• April 30th - May 3rd, 2019
  • Sydney, Australia
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9th Women in Energy & Resources Leadership Summit

Inspirational stories from industry leaders and essential skills to enhance leadership effectiveness

  • April 30th - May 3rd, 2019
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney


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- Establish a strong professional network
- Manage difficult conversations with confidence
- Prosper through complexity, uncertainty and change
- Leverage your strengths and increase your value


Cath Norman

Ms Norman is a professional geophysicist who has 30 years’ experience in the minerals and oil and gas exploration industry, having held executive positions both in Australia and the UK and carried out operating assignments in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia. Ms Norman served as Managing Director of Flow Energy Limited from 2005 and was appointed Managing Director of FAR Limited on 28 November 2011.

Managing Director
FAR Limited

  • Megan Houghton
    Executive General Manager, Energy Solutions
    ERM Power
  • Nicole Brook
    General Manager Business Development & Technical Services
    Glencore Coal Australia
  • William "Bill" Cox
    Managing Director, ANZ
  • Lorna Clarke
    Chief Financial Officer
    Bridgeport Energy


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Download the brochure
Transition from a technical expert into a confident leader
Lead authentically in a competitive environment
Take control of your career development
Lead as a strategic business partner
Establish support networks and mentors
Mini networking workshop
Make unconscious bias a conscious issue
Foster resilience through positive leadership
The neuroscience of leadership
Build your value in a team
Drive change through engaging leadership
Navigate difficult conversations
Empower teams through change
Leverage your strengths
Embrace change and forward thinking
Strategically planning to take charge of your career
Pre-Summit Workshop - 30 Apr


Leaders in the Energy & Resources sector face a unique set of challenges when compared with most other professions. Career progression in these fields is often a result of merit; technical expertise will get you far.

It's only when a leadership opportunity becomes available that technical proficiency alone proves to be insufficient. A new set of skills must be mastered to thrive as a leader, balancing technical expertise with your ability to drive individual and team performance through people management.

This practical workshop will help you develop, refine and capitalise on your strengths to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Build your leadership profile

- The relationship between emotional intelligence and employee engagement

- Manage professional communications using emotional intelligence

- Learn how to be an emotionally intelligent leader

Find your voice and prepare for an executive career

-Communication techniques to cement your role as a strategic business partner

-Influence different personality and behaviour types

-Identify your leadership strengths

Achieve your potential as a leader

-Communicate with confidence

-How to have honest and constructive conversations

-Lead with impact and maximise employee engagement

Increase resilience and adapt to adversity

- Techniques to build resilience

- Practical strategies for stress management

- Improve wellbeing for yourself and your team

Summit Day One - 1 May

Case Study

Leading in a way that plays to your strengths will help you and your team build confidence. Cath will explore strategies for carving an authentic leadership style.

-Stay true to your values

-Approach challenges with genuine interest

-Engage with your team and learn from others

  • Cath Norman Managing Director FAR Limited

Case Study

The forward focus of the Energy & Resources industry achieves results, so the same strategy should be applied to your career. Lorna will help you define a clear vision for achieving your goals.

-Essential skills for aspiring leaders

-Channel constructive advice into action

-Seize opportunities for growth and development

  • Lorna Clarke Chief Financial Officer Bridgeport Energy

Case Study

Elli knows that the path to career development isn't always linear. Moving from Chief Financial Officer to Director, Major Projects with WaterNSW has given Elli a unique perspective on leadership development.

-Embrace and drive change

-Ensure successful outcomes for you and your team

-Essential negotiation skills for senior executives

  • Elli Baker Director, Major Projects WaterNSW

Case Study

Support and inspiration from your professional network can help you attain a leadership career. This session will help you make the most of your support network and find mentors to accelerate growth.

-Practical tips to expand and enhance your network

-Maximise presence and exposure

-Strategically select a mentor who aligns with your needs

  • Megan Houghton Executive General Manager, Energy Solutions ERM Power


Meet other aspiring leaders in your industry, forge new connections and share goals.

-Introduce yourself effectively

-Engage with others and build rapport

-Identify your desired outcomes


To overcome barriers in senior roles, you must examine your awareness of unconscious bias. To succeed as a leader, however, you must be prepared to share your knowledge with others.

-Understand the impact of different personalities

-Ask questions and foster empathy

-Support your team’s goals

  • Nicole Brook General Manager Business Development & Technical Services Glencore Coal Australia

  • William "Bill" Cox Managing Director, ANZ Aurecon

  • Todd Battley Chief Executive, ANZ AECOM

  • Clare Hudson General Manager People, Standards and Capability, Downer Resourcing Alliance Lead Downer

Case Study

Overcoming challenges with a can-do attitude and professional composure is key to carving a successful career path. Facing adversity and turning challenges into opportunities projects positivity and confidence.

-Heighten awareness of your stress triggers and avoid burnout

-Withstand pushback and criticism

-Manage expectations and challenges

  • Olivia Newman General Manager Major Projects & Technical Services SunWater

Expert Commentary

Success lies in understanding the most powerful tool you control: your brain. Kristen will explain how to use the power of your mind to build confidence.

- Harness your brain power

- Build resilience and emotional intelligence

- Strategies for effective decision making

Summit Day Two - 2 May

Case Study

Understanding the needs of your team will help you demonstrate your value. Your ability to increase this value is essential for creating a unified workforce.

- Demonstrate your value

- Set clear expectations for your team

- Listen to others and embrace collaboration

  • Maree Abood Executive Director, Strategic Water Planning & Infrastructure Infrastructure NSW

Case Study

When individuals feel they cannot be themselves at work, they will not engage as part of the team. Engaging leadership will empower your team and demonstrate strong leadership.

- Communicate a powerful vision

- Build positive relationships

- Support a flexible and inclusive workplace

  • Clare Hudson General Manager People, Standards and Capability, Downer Resourcing Alliance Lead Downer


Knowing how to manage difficult situations demonstrates your ability to provide positive, trusting relationships and position yourself as a role model.

-Learn how to be a confident negotiator

-Adapt your communication skills appropriately

-Manage pressure and remain positive

  • Paula Conboy Chair Australian Energy Regulator

  • Paul Broad Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Snowy Hydro

  • Fiona Murfitt Executive General Manager Health, Safety and Environment Ausgrid

  • Kathy Bremner General Manager, Group Services Pacific Hydro

Expert Commentary

To succeed in the Energy & Resources sector, you need to keep up with change. This session will help refine the capabilities to lead through disruption with the qualities of a truly transformational leader.

-Build a genuine desire to change within your team

-Utilise and resolve resistance

-Crisis management essentials

Case Study

You must actively promote yourself, your team and your vision to succeed as a leader. For emerging leaders, you first need to overcome entrenched cultural norms, identify your strengths and leverage your value.

-Uncover your focus, confidence and purpose

-Build value and influence

-Begin your executive journey

  • Carmen Letton Head of Open Pit Mining Anglo American


In this interactive session, Lisa will reflect on the topics explored throughout the summit. Through an engaging discussion, she will summarise takeaways from the event and help you create an action plan moving forward.

-Key lessons from the summit

-Skills to help you succeed

-Create an action plan

Post-Summit Workshop - 3 May


Working hard and waiting for a promotion isn’t always the best plan of action, so it's crucial to take responsibility for your career growth.

An essential part of unlocking your potential is to put yourself forward for new opportunities. The simple act of raising your hand takes confidence, but this is the first step toward leadership.

This interactive workshop will provide practical insights into how you can accelerate career growth. You'll learn to identify personal strengths, be proactive and set goals effectively.

Set personal goals

-Define your aspirations and SMART goals

-Break down the goals into daily routines for growth

-Effective reward systems to encourage success

Take steps toward your goals

-Identify the differences between active and reactive processes

-Utilise the active voice in all forms of communication

-Overcome the trepidation of making a decision

Identify personal strengths

-Define your strengths

-Anchor your work ethic around playing to your strengths

-Monitor how productivity is affected when working within strengths and out of strengths

Learn how to navigate difficult conversations

-Communicate clearly and with confidence

-Speak up and make your intentions known

-Negotiate terms and conditions of new roles


Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

27 O'Connell Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 8214 0000

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