11th Public Sector Women in Leadership Victoria Summit

Cultivate confidence as a public sector leader to positively shape the future of your career

  • March 18th - 22nd, 2019
  • Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne


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Expand your influence as a leader
Harness confidence to drive growth
Take charge of your career journey
Be strategic to build for the future


Kylie Kilgour

Kylie Kilgour is the Chief Executive Officer for the Royal Commission into the Management of Police


Kylie joined the Department of Justice and Community Safety in 2006. Prior to her current role she was

Deputy Secretary, Criminal Justice Strategy and Coordination responsible for leading responses to the Royal

Commission into Family Violence, the Commonwealth Royal Commission into institutional child sex abuse

and the 2017 Bourke St Mall incident.

Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants

  • Nicole Longley
    Director General Supply Chain
    Department of Defence
  • Tracey Gaudry
    Chief Executive Officer, Respect Victoria
    Respect Victoria
  • Binda Gokhale
    Chief Financial Officer
    Wyndham City Council
  • Sharyn Donald
    Assistant Deputy Secretary, Schools
    Department of Education and Training Victoria


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Download the brochure
Lift your profile and build a powerful personal brand
A look into leadership
Foster resilience in times of crisis
The safe space for resiliency
Leverage strategic decision making
Construct engaging conversation
Prioritise communication
Network for success
Make the transition to senior leadership
Develop a change management strategy
Diversify your skillset
Find your personal and professional balance
Commit to team building
Be accountable for your role in inclusion
Empower your positive self
Victorian Public Sector Women's Leadership Workshop - Day 1
Victorian Public Sector Women's Leadership Workshop - Day 2
Pre-Summit Workshop - 18 Mar


Your personal brand is the core of who you are as a professional leader. By building on your personal brand, you are able to amplify and support the growth of your career. Leading in the public sector means you are constantly in the public eye, so it is vital to leverage your profile and better establish yourself as a leader. 

This interactive workshop will provide you with the tools to strengthen your personal brand within your organisation and throughout your career. You will leave with a renewed understanding of your leadership profile and the importance of establishing what you stand for as a professional.

Embrace opportunities for development 

- Identify what opportunities reflect your brand

- Advocate for yourself to get involved

- Engage in projects and initiatives

Be visible in the workplace 

- Build a reputation by asking questions

- Introduce yourself with confidence 

- Verbally involve yourself in meetings and events

Take advantage of networking

- How to network beyond your immediate team

- Form professional relationships 

- Interact with leaders and stakeholders 

Align your personal brand with your organisation 

- Utilise your brand and values to drive growth

- Create definition and difference

- Highlight your skill set

  • Catherine Bell Director Bell Training Group

Conference Day 1 - 19 Mar

Case Study

Anyone has the potential to be a leader. True leaders harness their professional abilities to make a positive impact on their organisations, their own career and the environment in which they operate.

- Drive personal and professional growth

- Value commitment

- Bring out your best

  • Kylie Kilgour Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants CEO


The public sector can be a difficult environment to navigate when stress levels are high. When faced with difficulty, it is important to harness resilience to manage the situation with confidence and composure.

- Take decisive action

- Remain positive

- Maintain perspective

  • Marian Chapman Executive Director, Corporate Delivery Services Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria


Psychological safety drives our satisfaction at work and is the number one determinant of high performance in our teams. Enhance your consciousness around how to use this powerful tool so you can be your best self and trigger the best version of others.

- Define psychological safety

- Instill courage

- Optimise growth

  • Amy Silver Speaker, Author, Mentor Dr Amy Silver


By strengthening your ability to assess a situation, you will be better equipped to make quality decisions that align with the strategic direction of your organisation. Leaders need to analyse how they reached their decisions to consistently improve decision-making over time.

- Ask key questions 

- Identify risk 

- Justify your position

  • Binda Gokhale Chief Financial Officer Wyndham City Council

  • Robyn Seymour Deputy Chief Executive Officer VicRoads

  • Rebecca Leonard Executive Manager Governance and Legal Services Greater Geelong City Council

  • Carly Edwards Director, Human Services and Service Delivery Reform Branch Department of Premier and Cabinet Victoria

Case Study

When communicating with stakeholders, you need to ensure you are capitalising on engagement. Leaders take the time to actively engage with individuals and teams to guarantee positive results.

- Identify the objective 

- Utilise brief but energetic conversations

- Respect transparency and openness

  • Daniel Atkin Director Enterprise Risk Country Fire Authority

Case Study

When leading in the public sector, communication should be a priority for all leaders. Effective communication is the key to building relationships with your teams and stakeholders.

- Build relationships

- Know your audience

- Instill effective communication 

  • Gene Reardon Executive Director, Professional Practice and Leadership Division, Regional Services Group Department of Education and Training Victoria

Expert Commentary

Connections can improve your professional abilities and performance. It is important to consider the value of each relationship when building your professional network.

- Foster positive relationships

- Take advantage of feedback

- Support your existing contacts

  • Celeste Halliday Leadership and Business Performance Speaker, Trainer and Mentor Celeste Halliday

Conference Day 2 - 20 Mar

Case Study

Moving up the ladder requires changing focus. What worked in your previous role may not work in a senior position. Public sector leaders need to adapt to their new role quickly to ensure a smooth transition.

- Ask questions

- Create and refine strategy

- Adopt a positive mindset

  • Nicole Longley Director General Supply Chain Department of Defence


As a leader you need to be constantly evolving to survive and grow. A change management strategy will ensure changes you make in your organisation, team, or processes are applied and maintained effectively.

- Define the change

- Encourage behavior shifts, not just actions

- View change strategically

  • Sharyn Donald Assistant Deputy Secretary, Schools Department of Education and Training Victoria


Leaders should always be looking to build their skill sets. By learning new skills, it increases your ability to manage different and unexpected situations that may arise.

- Recognise the skills you want to build on

- Embrace self-development opportunities

- Apply what you’ve learned

  • Catherine Bell Director Bell Training Group


Each day presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Leaders need to find ways to make each day more productive and efficient to get the most out of the day at work and at home. 

- Optimise your day

- Make time for yourself

- Strive for a realistic schedule 

  • Tracey Gaudry Chief Executive Officer, Respect Victoria Respect Victoria

  • Sharon Coates Commanding Officer 22 Engineer Regiment Australian Army

  • Fiona Cadd Director Staff Experience, Business Reporting and Registration Australian Taxation Office

  • An Nguyen Head of Partnerships, Infrastructure Delivery Group Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria

Case Study

Public sector leaders need to know their people and what they are looking for, as well as the goals and values of the organisation. By understanding the needs of your team, you can create clear goals and expectations to build a committed and united workforce. 

- Know the needs of your team

- Set clear expectations

- Value diversity

  • Sarah Hirschi Director, Office of the Deputy Secretary, Health and Wellbeing Division Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

Case Study

As a leader who represents the community, you need to be aware that biases can affect you and your decision-making processes in a number of different ways. You need to be accountable for your role in creating an inclusive workforce.

- Identify differences and adapt your leadership style

- Disband negative attitudes

- Reflect on team and self behaviours

  • Kelly Crosthwaite Regional Director, Port Phillip Region Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Victoria


Confidence in your own abilities is the key to leading with direction and influence. Leaders need to utilise confidence to cultivate positive relationships with their teams. Our chair will reflect on the key themes discussed over the past two days that you can use to be a positive and confident leader.

- A reflection of key themes

- Drive self-development

- Embed confidence and positivity

  • Catherine Bell Director Bell Training Group

Post-Summit Workshop - 21 Mar


Fundamental attributes of confident leadership

- Develop a positive vision for success 

- Be productive and actively meet deadlines

- Explore personal, professional and leadership development opportunities

Maintain resilience and confidence through change

- Evaluating the importance of keeping up to date in a rapidly evolving industry 

- Driving knowledge to gain confidence and a competitive advantage

- Practical strategies to remain resilient

Market your professional self 

- Confidently build your brand

- Showcase your skills, confidence and resilience

- Communicate to influence perception

Effective networking - Build life mentors and a community of connections 

- Take advantage of networking opportunities and identify who will have a positive effect on your career

- Identify how you can help and add value to others

- Engage with the person and not their position

  • Louise Thomson Leadership Development Specialist Global People Two


Leading with an adaptive mindset

- Leveraging your experience to address complex problems

- Generating evidence-based insight to inform 

- Apply strategies to cope 

Create and plan change

- Expecting change and envisioning the future

- Predicting the challenges associated with regulation in the public sector

- Planning for all possible scenarios 

- Navigating the waters of innovation and advancement

Accelerating self and team performance through assertive influence

- Challenging and supporting team performance by assigning ambitious yet achievable goals

- Managing poor performing staff members 

- Effectively communicate constructive feedback

Confidently drive change as a female leader 

- Embrace change, blend old and new ways of thinking

- Embedding an innovative outlook in the workplace

- Apply strategies and techniques which influence resistance and commitment 

  • Louise Thomson Leadership Development Specialist Global People Two


Rendezvous Hotel, Melbourne

328 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

+61 3 ­­9250 1888

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