4th Women in Insurance Leadership Summit

Supercharge your leadership potential and embrace the future of insurance

  • May 21st - 24th, 2019
  • The Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney


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- Identify and leverage your leadership capabilities
- Navigate digital transformation
- Royal Commission management strategies
- Build resilience to thrive during change


Deborah Kennedy

General Manager, Business Design and Change
MLC Life Insurance

  • Gary Brader
    Group Chief Investment Officer
  • Aimee McGuinness
    Chief Underwriting Officer
    Allianz Partners
  • Chesne Stafford
    Chief Distribution Officer
    MetLife Insurance
  • Carol-Ann Gough
    Executive General Manager, Platforms


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Download the brochure
Supercharge your leadership toolkit
Opening micro session
Inspire innovation in a digital age
Collaborate and communicate during change
Leading women - The invisible forces that shape women in leadership
Optimise your leadership potential
Achieve work-life harmony
Work smarter, not harder
Maximise the value of networking
Excel as an authentic leader
Navigate digital transformation
Build and maintain a positive brand
Explore leadership solutions and leverage your impact
Enhance resilience during change
Redefine your future as an insurance leader
Lead through change and disruption
Pre Summit Workshop

21 May


Developing and maintaining a positive mindset is crucial for successful leadership, especially when leading through uncertainty. Accomplished leaders know how to remain resilient in times of uncertainty and project confidence in their decisions.

This interactive workshop will teach you how to cultivate self-awareness and improve your wellbeing. You will walk away with practical skills and strategies to increase resilience, confidence and courage.

Increase your emotional and social intelligence

- Understand the neuroscience of emotions

- Discover how your emotions impact your behaviour

- Understand the relationship you have with yourself and others

Increase resilience and adapt to adversity

- Explore techniques to enhance resilience

- Practical strategies for stress management

- Improve wellbeing for yourself and your team

Lead with courage and authenticity through challenging times

-Explore your leadership preferences and strengths 

-Understand the behaviours that are needed in times of change and challenge 

-Explore key strategies to help navigate you through times of uncertainty 

Handle conversations with confidence

-Promote yourself positively and influence others

-Enhance your communication effectiveness through verbal intelligence

-Employ emotional intelligence for effective communication

Conference Day One

22 May


  • Amy Stewart Leadership & Organisational Development Specialist Amy Stewart Learning and Development

Case Study

While it is vital to be creative and transformational as a leader, it is equally important to create an environment that promotes innovation within your team. By focusing on culture, you can build a team of innovators who will magnify your organisation’s strength and achieve long-term success.  

 -Create a culture of innovation

 -Lead by example

-Use technology mindfully

  • Alison Connolly Executive Manager – Bingle Suncorp Group

Case Study

A refined communication style can separate you from the crowd and demonstrate your leadership strengths. Mastering the art of confident communication will help you improve collaboration and navigate change effectively.

 -Be heard in a competitive environment

 -Establish and communicate your goals during transformation

-Foster internal and external collaboration 

  • Gary Brader Group Chief Investment Officer QBE

Expert Commentary

Subtle structures keep biases in place and provide invisible barriers for women who want to progress. In this session, Anneli will help you navigate hidden barriers and have the right kind of conversations to get ahead. 

-Why barriers aren’t what we think they are

-How to communicate your accomplishments effectively

-Why women are damned if they do and damned if they don't – and what to do about it

Case Study

Maximising your performance through uncertainty has become a vital ingredient to your success in the insurance industry. To shape a flourishing future, you must be able to demonstrate adaptability by turning challenges into opportunities.

-Overcome unexpected challenges

-Forecast the future for your team

-Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Aimee McGuinness Chief Underwriting Officer Allianz Partners


A healthy work-life balance is a goal we all strive towards, but juggling your personal and professional priorities can be challenging in practice. This interactive panel will explore different experiences and strategies for achieving a healthy, harmonious balance. 

- Strike a balance that works for you

- Be present in your environment

- Practical strategies to achieve harmony

  • Sally Phillips General Manager, Health Services TAL

  • Simone Dossetor Chief Operating Officer Munich Re Australasia

  • Stephanie Carman Head of Change and Capability Bupa

Case Study

Increasing pressures and compliance procedures are affecting the way we operate. This session will explore ways to increase productivity and maximise output, ultimately creating a harmonious future.

-Increase productivity

-Maintain results with increased pressures

-Maintain wellbeing and manage stress

  • Kate Johnstone Head of Operational Compliance Allianz

Expert Commentary

Networking is often considered a chance to seek out short-term opportunities for personal gain. However, a broader focus on building reciprocal partnerships is the key to long-term success. This session will explore why focusing less on the outcome and more on the relationship will accelerate your career growth.

-Refine communication skills

-Tips and tricks to maximise networking opportunities

-Create lasting relationships

Conference Day Two

23 May

Case Study

Authenticity is critical when building your leadership profile. This session will help you stay true to your values and flourish as an authoritative, trustworthy leader.

-Identify your unique leadership style

-Understand the strengths and weaknesses of others

-Leverage your abilities to be a better leader

  • Chesne Stafford Chief Distribution Officer MetLife Insurance

Case Study

The disruptive nature of digitalisation means you must have your finger on the pulse to remain competitively viable. This session will teach you how to lead and communicate effectively during transformation.

- Explore digital transformation in the insurance industry

- Lead effectively through disruption

- Focus on the future

  • Deborah Kennedy General Manager, Business Design and Change MLC Life Insurance

Case Study

With all eyes on the financial services industry, communicating your accomplishments and values is essential to moulding perceptions and determining your success as a leader. 

-Build and communicate your values

-Manage internal and external expectations

-Optimise your achievements


In this interactive Think Tank session, you will have the opportunity to network with peers and our panel of experts. Explore ways to overcome real-life situations and put your leadership skills into action. 

-Explore real-life leadership scenarios 

-Strategies to surpass your leadership capabilities

-Apply your new leadership skills

  • Carol-Ann Gough Executive General Manager, Platforms IAG

  • Xavier Saldoni Chief Risk Officer Medibank

  • Lorraine Thomas General Manager, Strategy, Product and Innovation HCF

  • James Rayner Head of Enterprise PMO and Delivery Services Avant Mutual

Expert Commentary

Change can have a significant impact on you and your surroundings. The key to leading through change is strengthening your resilience and instilling this skill in your team.

-Strengthen your resilience

-Tactics to build a resilient team

-Mindfulness strategies to manage stress


In this interactive closing roundtable, you'll have the opportunity to review the skills and lessons learned throughout the summit. You'll also get the chance to formulate your action plan and redefine your career.

-Key takeaways from the summit

-Apply your new skills back at work

-Develop your action plan 

Post Summit Workshop

24 May


The effects of Insuretech and the Royal Commission on the insurance industry have made adaptability and resilience increasingly critical skills. To succeed in this tumultuous climate, you must learn how to manage change and build the perseverance to lead through uncertainty.

This workshop will equip you with the skills to flourish through change, optimise outcomes with limited resources and prepare for the digital transformation shaping the future of insurance.

Thrive through change

-Lead with purpose

-Navigate disruption

-Communicate effectively during transformation

Maintain results with limited resources

-Navigate complex processes and compliance procedures

-Build a sustainable operational output system

-Strategies to work smarter, not harder 

Navigate digital transformation

-Embrace disruption

-Use technology strategically

-Use digitalisation to drive innovation

Drive organisational and industry credibility

-Mould values and perceptions 

-Communicate accomplishments 

-Build your personal and professional brand


The Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

11 Jamison St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9696 2500

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