• May 20th - 24th, 2019
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Event Finishing In!

    About 8 Hours

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3rd Women in STEM Leadership Summit

Practical strategies to break through barriers and supercharge your leadership career

  • May 20th - 24th, 2019
  • Novotel Sydney Darling Square


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- Create a work-life flow that supports your priorities
- Sharpen your communication and collaboration skills
- Overcome negative stereotypes for women in STEM
- Boost productivity and improve time management


Fred Watson AM

Frederick Garnett "Fred" Watson AM (born 14 December 1944) is an English-born astronomer and popular scientist in Australia. In 1995 Watson became astronomer in charge of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, but is best known for his work with science outreach, for which he has written many books, as well as musical and choral works. On top of his many nationwide radio slots with the ABC, Watson has also been a frequent guest on The Project. In January 2010, Watson was made a member of the Order of Australia for service to astronomy, particularly the promotion and popularisation of space science through public outreach.

Astronomer at Large
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

  • Pam Rebecca
    Chief of Strategy, Innovation and Digital
    World Vision Australia
  • Leanne Fry
    Chief Innovation Office and Chief Information Officer
  • Ronika Power
    Associate Professor of Bioarchaeology | Superstar of STEM | Honorary Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
    Macquarie University | Science and Technology Australia | University of Cambridge
  • Warren Bingham
    Founder & Executive Chairman
    MedTech International


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Event Finishing In!

About 8 Hours

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Download the brochure
Define your leadership persona
Authenticity in a challenging environment
Breakout - Speed networking
Create a culture of innovation
Productivity hacks
Engage men in the drive for change
Bring your best self - Finding balance in and outside the office
Cultivate positive culture and resilience
Use your voice to achieve 'voquality'
Transition from technical leader to strategic thinker
Reach for the stars
Shape your career confidence
The art of connection - Telling engaging stories
Create a gender equal future of work
Meaningful mentoring for junior and senior STEM leaders
Create collaborative cultures with diverse stakeholders
Build on your strengths to create your purpose
STEM Professionals Leadership Workshop Day 1
STEM Professionals Leadership Workshop Day 2
Pre-Conference Workshop

20 May


In the competitive and challenging field of STEM, you’ll face many challenges. These will range from relying on various stakeholders to fund your work, maintaining momentum through setbacks and bringing together non-technical units to drive change. The common thread among these difficulties is that you’ll be relying on other people.

This workshop will empower and inspire you to invest time and thought into developing your skills, attitude and ability to lead.

Develop self-awareness and authenticity 

-What it means to be an authentic, values-based leader 

-Identify your key strengths and potential de-railers as a leader 

-Utilise your optimal leadership style 

High-level communication, influence and negotiation

-Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication

-Persuasion, negotiation and influence skills

-Manage difficult conversations

Reflective leadership

-Clarify the benefits of reflection

-Develop the capacity for reflective practice

-Build influence

Strategic career growth

-Create a personal leadership plan 

-Maximise existing relationships and building new ones to increase your professional value

-Skills to manage your image, visibility and work achievements

Conference Day 1

21 May

Case Study

STEM careers are competitive and challenging, but this landscape presents the perfect opportunity to drive a successful long-term career. This session will help you prevail over the pressures with a positive and resilient mindset.

- Create a positive working environment

- Build your personal and professional brand

- Navigate challenges and seize opportunities for career advancement

  • Melissa Osborne Chief Technology Officer Dell Technologies Australia and New Zealand

Break-Out Session

Case Study

Trust is essential to any organisation's ability to remain agile in innovation. This session will help you support your workforce by creating a productive and positive culture as a starting point to increase innovation.

- Expectations of STEM leaders

- Share the ownership of innovation

- Create simple processes to achieve breakthrough

  • Pam Rebecca Chief of Strategy, Innovation and Digital World Vision Australia

Expert Commentary

Doing more with less is something all aspiring leaders will need to master. In this skills-based session, you'll learn how to apply strategies to boost productivity and deliver surpassing value.

-Explore the neuroscience of attention

-Manage your phone, inbox and social media use

-Strategies to master prioritisation

Case Study

This presentation will look at some of the barriers to male participation in the fight for equality. You will learn how to identify and encourage others to create positive change.

-Engage men to be positive change agents

-Create a culture where employees can speak out

-Work collaboratively to drive change

  • Andrew Woodward Executive Dean of the School of Science Edith Cowan University


A flexible workplace gives you the opportunity to pursue purposeful work without compromising on your personal goals. This panel brings together thought leaders to explore how you can make your work environment work for you.

- Achieve a healthy work-life flow

- Strategies for workplace re-entry

- Increase workplace flexibility to improve the pipeline of women in STEM

  • Rachel Connell Executive Director, Water Department of Industry

  • Carina Kemp Director, eResearch AARNet

  • Jennifer Charlesworth Associate Director, Civil Infrastructure AECOM

Case Study

Warren has faced diverse challenges that have tested his resilience and driven him to grow as a leader. Sharing his account of leading a team through the 9/11 crisis, he will address the many qualities of a well-rounded, strong leader.

- Build resilience and overcome challenges

- Foster a positive culture and develop relationship skills

- Establish a positive legacy

  • Warren Bingham Founder & Executive Chairman MedTech International

Expert Commentary

You have the opportunity to change the world as a STEM leader, but a sea of competition can make it difficult to raise your profile. This session will give you the tools to raise your voice and be heard.

-Discover how to rein in counterproductive vocal habits

-Tips to enhance your verbal communication skills

-Strategies for controlling nerves and building the courage to speak up

Conference Day 2

22 May

Case Study

As a leader, you must refocus your technical competencies and adopt a strategic mindset. In this presentation, Anne-Maree will reflect on her journey toward strategic leadership.

- The leader’s role in creating a company culture

- Strategies to build influence as a female leader

- Leading the alignment of execution with the overall strategy

  • Anne-Maree Dowd Executive Manager, Performance and Evaluation CSIRO

  • Jen Taylor Deputy Director, Science Director (Acting) Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Case Study

Being able to define and communicate your purpose is a critical skill for anyone who wants to be a leader. To give your purpose life, you'll have to build the determination to realise your ambition.

- Learn how to be driven by your purpose

- The pursuit of science, knowledge and discovery

- How STEM has changed and where we are headed

  • Fred Watson AM Astronomer at Large Department of Industry, Innovation and Science


This session will help you build the confidence to take risks and develop a leadership mindset to break barriers and achieve success.

-Overcome impostor syndrome

-Make the most of a lateral-move opportunity

-How to approach difficult workplace situations

  • Leanne Fry Chief Innovation Office and Chief Information Officer AUSTRAC

  • Jacqui McAleer Director Product Delivery & Integration JAPA, Technology American Express

  • Scott Crerar General Manager, Science and Risk Assessment Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Case Study

Influence is an essential leadership quality that helps you motivate and others. Developing this skill is especially relevant for those communicating highly technical information to non-technical units.

- The leader's role in creating and motivating change

- What storytelling means and how you can use this skill to connect with others

- Tips to tell more effective stories

  • Ronika Power Associate Professor of Bioarchaeology | Superstar of STEM | Honorary Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research Macquarie University | Science and Technology Australia | University of Cambridge

Case Study

One of the challenges facing STEM leaders is increasing the number of women entering the profession. This case study explores the journey ANSTO took to re-assess their recruitment process and attract a diverse candidate pool.

-Break-down language bias

-Strategies to attract a more holistic talent pool

-How to lead a review of your recruitment process

  • Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio Group Executive Nuclear Operations ANSTO


Throughout your career, you will work with people who exemplify the qualities of an ideal leader, so you must relish these experiences in a meaningful and reciprocal way. This panel will explore how mentor relationships are formed and create new opportunities for progression.

- Key factors for building successful mentor relationships

- Historical lessons from women in STEM

- Learn how to talk to and leverage your support network

  • Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio Group Executive Nuclear Operations ANSTO

  • Danica Ellicott Acting Director, GEOINT Support Team (GIST) Operations Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

  • Vivian Tam Associate Dean, International and Professor, School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics Western Sydney University

  • Jennifer Charlesworth Associate Director, Civil Infrastructure AECOM

Case Study

Complex problems are solved more efficiently when different stakeholders come together and work towards a common goal. Uniting this effort is one of the most complex and important roles of a leader, so being able to develop this skill will elevate your performance.

-How do you win over resistant stakeholders?

-Lead by example to create the culture you need

-Balance creativity and discipline

  • Leanne Fry Chief Innovation Office and Chief Information Officer AUSTRAC


In this final and interactive session of the conference, our MC will lead a discussion on defining your purpose moving forward.

-Plan your short, medium and long-term goals

-Key takeaways from the conference

-Commit to taking your next step

Post-Conference Workshop

23 May - 24 May


Strengthen your leadership skills

- Understand the big picture in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world

- Understand the difference between technical and adaptive problems

- Adapt your communication skills for leading in a VUCA environment

- Develop skills for dealing with complex challenges

Lead strategic change 

- Create a vision and learn to guide team culture

- Collaborate across teams to drive new initiatives

- Strategy formation and implementation

- Improve the way critical information is delivered, presented and understood

Develop your communication skills

- Understand and adapt to different individuals

- Develop your one-on-one communication skills

- Increase your emotional intelligence to connect and communicate with diverse teams

Resolve conflict and tackle challenging situations 

- Break down negative perceptions between scientists and technicians to increase workplace harmony

- Strategies to identify and tactically address toxic workplace behaviours

- Techniques for effective conflict resolution

- Navigate challenging scenarios


Leadership in a STEM organisation

- Explore what is different in a STEM organisation and its implications for leaders

- Explore the limitations of personal leadership

- Learn how systems thinking can help with the resistant and persistent problems

- Facilitate cross-functional communication to break down silos and broaden perspectives

Liaise with key stakeholders

- Communicate information effectively to different stakeholders

- Write scientific reports accommodating different stakeholders’ communication styles

- Collaborate with policy and other external teams to build beneficial partnerships

- Effectively communicate technical outcomes to non-scientific stakeholders

Becoming deliberately developmental to realise the organisational potential

- Understand constructive-developmental theory and its implications for leading people

- Gain insight into your immunity to change

- Learn to use errors and vulnerabilities to facilitate personal and company growth

- Build team culture and embed support structures into the daily fabric of working life

Drive productivity through engagement and innovation

- Timely brainstorming sessions to inspire creative thinking and produce new ideas

- Build an environment conducive to innovation and creativity in the workplace

- Identify team motivators to increase productivity and engagement in the laboratory or technical environment

- Group discussion: What is your leadership development action plan?


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