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16th - 17th, April 2020
Sydney, AU

Practical strategies for career advancement


Jillian Hamilton

Jillian Hamilton is the Managing Director of Manage Damage, a global risk management advisory firm. Following her extensive career across many industries, Jillian saw the need to approach safety and risk in a different way. Her vast knowledge on health and safety has seen many businesses save millions of dollars in damage costs. 

Jillian’s impressive academic background consists of a Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment and a Bachelor in Natural Resource Economics. Jillian has studied the complete set of key skill sets for risk, ranging from ergonomics, to economics to ecometrics to environmental law and politics.

Managing Director
Manage Damage

  • Chanelle McEnallay

    Chief Risk Officer

    Ramsay Health Care
  • Louise Howard

    Deputy Executive Director, Health & Safety

    Sydney Metro
  • Nafeesa Aziz

    Head of Risk, Safety & Compliance

    Caltex Australia


- Understand the macro & microenvironment of safety leadership
- Make the transition from technical excellence to leadership influence
- Understand & manage unconscious bias
- Navigate internal silos, intricacies & interdependencies
- Explore risk management, governance & interaction with executives
- Stakeholder management & engagement
- An Exclusive Women in Safety Leaders Panel: Raise your profile & raise the roof


Workshop Day One
Raise your profile and raise the roof
Workshop Day Two
Women in Safety Leadership Workshop

16 Apr - 17 Apr

Women's safety leadership in context with your business

- Characteristics of a valued safety business partner

- Navigate key challenges of safety leaders, negotiating diversity and inclusion biases

- Understand your organisation and how you can have the best impact on safety at its core

- Align your strengths with the expectations of your organisation


Understand the macroenvironment of safety leadership

- Legal and legislative requirements around safety leadership in Australia

- Knowledge to interact state-by-state with regulators and legal systems

- Manage the requirement to be informed - Keeping up to date without being swamped

- Complex interrelationships of multi-state and multi-entity businesses


Understand the microenvironment of safety leadership in your organisation

- Explore your current business environment to ensure the most effective outcomes 

- How does your organisation operate and interact with other businesses?

- Navigate internal silos, intricacies and interdependencies

- Risk management, governance and interaction with executive and board level



  • Jillian Hamilton Managing Director Manage Damage

Workshop Panel

Put your best foot forward and establish yourself as an indispensable thought leader in the safety space

- Make your voice heard and watch your ideas flourish

- Find your perfect mentor, and give back to the perfect mentee

- Maintain career momentum through disruption with networking

  • Chanelle McEnallay Chief Risk Officer Ramsay Health Care

  • Louise Howard Deputy Executive Director, Health & Safety Sydney Metro

  • Nafeesa Aziz Head of Risk, Safety & Compliance Caltex Australia

Step back to step up

- Make the transition from technical excellence to leadership influence

- Step up and ensure you remain a technical expert as a leader

- Set career goals and an actionable plan to move your career in the right direction

- Keep yourself to account and where to turn for assistance


People management in and out of safety teams 

- Manage safety teams, retain and grow talent through effective people management skills

- Tackle tough conversations and proactively manage sensitive issues

- Build trust-based relationships with internal and external stakeholders 

- Focus on individual and team performance to deliver results 


Stakeholder management and engagement

- Manage upwards and influence with integrity

- Nurture strong internal and external relationships

- Deal with difficult people and learn how to negotiate effectively

- Manage competing agendas, tight time-frames, organisational changes and confidentiality  


Women in safety think tank

- Wrap up discussion on key themes and your career action plan

- What will you do differently as a result of this program?

- How to stay on track when other priorities demand attention

- Tools and ideas to navigate obstacles and competing priorities

  • Jillian Hamilton Managing Director Manage Damage


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