Tech Salaries in Sydney vs Silicon Valley

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November 16, 2017
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Tech Salaries in Sydney vs Silicon Valley

For skilled tech candidates in Sydney, there are a lot of job opportunities. The city ranks 10th in the world for funding, 12th for talent and 13th for global market reach according to The Startup Genome Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report 2017.

Like Sydney, San Francisco is a beautiful coastal city. South of the Californian hot spot, Silicon Valley has driven massive growth to the region. It has long been the epicentre of the tech industry.

As two very different cities at opposite ends of the world, with varying costs of living and a huge difference in size and density, it wouldn’t be wise to draw direct comparisons between the two when looking at salaries you may expect working in tech.

However, we thought it useful to look at the roles in significant demand and set them up side by side, allowing us to take a deep dive into the current state of Sydney tech salaries, to see how they compare on a global scale. It also offers some insight on the skills in demand overseas, that may follow suit as our market evolves.

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