8th Women in Engineering Leadership Summit

Fuel your passion to stand out and be heard as an engineering leader

  • May 21st - 24th, 2019
  • Stamford Plaza Brisbane


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Lead with courage and authenticity
Engineer your work-life balance
Solidify your resilience
Ignite your engineering passion


Katherine Squire

Katherine is a highly skilled and innovative leader with extensive experience in product management, change management and information technology. She recently joined Nasdaq as Vice President, Market Technology Product Engineering. Leading teams of engineers she is an advocate in growing female representation in the workforce and in particular, the engineering field. Her focus is on building strong, high performing teams that can scale globally.

Vice President, Market Technology Product Engineering

  • Rowenna Walker
    Director, Transport Clients NSW & QLD
  • Alison Mirams
    Chief Executive Officer
    Roberts Pizzarotti
  • Michelle Elvy
    Head of Integrated Operations
    BHP Billiton
  • Rebecca Pickering
    Director, Engagement, Environment & Property
    Inland Rail


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Download the brochure
Engineer your career
Ignite your passion and charge your career
Advocate your value
A siren on unconscious bias
Be your best brand ambassador
The steps taken to overcome roadblocks and challenges
Make your value visible
A resilient unwavering engineer
Grassroots to CEO
Be the change
Control your work-life framework
Successful leadership progression
Foster a positive culture
The power of credible communication
Own your career journey
Take action, lead the change
Pre-Summit Workshop

21 May


Develop self-awareness

- Define your personal and professional goals

- Identify your priorities

- Locate the equilibrium for your lifestyle

Withstand the headwind

- Build confidence

- Accept feedback and adapt

- Make informed decisions

Communicate with your stakeholders

- Define your purpose and your value

- Assess different communication methods

- Communicate your value to secure buy-in 

Master relationships to excel

- Understand different personality types

- Capitalise on new opportunities

- Adjust your delivery and lead strategically

Conference Day 1

22 May

Case Study

Join our keynote speaker, Rowenna, as she shares her inspirational career journey and explain why women play a critical role in the engineering industry.

- Engineering on a national and global scale

- Gain exposure, experience and opportunities

- Reflect on the 'why'

  • Rowenna Walker Director, Transport Clients NSW & QLD Aurecon

Case Study

Rachel's journey defies the stereotypical barriers to entry. Join her as she provides powerful insight as to how she engineered her career pathway.

- Overcome career barriers

- Lessons learnt and key takeaways

- Act now and create your change

  • Rachel Harch Senior Aeronautical and Systems Engineer Parental Leave

Case Study

An open and honest conversation must occur if you wish to progress in your career. Join Angela as she addresses how we can make unconscious bias a conscious focus.

- Engineering, a profession for all

- Breakthrough the bias

- Adapt and overcome challenges of false perception

  • Angela Hili Team Lead – Civil and Infrastructure ADG Engineers

Case Study

Before we stand out, we must be clear on what we stand for. Katherine will share her experience of leading teams to be their best self.

- Identify your unique strengths

- Benefits of a diverse team

- Your leadership legacy resonance

  • Katherine Squire Vice President, Market Technology Product Engineering Nasdaq


Hear from inspirational engineers who will discuss their career tribulations and how they remained motivated to power through and achieve success.

-Challenges across diverse fields

-Bounce-back tactics

-Lessons learnt and shared

  • Rebecca Pickering Director, Engagement, Environment & Property Inland Rail

  • Zhenya Pavlinova Chair Women in Engineering Queensland, Chair Structural Committee Engineers Australia

  • Andrew Davison General Manager, Software and Experience Engineering Telstra

  • Alice Shepherd-Ashby Senior Process Engineer Hatch Associates

Case Study

With only 12% female representation in the engineering sector, it is essential that you understand how to raise your profile and demonstrate your value.

- Position yourself for enhanced visibility

- Cement your influence and build your profile

- Expand your leadership reach

  • Michelle Elvy Head of Integrated Operations BHP Billiton

Expert Commentary

With many setbacks to a career, your determination must not hinder. Learn how to withstand the headwind and turn challenges into opportunities.  

- Manage change and transformation

-Adapt to a crisis

-Be determined to succeed

Conference Day 2

23 May

Case Study

Leadership is about creating a vision and making it a reality. Alison will delve into her leadership journey and provide an insight as to how she achieved success.

- Overcome leadership challenges

- Strategic steps to achieve your goals

- Advice to 'my' younger self

  • Alison Mirams Chief Executive Officer Roberts Pizzarotti

Case Study

Evelyn will share her leadership journey and provide steps to get started on your very own pathway.

- Identify yourself as an engineering leader

- Establish methods to champion change

- Your sustainable leadership legacy

  • Evelyn Storey Deputy Chair Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland


The balance between a career and personal life is a well-known challenge. Panellists will come together to explore this topic within the engineering space.

- Challenge the onsite requirement

- Job sharing, planning and forecasting

- Holistic benefit for the field of engineering

  • Kathleen Boseley Head of Independent System Monitoring Airbus Group

  • Gabriela Love Manager and 2018 Chair Women in Mining and Resources Newcrest Mining

  • Yvonne Lewandowski Diversity, Inclusion and Development Lead Queensland Urban Utilities

Case Study

Amanda has successfully led with a clear purpose as the only female engineer in her field of work. Join her as she shares her successes in this insightful and inspirational session.

- Realise your potential

- Seek and step up to new challenges

- Engineering, a valuable and rewarding career

  • Amanda Gosling Senior Engineering Officer Royal Australian Air Force

Case Study

A positive culture must be developed and built upon to adjust to the working environment. Graham, an engineering champion of change, will discuss strategies for implementing positive change.

- Strategies to create equal opportunities

- Mentor to create inspirational leaders

- Work collaboratively as one

  • Graham Smith Chief Engineer SAAB Australia

Expert Commentary

Experience and capability are not always enough to get ahead in your career. Mastering the art of confident communication and learning to avoid key credibility killers is critical to your leadership profile.

- Showcase your value

- Understand how others perceive you

- Enhance your presence with non-verbal cues


-Key takeaways of the summit

-Align with your journey

-Create an action plan

Post-Summit Workshop

24 May


Prepare for a leadership career

- Understand the ‘invisible rules’ of the leadership landscape

- Explore the barriers faced by women at work and what to do about them

- Decide on your personal vision of success

Develop a new professional confidence

- Explore the prevalence of low confidence and how it impedes progress

- Harness the upside to low confidence

- Unlock your personal confidence code

Communicate with presence

- Discuss strategies to make your voice heard

- Understand the double-bind of simply speaking-up

- Recognise ways we unconsciously sabotage our confidence and credibility

Boost your influence and personal power

- Manage relationships with big egos and power players

- Develop empowerment beyond capability

- Own your abilities without putting people off


Stamford Plaza Brisbane

Corner of Margaret & Edward Streets, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

07 3221 1999

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