• August 26th - 29th, 2019
  • Sydney, Australia
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9th Women in Retail & FMCG Leadership Summit

Develop core leadership skills & achieve a future-focused mindset

  • August 26th - 29th, 2019
  • Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay


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- Position yourself for career success
- Communicate with impact & influence
- Create a corporate culture that embodies your brand
- Cultivate resilience & remain agile in an evolving space


Esme Borgelt

Esmé Borgelt is Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand for Kellogg. Esmé has spent over 15 years with Kellogg in various roles in Sales and Logistics and has built a strong understanding of the Australian market over the last 10 years. She has benefited from working in both emerging and developed markets over the course of her career, including leading the market development for Sub-Equatorial Africa, and in New Zealand where she was country lead.

Esmé is passionate about developing people to their full potential and strongly believes in the power of diversity, including diverse work groups and gender equality.

Managing Director, ANZ

  • Severine Yerriah
    Chief Financial Officer
    Unilever, Australia & New Zealand
  • Mareile Osthus
    Chief Category Management Officer
  • Levi Aron
    Country Manager, Australia
  • Kelly Jamieson
    Managing Director
    The Edible Blooms Group Pty Ltd.


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Superpower your leadership brand
Lead with passion & purpose
Challenge yourself
The power of perspective
When women lead
Cultivate resilience & remain agile
Communicate with impact & influence
Leading through change - From uncertainty to opportunity
Master the art of networking
The future of Retail & FMCG
Focus on success
Disrupt or be disrupted
Technology, jobs & the future of work
Drive success through mentoring
Lead with authenticity, insight & intelligence
Next-gen tech = Next-gen strategy
Facing forward
Lead change & manage disruption
Pre-Summit Workshop

26 Aug


Establishing your values early on in your career plays a significant role in your success. Having your leadership values in place strengthens your ability to influence, create clarity, and guide your actions.

Explore how you can begin to confirm your values, superpower your leadership identity, and use these skills to overcome the challenges of leadership. You will understand how to adapt your skills to manage your stakeholders. You'll also learn how to apply your leadership values so you can enhance team performance and become a confident, adaptable, and authentic leader.

Construct your leadership values

- Identify your core values

- Assess how your colleagues and staff see you as a leader

- Develop your authentic leadership brand

Explore different approaches to leadership

- Contrast the different aspects of situational leadership

- Nurture the mindset of a confident leader

- Use your leadership brand to connect with your team

Earn trust and respect through credibility

- Develop an emotionally intelligent workplace culture

- Overcome imposter syndrome 

- Develop your authentic identity

Overcome the challenges of leadership

- Maintain transparency and be the author of your identity

- Build a repertoire of leadership techniques to prepare for complex situations

- Master techniques to inspire, motivate and engage diverse teams

  • Kellie Tomney Founder, Career and Leadership Mentor KellieTomney.com

Summit Day 1

27 Aug

Case Study

Great achievements start with passion, a motivating force that shapes your purpose. Focusing on your strengths and tapping into what keeps you balanced will help you become a prominent leader.

- Define what it means to be an authentic leader

- Stay true to your values and purpose

- Overcome challenges and barriers to progression

  • Esme Borgelt Managing Director, ANZ Kellogg's

Break-Out Session

Case Study

The first step in overcoming self-doubt is acknowledging it. Explore how you can step into your power and shift your mindset to achieve career success.

- Overcome self-doubt and build confidence

- Avoid the negative consequences of self-comparison

- Own your professional success

  • Kirsty Ghahramani National Retail Sales Manager Seafolly


The world needs leaders who are willing to take a stand. Our panel of change agents will explore the changing role of women in leadership, discuss authentic leadership styles, and examine the challenges and opportunities that women face.

- Understand the changing role of women in leadership

- Adopt an authentic leadership style

- Examine the challenges and opportunities facing women in leadership

  • Severine Yerriah Chief Financial Officer Unilever, Australia & New Zealand

  • Tammy Chan Managing Director Philip Morris International

  • Sophie Lodge Corporate Affairs Director Mars Wrigley

  • Pina Sciarrone Chief Retail Insurance Officer AIA Australia

  • Sahra Barton Head Commercial Strategy and Execution Kimberly-Clark

Case Study

Resilience and agility are the top two competencies required in today's retail leaders. Explore strategies to stay relevant in this hyper-growth environment and instil resilience in yourself and others.

- Master strategies to thrive in a fast-paced environment

- Develop confidence with uncertainty

- Bounce back from setbacks

  • Mareile Osthus Chief Category Management Officer THE ICONIC


To be an effective leader, you must be able to influence key stakeholders through structured conversations. Our Communications Coach will provide you with the skills to make an impact and communicate confidently.

- Discover the psychology behind the decision-making process

- Identify effective channels for communication

- Formulate persuasive phrases, so others easily accept your ideas

  • Arabella Macpherson Founder & Communications Coach Resonate Communications

Case Study

Leadership is about providing a service to others that inspires them to step outside their comfort zone, to strive for excellence, and to act bolder than they ever thought possible. Change isn’t about being at the front, but it’s about being humble enough to listen as soon as a shift begins to happen, encouraging different perspectives, and harnessing the positive in every opportunity.

- Understand your role when leading through change

- Create a high performance culture in your organisation

- Be inspired to tackle change and thrive through uncertainty

  • Julia Kern Managing Director Kaufland Australia

Expert Commentary

Creating connections is an essential skill in the business world. Jen will provide you with practical strategies to increase your support network and advance your career.

- Feel the fear and do it anyway

- Communicate with confidence

- Expand and enhance your network

  • Jen Harwood Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Coach The Jenerator!

Summit Day 2

28 Aug

Case Study

Businesses in the modern world must be able to continually adapt to meet the needs of today’s digital-savvy consumers. Explore how you can lead innovation and drive transformation in this fast-paced environment.

- Understand the retail revolution

- Develop an innovative mindset

- Future-proof your business

Break-Out Session

Case Study

Leaders of established companies seeking to be disruptive are challenging their management teams and workforces to revisit their processes and look outside the traditional walls for innovative approaches. Explore strategies for effective disruption in a rapidly evolving industry.

- Strategies for effective disruption

- Communicate your purpose and vision

- Overcome complacency, gain buy-in

  • Dean Jones Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer GlamCorner

  • Audrey Khaing-Jones Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer GlamCorner


The jobs of the future will be tech-heavy, portable, and, most interestingly, they will put the worker in the driver’s seat. Explore how you can make a difference, innovate the way you work and identify new opportunities for the future.

- Break the mould and make a difference

- Innovate the way you think about talent

- Identify new opportunities to re-define the future

  • Levi Aron Country Manager, Australia Deliveroo

  • Kelly Jamieson Managing Director The Edible Blooms Group Pty Ltd.

  • Kelly Amin General Manager, Commercial Operations David Jones

  • Kerry Cunningham Director, Business Integration Blackmores

  • Caroline Waite Sales Director, Australia Frucor Suntory

Case Study

Learning from a successful mentor can elevate your professional capabilities and help you achieve your career goals with confidence. Explore the relationship between mentoring and leadership development in career success.


- Understand the role of mentorship in career success

- Gain enhanced self-esteem through professional recognition

- Develop new skills, knowledge and leadership capabilities

  • Tanya Robertson National Franchising Manager 7-Eleven


Establishing goals and values will help build the foundations for a prolonged leadership career. Kellie will discuss how embracing your flaws, as well as your strengths, will lead to greater authenticity and a powerful leadership brand.

- Develop an authentic leadership brand

- Leverage your brand to connect with your team

- Master techniques to inspire, motivate and engage

  • Kellie Tomney Founder, Career and Leadership Mentor KellieTomney.com

Case Study

Advances in technology are challenging companies to restructure and reinvent their business models to remain competitively viable. Explore strategies to stay relevant and set yourself up for success in this rapidly evolving industry.

- Define what success looks like to you

- Stay relevant in a hyper-growth environment

- Set yourself up for success in a competitive retail landscape

  • Levi Aron Country Manager, Australia Deliveroo


Rosanna will guide you through the takeaways from the summit. You will identify opportunities for progression and create an action plan for your future.

- Reflect on key takeaways from the last two days

- Define what the future of Retail & FMCG looks like to you

- Create an action plan for your leadership journey

  • Rosanna Iacono Strategist, Board Director & Consultant, The Growth Activists

Post-Summit Workshop

29 Aug


Change management is essential for anyone in a leadership position. Innovation continues to drive change in organisations and needs to be utilised to create personal and organisational excellence.

Leaders must be able to manage the internally-driven changes and the external, uncontrollable shifts that impact the industry. It is crucial to understand how to manage change and know what disruption looks like. This interactive workshop will provide you with a change management game plan and the skills needed to minimise the impact of disruption. 

The aspects of change and why it's disruptive

- Understand chosen change vs imposed change

- Mechanisms for dealing with unexpected change

- Become a change agent and drive change

Leadership during change

- Determine a clear direction and communicate it

- Develop strategies to thrive in a fast-paced environment

- Lead yourself and others

Communicate change and inspire collaboration

- Engage employees early in the change process

- Master regular, responsive communication

- Overcome complacency and gain commitment 

Become adaptive in a fast-paced environment

- Assess your leadership style and strategy

- Develop confidence with uncertainty and learn to adapt

- Master the art of resilience to adjust effectively

  • Rosanna Iacono Strategist, Board Director & Consultant, The Growth Activists


Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay

30 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 2 9259 7000

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