5th Women in Pharma & Medical Leadership Summit

Connect with leaders in Pharma, Medical Devices & MedTech to discover your 'why' and future-proof your skillset

  • November 27th - 29th, 2019
  • Swissôtel, Sydney


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- Foster a collaborative & innovative culture
- Expand your network of like-minded professionals
- Build self-awareness & lead with purpose
- Future-proof your leadership skillset


  • Leah Goodman
    Managing Director, Australia/New Zealand
    Merck Group
  • Ben Travers
    Vice President, Australia
    DePuy Synthes
  • Sara Trafford-Jones
    Vice President & Managing Director, Australia/NZ, South Korea & China
    Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • Jeppe Theisen
    Vice President & General Manager, Oceania
    Novo Nordisk
  • Jane Crowe
    Managing Director, ANZ
    Roche Diabetes Care


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Discover your why
Set your goals
Defeating self-doubt
Develop your authentic leadership brand
Build a winning LinkedIn profile
Guided meditation
Powerful ways to build influence
Create a culture where everyone thrives
Networking 101
Getting a seat at the table
Develop a change mindset & catalyse change
Envisioning 2030 - What does the future look like for pharma & medical?
Build a performance culture
Powering innovation
Make disruption the norm
Inspire. Influence. Innovate.
Measuring leadership in the age of Artificial Intelligence - Will I be replaced by a machine?
Summit Day One

27 Nov


What drives you to succeed? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? In this campfire storytelling session, our speakers will share how they discovered their why and offer advice on how you can lead with purpose.

- Build self-awareness

- Lead with purpose and passion

- Know your limits and find work-life balance

  • Ben Travers Vice President, Australia DePuy Synthes

  • Sara Trafford-Jones Vice President & Managing Director, Australia/NZ, South Korea & China Alexion Pharmaceuticals

  • Jeppe Theisen Vice President & General Manager, Oceania Novo Nordisk

  • Rachael Bylykbashi Director, Corporate Affairs Roche Pharmaceuticals

Break-Out Session

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Case Study

Ever felt like you're not good enough? That you don't deserve or aren't ready for the job or promotion? You're not alone. It's a phenomenon that plagues many successful people. As the youngest and first female to be in her current role, Emmy's felt it too. Through sharing some stories from her career, Emmy will help you to combat feeling like an impostor and how to find the best version of you.

- Defeat self-doubt

- Fear as a motivator

- Finding your 'why'

  • Emmy Holt Senior Director, Joint Replacement Stryker

Case Study

Authentic leaders are genuine, inspire trust, and have a clear vision of their 'why'. Authenticity is something you continually work on, by learning from mistakes, asking for help, and accepting imperfection. Vered will discuss how she incorporates authenticity into her leadership brand and shares advice for bringing your true self.

- Bring your whole self and embrace imperfection

- Align your values to your brand

- Build confidence and courage

  • Vered Keisar Vice President & General Counsel, Asia Pacific ResMed


In this high-energy session, you will learn how to build a LinkedIn profile that showcases your unique leadership brand and communicates your value proposition. Karen will ensure you are perfectly positioned to connect with others in the room throughout the conference.

- Improve your digital presence

- Stand out in an increasingly crowded global marketplace

- Build your conference network

  • Karen Tisdell LinkedIn Trainer & Profile Writer Karen Tisdell Careers

Expert Commentary

Ever feel there aren't enough hours in the day? Meditation can help. It's a fantastic tool for reducing stress, increasing focus, and improving relationships. Camille will take you through the benefits and teach you how to practice it.

- The benefits of meditation

- How to meditate and the different styles

- Now practice!

  • Camille Woods Corporate Meditation Teacher Monday Mind

Case Study

Influence is a core trait of persuasive leaders. You must convey your worth and convince a diverse demographic to follow your vision. Throughout her career, Sabeen has had to build influence in a multitude of situations, from male-dominated spaces to managing senior executives and consulting startups.

- Stay true to your voice and make it heard

- Adjust your leadership style to different audiences

- Manage up, down and sideways

  • Sabeen Shaikh Founding Director / CEO Crescent Strategy Consulting / Doc2Me

Case Study

Although women make up 60% of the pharma workforce, only 34% of are female CEOs. AbbVie is one of the top employers for gender equity, being consistently recognised as one of the best places to work. Marlene will share how they have laid the foundations for equity of opportunity for everyone and how you can drive balance in your organisation.

- Involving men and women in the gender equity conversation

- The role of leaders encouraging a culture of open-mindedness

- Finding a work-life integration that works for you and enables you to be your most productive self

  • Marlene Tanner Head of Development AbbVie

Break-Out Session

Although many find networking daunting, it can open doors to professional and personal opportunities. This interactive session will help you overcome awkwardness to network genuinely and effectively.

- Change your mindset about networking

- Build genuine relationships

- The art of active listening

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Summit Day Two

28 Nov

Case Study

Board quality is dependent on board diversity, and it's no secret that there aren't enough women around the table in the health industry. As Non-Executive Director of Ellume, a digital diagnostics company recognized by the AFR as one of Australia’s most innovative health companies, Joanne will provide her insights into utilizing transferable skills and developing new ones in order to carve out a successful board career.

- The importance of diversity around the board table

- The pros and cons of becoming a non-executive director

- How to become board-ready

  • Joanne Moss Independent Non-Executive Director & Chair Audit and Risk Committee Ellume

Expert Commentary

Having a change mindset is about making change a part of your DNA. It's about enabling yourself and others to think differently and embracing the opportunities this brings. Whether it is seizing new career opportunities, managing through a merger, or inspiring innovation, developing a change mindset is a crucial skill.

- The fundamentals of developing a change mindset

- Step outside your comfort zone and develop transferable skills

- Make change contagious and enthuse others

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)


The pharma and medical industries face a future of growth and disruption, with 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 not yet imagined. Our panel of visionary leaders will share their thoughts on the changes in store for the workplace, the workforce, and the industry itself.

- The implications of AI & technology

- Empower multi-generational & diverse workforces

- Overcome inertia & embrace new ways of working

  • Jane Crowe Managing Director, ANZ Roche Diabetes Care

  • Nicole Lee Director of National Operations, Australia Johnson & Johnson

  • Dr Paul Slade Acting General Manager Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Australia/New Zealand

  • Sara Giesen Director, Human Resources, Australia & New Zealand Bristol-Myers Squibb

Case Study

Since joining Merck Group, one of Leah's focuses has been to seize the opportunity for cultural change. Having a high-performance culture means that your organisation embraces innovation, develops influential leaders, and establishes core values. A performance culture can be your competitive edge and help you stay ahead of the game in this face-paced industry.

- Improve visibility of data to drive results

- Develop team cohesion and build trust

- Work towards a shared vision

  • Leah Goodman Managing Director, Australia/New Zealand Merck Group

Case Study

At EnGeneIC, Jennifer is leading the development of a revolutionary technology to treat late-stage and intractable cancers. Having won the Australian Financial Review's innovative health industry organisation award, Jennifer will reflect on how she is promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism. She will also discuss the professional and personal leadership qualities of a founder/CEO.

- Encourage out-of-the-box thinking

- Build employee confidence for idea sharing

- Incorporate technical expertise into leadership

  • Dr Jennifer MacDiarmid Co-Founder & Joint-CEO EnGeneIC

Break-Out Session

In this interactive break-out session, you will network, connect, and learn from like-minded professionals.

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Case Study

Healthcare is being disrupted. As the wheels of innovation turn, wearables and apps are becoming mainstream and enabling customers to take control of their health. As industries continue to blur, traditional healthcare companies will need to break down silos and constantly innovate to keep up. As the leader of a wearables 'disruptor', Kylie will share her vision for how to future-proof in this competitive space.

- Embed an entrepreneurial attitude into workplace culture

- Stay relevant and understand the digital landscape

- Connect research and usability to deliver what the customer wants

  • Kylie Glover Managing Director Polar Australia


In this interactive closing session, you will have the chance to collectively summarise themes and ideas explored throughout the conference. Return to work with a clear plan of how you are going to implement new ideas and propel your leadership career.

- Reflect on takeaways

- Create SMART goals

- Form your plan of action

  • Roanne Innes Director TEAMING

Post-Summit Workshop

29 Nov


As we enter the 'Age of Artificial Intelligence', will your leadership skills keep you relevant in the new world? As we leave the Information Age and enter the Imagination Age, the ability to generate new ideas and co-create are becoming the drivers of economic value. In this hands-on workshop, explore and assess your leadership to prepare for a new era. You will look at the four pillars of the 'Neuro-Leader' and how you can develop these skills to future-proof your career. Join Katharine to assess your current skill set and receive coaching in the domains of;


Performance is the power that fuels self-development so we can expand our brain's ability to create, find purpose, and integrate our many lives. With the rise in neuroscience and the recall of our thousands-year-old wisdom of what it takes to discipline our mind, we expect our leaders to be as mentally, physically, and emotionally ready as we would an Olympic athlete. 


Our boundaries are changing. Authority to one fixed manager no longer applies to our ever-changing virtual teams. There are shifting functional lines and evolving supply chains. We need to fuel coordination and collaborate, rolling up our sleeves to find new ideas and see new paradigms.  


The ‘last year plus 10%’ mentality is no longer sufficient to move us into a successful future. We need new ideas to respond to a world that is changing disruptively. We must call forth an ability to imagine, a curiosity that will energise our people, a drive that will keep them going and an attitude that will expect failure and success.


Agility is crucial to forming new strategies. You must have the ability to constantly evolve and adapt. You need to be able to influence up, down, across, and diagonally.

  • Katharine McLennan Executive Psychotherapist What is Leadership


Swissôtel, Sydney

68 Market Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 (2) 9238 8888

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