2nd Women in Manufacturing Leadership Summit

Unpack your leadership potential and develop influential skills to strengthen your career

  • February 12th - 15th, 2019
  • Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne


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Take charge of your career
Expand your leadership influence and impact
Position yourself for promotion
Convert challenges into opportunities


Sharyn Martin

Sharyn accelerates business growth through evolving end to end supply chains, conceiving exemplary supply chain strategy and service excellence frameworks, next to flawless execution and a leadership style which acts as a catalyst for change and brings out the best in teams and turns customers into loyal allies.She's worked across multi-national businesses throughout AsiaPac capturing stretch growth, producing results through a unique talent for Business Leadership, Technical and Product Development, Manufacturing and Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Procurement and International Trade.

General Manager Orora Paper and Recycling
Orora Limited

  • Victoria Landells
    General Manager, Group Regulatory
    Fonterra Australia
  • Josie Costanzo
    General Manager, Austral Bricks Victoria
  • Michelle Richard
    Purchasing Director
    Thales Australia
  • Jill Allen
    Director, Quality Assurance Release
    CSL Behring


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Download the PDF
Inspiration, innovation and liberating your inner leader
Being part of the evolution
Keeping it real as an authentic leader
Communicating with influence and impact
Expecting the unexpected
Making your work-life balance right for you
Scaling the heights and surviving the hard-yards
Putting courage first
Leadership in a global industry
Defining your leadership path
Crafting your leadership brand
Igniting innovation in manufacturing
Taking risks as a safe bet to success
Anatomy of a leader
Navigating unconscious bias
Future directions for women in manufacturing
Harness the power of communication through emotional intelligence
Pre-Summit Workshop - 12 Feb - 09:00- 16:30


To reach your full potential as a strong female leader, you must be able to shake negative thoughts and channel them into constructive, positive moments. Learning how to do this can be incredibly challenging, but it all starts with passion, the

‘why’ you do what you do and your ability to reflect and refocus when things get difficult.

In this comprehensive and interactive workshop, Cath will guide you through the process of building this important strength to grow resilience, motivation and to help you leverage your moments of success into even bigger wins. Through her hands-on approach, you’ll explore everything from how to rediscover your passion, to anticipate and be ready for change and to inspire yourself and others on the journey.

Find your why

- Determine your passion

- Understand your strengths and what makes you unique

- Rediscover your leadership purpose

Get change ready

- Anticipate and predict times of change

- Prepare for the difficult moments of transition

- Learn to find opportunities within that change

Leverage moments of success

- Recognise achievements and wins

- Convert mistakes into future successes

- Cultivate pride in what you do

Bring others along on the journey

- Translate your inspiration to motivate others

- Foster progress and growth in your team

- Leave a positive legacy as a leader

Conference Day 1 - 13 Feb - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

With a long career in manufacturing, Sharyn is truly a pioneer for women's leadership in the industry. She will share her journey and her tips to succeed in a male-dominated industry.
- Take your maturity with you
- Understand and cope when people react to change
- Recognise progress and be part of the movement

  • Sharyn Martin General Manager Orora Paper and Recycling Orora Limited

Case Study

Tina has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing field, having found success in the business and as a leader through authenticity. Sharing her expertise, Tina will offer insights into this important leadership trait.

- What it means to adopt a 'real' approach

- Be authentic as a strong leader in the industry

- Why being 'real' can be a key to success

  • Tina Hu Supply Chain Director Goodyear and Dunlop Tyres Australia Pty Ltd

Expert Commentary

To ensure longevity in your leadership career, you must be able to make influential and sustainable connections. This means learning how to communicate with impact and lead with confidence. In this session, Cath will explore how to build those lasting relationships through improved communication skills and influencing ability. 
- Improve communication skills to increase influence 
- Cultivate engagement with stakeholders and peers 
- Develop strategies to lead change

Case Study

Your career path will involve surprising twists and turns. Sometimes things can turn out quite differently than you anticipated. Lisa will share her career experiences to illuminate why it's crucial to expect the unexpected.

- Keep an open mind and embrace change

- Recognise career ignition points

- Optimise opportunities and build resilience

  • Lisa Roobottom HSEQ Manager, Manufacturing Caltex Australia


Successful leaders in the manufacturing field face a finely-tuned balancing act, attending to a raft of competing responsibilities. To achieve peak potential, you must learn to manage stress, juggle priorities and navigate the work-life conflicts on the path to senior leadership. This interactive panel will explore the many ways to make your life work better for you.

- Strategies to improve time management

- Maintain wellbeing without compromising ambition

- Different ways to tackle the work-life balance challenge

  • Mike Poynter Chief Engineer ASC Pty Ltd

  • Claire Walker General Manager, Emerging Markets Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd

  • David Harris General Manager, Weston Animal Nutrition George Weston Foods Limited

  • Kate O'Callaghan General Manager Southern Cotton

  • Angela Kranjcic National Business Development and Sales Manager Visy Industries

Case Study

The manufacturing industry can be incredibly demanding and stressful, particularly for female leaders looking to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. Josie will share her career journey and the skills she uses for her own success, discussing the pivotal role of resilience as a leader.
- Recognise opportunity in adversity
- A holistic approach to leadership
- Develop resilience to foster success

  • Josie Costanzo General Manager, Austral Bricks Victoria Brickworks

Expert Commentary

The root of effective leadership is courage, allowing you to boldly step up when opportunities arise and handle even the toughest challenges with resilience. Pollyanna will stretch our thinking and beliefs on what it means to be a confident and courageous leader, on what we think we need and what we actually need to succeed.

- Confidence vs courage and being bold

- Why mindset matters and why it's not enough

- The motivation myth 

Conference Day 2 - 14 Feb - 08:55- 16:30

Case Study

As a globally expanding industry, leaders in manufacturing are often required to manage international teams and experience the complexity of building an engaging environment to drive outcomes from abroad. Sharing her leadership experiences, Victoria will offer her insights to lead a geographically dispersed workforce.

- Establish an open dialogue to promote continual communication

- Bridge the distance and work across borders

- Foster an effective culture to increase engagement

  • Victoria Landells General Manager, Group Regulatory Fonterra Australia

Case Study

With a wealth of experience as a senior leader, Amanda has built a strong and confident leadership career. Sharing her own leadership journey, Amanda will explore the insights she learned on her career path to help you become a strong leader of tomorrow.

- Develop your leadership identity

- Skills and strategies for success

- Turn challenges into opportunities

Expert Commentary

To succeed in the manufacturing space, you must harness your unique strengths and project your personal brand. In this interactive session, Jo will give you the essential tools to shape your authentic brand and grow your leadership career.
- Construct and communicate your authentic leadership brand
- Lead with courage and confidence
- Lessons learned and practical insights for success

Case Study

A successful leader knows how to inspire innovation and foster their team's growth and improvement. Jagdeep will offer his insights into Greenfield's innovation, incubation and effective leadership strategies to generate success in the fast-paced manufacturing environment.

- Shape innovation to meet your organisation's needs

- Upskill internal capability to foster success

- Provide platforms to inspire and ignite innovation

  • Jagdeep Singh Head of Programs and Innovation Bluescope Steel Limited

Case Study

Jill is no stranger to making bold career risks and facing changes throughout her career. Jill will discuss the importance of embracing risk for greater rewards and how to battle fear to fuel success.

- Stretch yourself through career risks

- Have the courage to seize opportunities

- Be bold, be brave and enjoy yourself

  • Jill Allen Director, Quality Assurance Release CSL Behring


A great leader is more than just title alone - but what qualities truly make a leader? Our panellists will share their own experiences and offer insight to help you lead in a way that fosters genuine followership. 
- The difference between a manager and a leader
- The role of self-development and life-long learning 
- Leaving a positive legacy as a leader

  • Michelle Richard Purchasing Director Thales Australia

  • Leon Prentice Research Director, Metal Industries Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

  • Vanessa Kearney Refinery Commercial Manager Viva Energy Australia

Expert Commentary

Unconscious bias can affect many leaders, but these adversities can be overcome by upholding self-worth and assertively conveying your concerns. Andi will discuss how she has succeeded in dealing with these challenges throughout her career to become a respected leader.
- Portray the worth of women in leadership
- Thrive in challenging circumstances
- Overcome unconscious bias


In the final interactive session of the summit, our chair will reflect upon the various themes and inspiring stories to fuel your leadership journey. Through an engaging discussion, she will offer ideas and suggestions around the key takeaways from the conference.

- Key skills to succeed as a confident leader

- How to map out your leadership career

- Develop an action plan

Post-Summit Workshop - 15 Feb - 09:00- 16:30


The capacity to be in control of one's emotions and demonstrate empathy is a skill that distinguishes leaders from followers. To step up in the manufacturing industry, the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders is invaluable and leaders who recognise the importance of effective communication create the building blocks for a connected, successful workplace. 

In this interactive workshop, you will discover tips and techniques for enhancing their communication skills and accelerating your leadership capabilities. This hands-on day of training will unlock your potential to communicate and engage with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Review the fundamentals of emotional intelligence

- What is emotional intelligence?

- How to identify your areas of strength and weakness

- The science of emotions

Communicate with confidence and credibility

- How to be assertive without appearing aggressive

- Tailor communication for specific audiences

- Tips for public speaking and presentations

Lift employee engagement

- Understand new drivers to motivation

- Harness the potential to develop others

- The importance of developing agile teams

Effective stakeholder management

- Manage stakeholder relationships to achieve agency goals

- Have courageous conversations and manage conflict

- Use influencing skills for positive outcomes


Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne

328 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

+61 3 ­­9250 1888

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