2nd Women in Operations Leadership Summit

Conquer obstacles to accelerate progression in Operations roles.

  • April 30th - May 3rd, 2019
  • Stamford Auckland


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- Be a confident influencer
- Build resilience to withstand tough environments
- Pave your leadership path
- Create a rich support network


Michelle Henderson

Resource sector leader with experience across industrial sites and functional roles in New Zealand and Australia. Developing governance capability through interaction with boards and a board appointment. Seeing leaders become better leaders is a particular interest. Driven person with high personal standards on work ethic and output.

Chief Operating Officer

  • Kerry Conway
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Tracy Talbot
    Director of Operations NZ
  • Mark Stewart
    Chief Operating Officer
    New Zealand Post
  • Andrea Dickens
    Chief Operating Officer
    AJ Park NZ


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Download the brochure
Pathway to leadership
Stepping up with confidence
Leading for success in operations
Building resilience
Networking for self-promotion
Empowering yourself to take a leap of faith
Balancing compassion and assertiveness
Thriving as an Agile Leader
Speaking up & being heard
Leveraging effective relationships
Finding your why
Becoming a risk taker
Transforming workforce culture
Taking the next steps
Creating your operations team culture
Pre Summit Workshop -


You can choose a number of routes on your career path, it is important to own your journey and be confident with the decisions you make.

This workshop will give you the tools to understand leadership strategies, master the skills of an effective leader, yield the benefits of managing a diverse team and learn to lead different personalities in the workplace.

Leadership strategies for success

• Create conditions for team success

• Engage and inspire to motivate your team

• Why relationship trumps competence

Show your team decisiveness

• The importance of decisiveness

• Tap into your ability to be decisive

• Four decisive leadership styles

Create a diverse environment

• Cultivate an inclusive and supportive work environment

• Actively seek new perspectives and ideas

• The platinum rule

Manage different personalities

Focus where it counts

Set boundaries and manage effectively

The platinum rule

Conference Day One -

Case Study

Gaining and maintaining confidence is the first step to career advancement. In this session, Frances will discuss how to be a fearless leader.

  • Erase self doubt
  • Make your goals a reality
  • Embrace the unknown

  • Frances Benge Chief Executive Officer Cure Kids

Case Study

Transitioning into an operations leadership role can be daunting, managing this shift will determine your success. Rod will share his knowledge as an operations leader in an emerging environment.  

  • Develop and source new skills
  • Establish an effective operations process
  • Set realistic expectations of your team

  • Rod De Spong Chief Operating Officer Douglas Pharmaceuticals

Case Study

Creating optimism during challenging times can help build trust within your team. Penelope will teach you how to stay positive during a setback.

  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Build a positive mindset
  • Take control of challenging situations

  • Penelope Rae CIO (Acting) KiwiRail

Expert Commentary

Attracting the right network is key for career progression and development. Anne-Marie will empower you to network and climb the career ladder with confidence.

  • Make a lasting impression
  • Online/offline networking
  • Build strong social connections


Self-belief underpins achievement and can be difficult to harness. Our panel will discuss ways to aim high and assure your success.

  • Create your own career vision
  • Ascend beyond expectations
  • Discover how to rise into senior leadership roles

  • Michelle Henderson Chief Operating Officer PowerNet

  • Tracy Talbot Director of Operations NZ Jacobs

  • Amy Cavanaugh General Manager, Operations Pinnacle Life NZ

  • Paula O'Flynn Regional Operations Manager Ministry of Justice

  • Carly Graham Head of Enterprise Solutions and Service Design Vodafone New Zealand

Case Study

Getting the right blend of compassion and assertiveness is key to successful leadership. Mark will explore how to balance both to strengthen your professional relationships.

  • The importance of having dual skills
  • Clearly communicate your message
  • Strategies for win-win negotiations

  • Mark Stewart Chief Operating Officer New Zealand Post

Case Study

Having a forward-thinking mindset is important in an Agile space. Annette will explore how to become an Agile leader and create a continuous learning environment.

• Adapt leadership styles around the latest technology

• Innovate to address challenges with solutions

• Expand capacity and extend capabilities to be more Agile

  • Annette Rangi General Manager Operations/Sales New Era Technology

Conference Day Two -

Case Study

Speaking up is a valuable skill to maximise career growth, albeit a daunting one. Andrea will offer insight to help your voice be heard to make a positive difference.

  • Gain mannerisms of a power player
  • Establish negotiation skills
  • Inspire those around you

  • Andrea Dickens Chief Operating Officer AJ Park NZ

Case Study

Effective relationships are critical for sustaining successful career development. Michelle and Bridgit will discuss their journey together by leveraging each other’s strengths and the symbiotic nature of mentoring.

  • Embrace challenges
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Tell your story

  • Bridgit Elder Digital Performance Manager Bank of New Zealand

  • Michelle Maxwell Head of Digital Performance Bank of New Zealand


Finding your why is important to optimise your full potential. Our panel will discuss their ‘why’ and how to ignite your inspiration.

  • Motivation strategies
  • Balance work and home life
  • Discover your purpose

  • Kerry Conway Deputy Chief Financial Officer Westpac

  • Karen Walfisch Director Operations Strategy and Design Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

  • Rebecca Larking General Manger, Operations Trading and Environment Genesis Energy

  • Amanda Davies National Operations Manager Downer New Zealand Limited

  • Elise Adams Head of Business and Support Services New Zealand Veterinary Association

  • Jane Fitzgerald Director Deloitte New Zealand

Expert Commentary

A successful leader has the mindset to take strategic risks. Shelley will uncover why taking intelligent and calculated risks is an important part of leadership.

  • Fears and the role of vulnerability
  • Take intelligent risks instead of gambling
  • Manage the downside of risks

Case Study

Research has shown that most business improvement initiatives are short lived. Eva will demonstrate how she has transformed workplace culture.

  • Be a supportive leader
  • Focus on customers and results
  • Solve problems effectively

  • Eva Smaill Continuous Improvement Specialist Auckland Council


Reflection will ignite your inspiration. This discussion will draw upon the lessons from the last two days and set you up to continue your career progression.

  • Key learnings from the conference
  • Bring out your confident, authentic self
  • Prepare for the challenges ahead

Post-Summit Workshop -


A healthy team culture is an integral component of business success, making it easier to drive change, growth and innovation.

This interactive workshop encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, reflect on your current situation and establish improvement action plans. There are a number of tools and techniques used that will assist you in reaching your goals and building a successful team culture.

Understand how culture affects your business 

⦁ Why are some teams are more effective than others?

⦁ 3 key organisational systems

⦁ Origins of business culture

Boost productivity with your team

⦁ 6 Common components of great culture 

⦁ How to make these components a norm in your team

⦁ GROW model and action planning for team success

Use your skills to optimise leadership potential 

⦁ Emotional intelligence and thinking cycles

⦁ What makes a good leader?

⦁ How to lead a team

Find ways to motivate your team

⦁ Coaching techniques all good team leaders should have

⦁ 5 keys to successful communication

⦁ How to build trust in your team


Stamford Auckland

22-26 Albert St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

+64 9 309 8888

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