• September 10th - 13th, 2019
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Event Starting In!

    18 Days

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4th Women in Super & Wealth Management Leadership Summit

Supercharge your leadership potential to confidently navigate change

  • September 10th - 13th, 2019
  • Primus Hotel Sydney


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- Develop your distinct leadership profile
- Build the resilience to thrive through turbulent times
- Nurture high-performing, adaptive teams
- Empower future female leaders


Vicki Doyle

Vicki joined Rest as CEO in May 2018, bringing more than 17 years’ senior executive leadership experience in superannuation, insurance, wealth management and banking. Vicki’s experience includes executive leadership roles at some of Australia’s largest financial services organisations. She has an extensive background in distribution, strategic marketing, digital, fund operations and contact centres, customer strategy and design and product management. Vicki is passionate about simplifying and de-mystifying superannuation to help all Australians achieve their best retirement outcomes and continuing Rest’s journey in providing a market leading fund for our members.

Chief Executive Officer
Rest Super

  • Sally Loane
    Chief Executive Officer
    Financial Services Council
  • Lucy Foster
    Joint Chief Executive Officer
    Generation Life Limited
  • Catherine van der Veen
    Joint Chief Executive Officer
    Generation Life Limited
  • Katie Docherty
    Chief Operating Officer, Retail Banking & Wealth Management
    HSBC Australia


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Build your brand & position yourself for leadership
Achieve your leadership dreams
Invest in your success
Job sharing - The power of two
Lift as you lead
Overcome impostor syndrome
Diversity - It's not nice, it's necessary
Break barriers
Inspire innovation in your team
How courage & resilience can help you bounce back after a setback
Pay it forward
Speed mentoring
Advice to my younger self
Lead through industry change
Define your next steps
Nurture Resilience to Thrive Through Change
Pre-Summit Workshop

10 Sep


Building a reputation as a future leader requires you to distinguish your brand and communicate with credibility. While each of us has unique skill sets and come from different backgrounds, it is imperative that you maintain a clear understanding of who you are, what you want and the steps you need to take to get there. This workshop will help you to create your personalised plan of action and set you on your way to success.  

Self-assessment - Understand your values

- Values-based leadership

- Self-awareness and its impact on leadership capability

- Self-awareness evaluation

Develop your distinct brand

- Leverage your brand and reputation within financial services

- Carve your niche 

- Understand and present an authentic self

Showcase credibility and competence 

- Become a confident and assertive communicator

- Convey leadership presence 

- Lead by example 

Position yourself for leadership 

- Create SMART goals

- Articulate your goals to those who can help

- Form an action plan and define next steps forward

Summit Day One

11 Sep

Case Study

Great leadership starts with self-awareness. Identifying your unique strengths and incorporating them into your leadership style can help you stand out from the crowd. 

- Grow self-awareness

- Embrace your female edge 

- Craft your confidence 

  • Vicki Doyle Chief Executive Officer Rest Super

Case Study

Being agile and adaptive are critical leadership abilities. Carolyn will share her story and learnings from various industry changes, including the value of being dynamic to stay ahead of the curve.

- Resharpen your toolkit

- Acknowledge when to change

- Stay relevant in an evolving industry

  • Carolyn Holmes-Hannaford Regional Director & Vice President Dimensional Fund Advisors

Case Study

Flexible working can be a fantastic solution to mastering a healthy work-life balance. These job-sharing CEOs will share their story of how they have made this work for them, their team, and their organisation.

- One plus one equals three; flex and forge ahead 

- Benefits for the customer, team, shareholder, risk, and you

- Three simple steps to starting a job share and making it work  

  • Catherine van der Veen Joint Chief Executive Officer Generation Life Limited

  • Lucy Foster Joint Chief Executive Officer Generation Life Limited

Case Study

Managing and mentoring an agile team is a tricky task. To empower the next generation of leaders, you must understand the importance of supporting your team and helping them thrive.

- Mentor as you manage

- Identify opportunities for your team

- Leverage individuals strengths

  • Michael Dundon Chief Executive Officer VicSuper


Whether it's moving into a senior role, changing organisations, or leading a new team - leadership can be daunting. Our panel will share their experiences of feeling like an impostor and the ways they have taken ownership of their success to overcome this.

- Develop executive presence

- Be confident in the value you bring

- Cultivate your credibility

  • Sophie Dodson Executive Director Goldman Sachs Asset Management Australia

  • Cathy Howard Head of Enterprise PMO Cbus Super Fund

  • Kate Howitt Portfolio Manager Fidelity International

  • Rebecca Pope Head of Intermediary Vanguard Investments

Case Study

Finance companies with a high percentage representation of female leadership outperform businesses with low representation. Since 2016, HESTA has been named an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality, hear how HESTA influenced the changes to make gender balance a reality.

- Attract and retain female talent

- Build a workplace culture based on inclusion and respect

- Drive organisational change

  • Lisa Samuels Executive, Marketing & People HESTA

Case Study

Women possess natural strengths that are perfect for leadership leverage. Christina will share the story of how Verve is building the financial power of women by enhancing knowledge and building confidence.

- Leverage your soft skills

- Understand female clientele’s unique needs, goals, and views

- Women empowering women

  • Christina Hobbs Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Verve Super

Summit Day Two

12 Sep

Case Study

Innovation will help your organisation grow and stand out from the competition. So as a leader, it is your role to encourage and enable creativity.

- Apply agile principles to leadership

- Inspire and encourage new ideas and perspectives

- Empower your team to make decisions and take action

  • Katie Docherty Chief Operating Officer, Retail Banking & Wealth Management HSBC Australia

Case Study

In recent times, the Super and Wealth management industry have been under scrutiny. As a leader, it is essential to be courageous and remain resilient through turbulent times.

- Develop your resilience

- Rebuild trust internally and externally

- Turn obstacles to opportunities

  • Sally Loane Chief Executive Officer Financial Services Council


The benefits of mentoring are myriad for the mentor and mentee. In this collaborative session, learn how a mentoring relationship requires both parties to take responsibility for its development.

- Build the relationship

- Benefits of reverse mentoring

- Give and receive feedback

  • Camilla Love Managing Director eInvest

  • Matthew Leung Account Manager Schroders

  • Julia Weng Portfolio Manager/Analyst Paradice

Break-Out Session

This interactive exercise will give you the chance to put theory into practice.


What do Super and Wealth management’s most senior leaders know now that they wish they had known then? Our panel will reflect on their career choices and share advice for achieving personal and professional success.

- Lessons learned on the road to success

- Reflect on challenges and opportunities

- Advice to leaders of the future

  • Belinda Bible Chief Operating Officer, Investment Banking & Capital Markets Credit Suisse

  • Kelly Cantwell Group Executive, Service Operations Hostplus

  • Eylem Kamerakkas Head of Managed Accounts Product Macquarie Group

  • Lucy Hehir Agile Transformation Lead MLC Super

Case Study

The superannuation system is one of the most highly regulated sectors in the Australian economy, governed by a plethora of legislation, regulation, and prudential standards. As a leader, it is vital that you equip yourself and your team with the skills required to manage change.

- Leverage adaptive leadership

- Upskill your team

- Thrive through turbulence

  • David Bryant Chief Executive Officer, Wealth & Capital Markets / Chief Investment Officer Australian Unity


Discuss challenges and collaborate to find solutions that will propel your leadership career and help you lead through change.

- Reflect on key takeaways

- Create SMART goals

- Form your plan of action

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)

Post-Summit Workshop

13 Sep


The effects of the Royal Commission and changing standards on the Super and Wealth Management industry have highlighted the importance of adaptability and resilience as critical skills for leaders. To succeed in this tumultuous climate, you must create a change-ready culture and build the perseverance to lead through uncertainty. This workshop will equip you with the strategies to deal with pressure, help you navigate change, and bounce back when things don’t go to plan. 

The nature of change

- Understand change and how individuals respond

- Define culture and understand how it relates to change

- Assess and calibrate where you are

Survive, thrive and adapt

- Increase your resilience

- Remain productive in a crisis 

- Manage and limit the effects of stress

Build change-resilient teams 

- Create a culture that enables your team

- Encourage the right mindsets and attitudes

- Group activity - workshop a challenge

Action planning for leadership

- Reflection and skills practice exercise 

- Form an action plan and define next steps forward

- Find your support network


Primus Hotel Sydney

339 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia

+61 2 8027 8000

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