacles you face have the final say on your career success and direction. Sue's leadership journey has faced all types of challenges and hurdles, but a strong personal vision, support network, and mindset have helped her to stay focused and emerge stronger through the difficult times. Sue’s personal leadership journey is also focused on lifting those around her to be brave and ambitious, and to push through self-imposed limits, to be the best you can be. Lean in and be encouraged in your own leadership journey and learn how you can learn to overcome the obstacles that you face and be successful in your career.

- Build and engage continually with a strong support network

- Remind yourself to stay true to your vision

- Embrace the learnings in each challenge

  • Sue Hansford Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand Integra LifeSciences

Break-Out Session

Devise a plan to get the most out of the summit.

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Case Study

With the cost of depression, anxiety, and loneliness in individuals reaching an estimated 180 billion dollars within Australia, it is certainly a topic of concern as the world moves into a more fast-paced and dynamic era. Stress is increasing and finding a work-life balance is seemingly impossible. A focus on your own health and wellbeing is not selfish but is a priority for the longevity of your career and success in your day to day performance. Explore how you as a leader can safeguard your own wellbeing with a simple paradigm and eight evidence-based strategies.

- Acknowledge the areas of your life that need change

- Be intentional in your daily choices

- Build support systems that will nurture a healthy wellbeing naturally

  • Michael Carr-Gregg Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg Psychologist & Consultant


The higher in senior leadership you rise, the more integral it is to hone your communication skills and transfer information to stakeholders. As you will encounter more diverse and at times difficult situations where you will need to communicate with authority, empathy and relevance. The good thing is, this is a skill that can be trained. You don't have to be a natural born communicator. Join in the conversation with our panel of senior leaders, who will share their experiences and strategies for nailing hard to handle conversations within the workplace and how you can effectively connect to influence stakeholders for positive outcomes.

- Adapt your communication style and language to theirs

- Manage conflict and execute difficult conversations with confidence

- Gain commitment without the use of power, position or status

  • Sally Di Martino Head of Human Resources & Compliance Eisai Australia

  • Lauren Greig Head of Clinical Services Siemens Healthcare

  • Marthe D'Ombrain Senior Director & Head, Global Research Innovation CSL Limited

Case Study

One of the greatest feats you can do as a leader to others, is to help them become a leader. Simple to say but in itself can be a long journey of working closely with each individual to find their strengths and weaknesses, then instilling a leadership mentality that sticks. Brad has been a senior leader for many years and now is the Managing Director, Oceania for Takeda pharmaceuticals. For Brad, his vision has always been to ensure team members discover and unleash their full potential as leaders by customising their development and building a mindset that if he left tomorrow, they could do his job. Hear from Brad the tools and techniques he uses to develop a leaders mindset in each individual and catch his passion for developing his team.

- Individualise each development program

- Ensure the right balance of oversight and autonomy

- Develop the mindset now as you journey into a more senior position

Case Study

There is pressure from the market to be more personalised in medical solutions. While the outcome of more personalised solutions will ultimately benefit patients, the challenges for organisations to implement these changes are more profound. For the case of LEO Pharma, implementing a structural change caused a challenge with employee engagement and resulted in a number of redundancies. As the leader of the Australian operations, Jason needed to act fast. Through intentional involvement with his employees and empathetic leadership, Jason was able to bring vision and engagement back to his team while also outworking the restructure of LEO Pharma to success. Hear from Jason the powerful takeaways of navigating change as a leader when theory deviates from practice.

- Walk the talk and engage with each leader individually

- Grow your rational intelligence for better conversations

- Don’t throw out the theories on change but use them as guides

Expert Commentary

What is a VUCA world? Well it is one that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Much like what we see today. More than ever before, is a demand for leaders to seek new orientations and take a fresh approach to management, moving away from traditional approaches to development. No longer is it about focusing on building skills for clearly defined problems but needing to shift your capability in handling ambiguous and continually evolving scenarios with speed & agility. Roanne works with leaders to tackle these problems head on and address the leadership skill gap. Hear from Roanne the strategies to grow your complex thinking and to start the process of improving your ability to lead in a VUCA world.

- Map out your leadership journey

- Explore the differences between traditional skill development and complex thinking

-  Maximise your success by understanding three primary conditions growth

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Case Study

For Angela networking and seeking mentors was not always a career priority. With the desire for career change came the recognition that it was time to rethink the traditional approach to moving ahead and career success. It is from this moment that Angela realised that building and sustaining internal and external relationships was paramount for continual growth. She realised collecting business cards just doesn’t cut the mustard to create long term networks. Takeaway how she built strong networks that have equipped her for success and created platforms to give back to others.

- Reflect on your own goals and envision who you need to connect with

- Improve your confidence in standing out with other senior leaders

- Understand that networking is a two way dynamic

  • Angela Ratcliffe General Manager, Sleep and Respiratory Care APAC Philips

Summit Day Two

09 Jun

Case Study

As a leader, there is a demand for you to juggle multiple hats. It can be draining and at times confusing, each day can have surprises that you weren't ready to face. So how do you develop the skills needed to lead through complexity? Through building and leading teams at Cochlear LTD, being a volunteer on the weekend, a runner and a parent, Mary Beth proposes a different outlook to the hat juggle. Stop wearing so many and just wear one. Your hat. Mary-Beth will share how your one hat encompasses all of who you are to each situation you encounter. So take the pressure off and understand that in every situation when you bring your authentic self, you will be the right leader every time.

- Develop your self-awareness

- Focus on each moment at a time- what skill is required?

- Bring your whole self to work everyday

  • Mary-Beth Brinson Vice President of Global Clinical Affairs Cochlear

Break-Out Session

Revisit the goals you set on day one and see how you are travelling before diving into day two.

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Case Study

Trust is the currency that undergirds all leadership, as without it, grandeur visions of change and purpose can fall on deaf ears. Therefore as a leader your main priority is to increase your bank account of trust with your team and external stakeholders through authentic connection and the giving of trust first before asking to receive it. Through personal experience and taking a risk structurally with its recruitment and flexible working at Gilead Sciences, Alyssa understands the power of what trust can bring to your team and organisations. They have seen increased performance, connection and innovation across their operations as they chose to equip staff to work from different states instead of keeping their team located centrally within Melbourne. Hear from Alyssa the keys to building an effective culture of trust with your team and see greater performance outcomes.

- Take the risk to trust first before placing a standard

- Listen and understand the why behind each team member

- Create a culture of transparency and collaboration through empathy

  • Alyssa Kent Senior Business Unit Director, Inflammation Gilead Sciences


In today's ever-changing and uncertain environment, being able to continuously learn and adapt quickly will keep you ahead of the game. As a philosophy, agile leadership has now become the talk of the town in Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices as the solution to facing this environment. Leaders want to know how to implement the philosophy across the organisation and see the benefits. Our panel of leaders have tried and tested agile thinking and will share from their learnings of how they have developed an agile mindset in their teams and and built an adaptable organisation.

- Embrace ambiguity as the precipice for new ideas and change

- Reflect and act - make good decisions while under pressure

- Move from authoritative silos to collaborative partnerships

  • Annette Grundy Senior Director Quality, APAC Baxter Healthcare

  • Nicole Good Head of Customer Experience Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Dr Pinky Dharmshaktu Head of Oncology, Medical Affairs Merck Healthcare Pty Ltd

  • Mark Verschuur Chief Executive Officer Fairmont Medical

Case Study

Sanofi has taken a firm stand on the physical and mental health of their employees. By taking proactive and collaborative action to instill wellbeing initiatives and policies throughout their organisation, they have seen an increase in their employee engagement with retention rates higher and the diversity of staff on the rise. Michelle has been an integral part of the building process to protect the wellbeing of their employees. She believes that focusing on your teams health is not a nice to have but is a must. In this session, Michelle will share how to work collaboratively with your teams to create new initiatives and bring about change to see your workplace more resilient and supportive.

- Re-think your organisation's culture with employee wellness at the core

- Collaborate with all levels of staff for a broader view on wellbeing

- Discover practical takeaways to increase resilience in your organisation

  • Michelle Zimany Director, Human Resources, Australia & New Zealand & JPAC HR Genzyme Sanofi

Case Study

In the Pharma and Medical Device industry, keeping fresh and innovative in your product and internal operations is necessary for the continual success of your organisation. So as a leader it is important to understand how you can foster insightful and innovative thinking within your team and department, embedding it across all facets of the organisation. Russell leads the Research & Development at Seqirus, and understands that innovation is fostered daily, through giving intentional space for teams to reflect and find ideas from unexpected sources. Be ready for some practical takeaways that will help lead your teams to fresh thinking and break idea blocks when they occur.

- Focus on patient needs to think outside the box

- Empower people & teams dynamics to create synergies

- Weave innovation into everyday team practices

  • Russell Basser Senior Vice President, Research & Development Seqirus

Expert Commentary

Self promotion often comes across as selfish and not a priority in one's career. Many people feel as though their hard work and results should speak for themselves. However, the importance of advocating for your abilities and understanding the professional image that is received, can help you get ahead in your career. This is especially relevant in times of rapid change that both Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry are currently experiencing. In this interactive session, you will develop strategies to enhance your visibility and credibility as a leader and set you up for the next step in your dream career.

- Stand out as a confident and capable leader

- Project and lead with credibility

- Establish respect for your reputation

  • Jo Wise Leadership Performance Coach Jo Wise Leadership


You have been able to listen, discuss and connect with leaders from different parts of the Pharmaceutical & Medical Device industry. Our expert coach Roanne Innes will guide a collaborative roundtable reflecting on the takeaways from the summit. Together you will identify opportunities for progression and create an action plan for your future.

- Reflect on the key learnings from the past two days

- Discuss factors driving reform and change for leaders in the Pharma and Medical Device's space

- Create an action plan for the future

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Post-Summit Workshop

10 Jun


With constant industry change occurring across the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry, managing employee morale and organizational performance can be very challenging over a long period of time. Therefore to succeed, organisations need to be adaptable, resilient and constantly thinking ahead of the curve. Ready to change at any given point in time. 


Reem Borrows works closely with senior executives to successfully engage their organisation through the change process and navigate the external and internal drivers of change. In this interactive workshop, Reem will provide you with a change management game plan and the skills needed to minimise the shock of disruption or even better, capitalise on the circumstances we face due to change.

Broaden your picture of the change environment

- Assess the language, norms and cultural climate of an organisation

- Consult and involve every layer of the organisation

- Reverse engineer the vision - start from the end goal in mind

Communicate change and inspire collaboration

- Engage with employees early by fostering ownership and accountability

- Communicate clearly and repeatedly through different mediums

- Facilitate cross functional meetings of teams for new insights

Manage change fatigue within teams

- Learn the signs of change fatigue for early proactive action

- Instill a growth mindset framework in teams

- Improve your emotional intelligence for stakeholder interactions

Turn vision into reality

- Recognize and celebrate each win

- Prepare for the unexpected and develop contingency plans

- Promote self leadership for organisational change

  • Reem Borrows Human Performance Specialist Dreem Coaching and Consulting



Virtual / Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

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