4th Women in Pharma & Medical Leadership Summit

Enhance essential leadership skills and gain strategies for accelerated career advancement

  • June 18th - 21st, 2019
  • Pan Pacific Melbourne


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-Develop and leverage your leadership strengths
-Strategies to navigate change and raise your profile
-Master a work-life balance
-Cultivate strategic communication skills


Leslie Chong

Leslie has a wealth of knowledge with over 20 years' of experience in leading clinical and department development in oncology. She has a strong belief that early development and research innovations has the ability to bring transformative medicine to patients.

Chief Executive Officer

  • Kathy Connell
    Senior Director, New Ventures
    Johnson & Johnson Medical
  • Simon Fisher
    Chief Scientific Officer
    Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Carolyn Stone
    Chief Operating Officer
    QID Pharma
  • Mary-Beth Brinson
    Global Head of Clinical Affairs


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Download the brochure
Build trust through authentic leadership
Carve your career path
Conquer self confidence
Lead through change
Find the future
Transition through time zones
Action a plan of balance
Overcome unconscious bias
Manage expectations
Build your influence
Thought management
Adapt to digital change
Face the future
Steps to success
Pre-conference Workshop

18 Jun


As a leader in the Pharmaceutical & Medical space, it is important to have a clear path when developing your leadership journey.

Develop your leadership style and prepare a pathway that is both authentic and flexible. Understand the benefits of stepping into a leadership role and learn how to adopt skills to maximise your presence as a mentor.

Identify your authentic leadership capabilities

- Capabilities, attributes, and skills of an influential and authentic leader

- Embracing your diverse and inclusive leadership style

- Identify your core and personal values

Remain transparent and authentic

- Relate to your colleagues while remaining authentic

- Back yourself and your decisions

- Maintain integrity as a leader and make transparent connections

Network for success

- Develop a networking strategy

-Learn how to command a room

- Maximise networks and create new opportunities

Construct your leadership pathway 

- Build self-awareness and align with organisational goals

- Evaluate how your colleagues perceive you as a leader

- Develop skills to manage and mentor sideways

Conference Day 1

18 Jun - 19 Jun

Case Study

In this session, Kathy will share details about her personal career journey. She will outline some of the career turning points which have helped to shape and direct her to success.

-Identify your position and goals

-Understand your strengths

-Self-direct your career path

  • Kathy Connell Senior Director, New Ventures Johnson & Johnson Medical

Case Study

Without self confidence, there is no leadership. In this session, Bev will share her extraordinary experience on how to be empowered by self belief to overcome self doubt then achieve your personal and career goals.

-Overcome self doubt

-Understand the power of self belief

-Explore your skill sets

  • Bev Menner Senior Director, R&D Portfolio & Partnerships CSL Limited

Expert Commentary

Embrace change with a positive approach, harness skills that will allow you to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and development.

Use your mindset as a tool that will allow you to elevate your career through challenges

-Step up and embrace change

-Lead through difficulty

-Turn challenges into triumphs

Case Study

Pave a path for the leaders of tomorrow through today's actions. Uncover the importance of mentoring for leadership success. You will learn how to advance your career while encouraging others to demonstrate their best attributes.

-Develop a new generation of leadership

-Retain the women of today

-Explore the benefits of mentors

  • Joanna McCarthy Group Strategic Communications Manager Blackmores


Cultivate a culture that transcends time zones and empowers you to be your best while working on a global scale. This panel will focus on breaking barriers across international borders and establishing transparent communication.

-Create a dynamic work culture

-Define your global goals

-Cultivate creative conversations

  • Leslie Chong Chief Executive Officer Imugene

  • Simon Fisher Chief Scientific Officer Novartis Pharmaceuticals

  • Mary-Beth Brinson Global Head of Clinical Affairs Cochlear

Case Study

Maximise your potential in both your professional and personal life by creating a healthy and harmonious work-life balance. Re-invent a plan that allows you to set boundaries and utilise your time efficiently.

-Identify your priorities and set boundaries

-Balance demands with expectations

-Optimise your capabilities

  • Kate Richards Head of Corporate Communications AbbVie

Case Study

Obtain the skills to recognise and address unconscious bias. Metani will provide a realistic approach to remain resilient while maximising your influence in the workplace. 

-Address all forms of unconscious bias 

-Methods and tools to overcome adversity

-Techniques to maximise your influence

  • Metani Rooms CMO Strategic Initiatives Global Lead CSL

Conference Day 2

20 May - 20 Jun

Case Study

You have the power to break the barriers that hold you back from achieving your goals. Cultivating the confidence to take risks and accept responsibility is a vital step in developing your leadership mindset.

-Learn to say no and maintain credibility

-Understand your limits

-Prioritise efficiently

  • Elisabeth King Head of Customer Operations, Australia & New Zealand Bayer Australia

Expert Commentary

To establish a leadership career, you must build a personal brand that reflects your passion and skills. This session will explore strategies to showcase your brand and value in a positive and influential manner.

-Understand your worth

-Build your brand

-Demonstrate your skills


This dynamic panel discussion will help you obtain skills to combat the stresses of a busy mind.

-Understand the importance of regrouping

-Identify the hazards of a busy mind

-Combat 'being busy syndrome'

  • Carolyn Stone Chief Operating Officer QID Pharma

  • Jodie Thomas Director Government Relations & Market Access Oceania Novo Nordisk

  • Lauren (Fogarty) Greig General Manager Siemens Healthcare

Case Study

The digital change occurring within the Pharma and Medical industry is a complex and daunting endeavour. This session will highlight the benefits of this transformation and help you apply your skills to the changing landscape.

-Understand the effects of digital transformation

-Apply agility and lead through change

-Optimise your change management strategy

  • Dr. Alexandra Villar Director Marketing Communications South Asia Pacific Fresenius Medical Care

Case Study

Making the transition to leadership can feel like an overwhelming leap. During this session, you will uncover ways to advance and navigate a career that motivates and challenges you by focusing on your career development strategy.

-The benefits of charging forward

-Harness your skills and put your hand up to learn

-Be bold and take ownership


Discuss the skills you have captured and lead by example as you move forward with renewed strategic vision.

-Capture key skills 

-Understand your value 

-Create an action plan for your return to work

  • Sharn Bedi Executive Leader and Coach Embrace

Post-conference workshop

21 Jun


To be an effective leader, you must build a solid foundation of key leadership skills. Building your resilience and emotional intelligence can be crucial to helping you lead through change and establish a strong leadership presence.

Delve into the essential leadership skills required to excel. Discover tactics to overcome leadership challenges and manage competing demands. Learn methods to and harness these skills and implement with your teams.

Develop strategies to manage demands to build resilience

- Recognise signs of stress

- Develop strategies to manage demands

- Manage expectations and priorities

Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

-Display EQ through difficult conversations

-Apply your EQ to soft skills

-Embrace empathy and enhance your leadership

Apply strategic methods to lead through change

-Develop skills that enable flexibility

-Demonstrate the benefits of change

-Capitalise on change

Leadership methods to foster high performance within your team

- Strategies for team building

- Build trust through consistency

- Inspire, motivate and engage


Pan Pacific Melbourne

South Wharf, 2 Convention Centre Pl, , Melbourne, VIC, 3006

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