9th Women in Banking & Financial Services Leadership Summit

Develop the fundamental pillars of leadership to lead through change and adversity

  • February 24th - 27th, 2020
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney


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- Establish your leadership profile and become an agent of change
- Lead with trust and empathy
- Adapt and excel during uncertainty
- Strategies to harness your career potential


  • Lyn Cobley
    Chief Executive, Westpac Institutional Bank
  • Cathryn Carver
    Executive General Manager, Client Coverage
    National Australia Bank
  • Philippa Watson
    Executive General Manager, Direct Channels
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Mark Evans
    Managing Director, Transaction Banking
    ANZ Bank
  • Mim Haysom
    Executive General Manager, Brand & Marketing


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Futureproofing your leadership - Leading with insight & intelligence
Authentic leadership - Embracing imperfection
Leading with empathy in a results-driven environment
Renew, rebuild & regain trust
The accidental CEO
Is it worth the risk?
Strategic networking & connecting for success
Overcome barriers in the face of adversity
Prevention strategies for improving employee wellbeing
Can you have it all?
The art, science & process behind powerful communication
Leading organisational change - It starts with you
Becoming the leader of 2020
Manage organisational change
Pre-Summit Workshop

24 Feb


In times of increasing professional complexity and volatility, it is imperative that your leadership approach is tailored to today and to the future. Authenticity and adaptability are not mutually exclusive, and as a successful leader, you must have the insight needed to adapt and refine your natural leadership style without compromising core values, purpose or vision.

This interactive workshop is an in-depth exploration of different leadership styles in different situations. It will allow you to build a leadership brand and identity which is high value and high impact. This workshop will equip you with the tools to employ different leadership techniques to enhance team performance, engagement, and become an adaptable leader who is self-aware, confident and authentic.

Understanding your futureproofing leadership style

- Create your own vision of success

- Assess how your colleagues and staff see you as a leader

- Understand the future of work and what is valued in leadership in 2020 and beyond


Develop your personal leadership brand

- Leverage your uniqueness and value in your organisation and life

- Develop your unique value proposition

- Discover your futureproofing power zone


Leverage approaches for powerful engagement

- Learn the adaptive techniques to amplify engagement amongst workplace diversity

- Cut through the overwhelm for your amplified impact - your futureproofing day, week, year

- Tailored recommendations for real life challenges and situations 


Amplify your leadership Influence

- Learn tools to make your highest value and highest impact

- Learn techniques to master your mind

- Develop your highest impact and highest value action plan

  • Kellie Tomney Founder, Career & Leadership Mentor Kellie Tomney

Summit Day 1

25 Feb

Case Study

Authenticity, transparency, and collaboration are crucial skills for any leader. Ongoing turbulence and rapid change have only intensified the need for authentic leadership. Organisations require leaders who inspire trust, demonstrate self-awareness, and who build honest values-based relationships.

Lyn understands that leading with authenticity is more than bringing yourself to work. She will explore the fundamentals of authentic leadership and divulge how you can leverage authenticity in your personal and professional life.

- Bring your whole self to work and embrace your imperfections

- Challenge yourself as a leader

- Inspire trust, purpose, and value in your sphere of influence

  • Lyn Cobley Chief Executive, Westpac Institutional Bank Westpac

Case Study

The decisions you make as a leader can have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. These decisions often leave you outside of your comfort zone, whether it’s managing challenging staff, responding to customer complaints, or making a tough call. Drawing on her experience, Phillippa will explore how leaders can combine empathetic leadership with driving business results.

- Understand what empathetic leadership means in a results-driven environment

- Develop greater awareness of tools and measures that support empathetic leadership

- Learn how to handle a situation that has no win-win solution

  • Philippa Watson Executive General Manager, Direct Channels Commonwealth Bank of Australia


The 2017 Royal Commission has left a lingering shadow of mistrust over the industry, highlighting the need for cultural change. Our panellists will explore how the Australian finance sector is focusing on rebuilding reputation, share strategies for regaining the confidence of stakeholders, and their vision for promoting transparent leadership.

- Embrace a new norm for leadership

- Create a culture of transparency and collaboration

- Establish strategies for rebuilding trust with stakeholders

  • Damien Mu Chief Executive Officer AIA Australia

  • Anne Anderson Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income & Investment Solutions UBS Asset Management

  • David Hackett Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director MLC Life Insurance

  • Camilla Cooke Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer Xinja

Case Study

Some leaders set out to reach the top, while others rise to the occasion when they see a chance to make a difference. In this session, Lexi reflects on her journey from fibre-glassing boats to her recent move from Chief Customer Officer to Chief Executive Officer at Gateway Bank, and the often unexpected sources of inspiration that have given her the edge along the way. Whether its unlocking the value of reverse-mentoring, braving improv comedy or being your own chief life officer.

- Discover the power of putting your hand up and paying it forward

- Embrace your curiosity and learn to find the positive in every situation

- Letting the people around you that know that it's not work but about making a difference

  • Lexi Airey Chief Executive Officer Gateway Bank

Case Study

Any big career step is a leap of faith. The prospect of success always comes at a cost. The question is, is it worth the risk? Megan will share the highs and lows from her career leaps, the risks and the rewards, and how she learned to love life outside her comfort zone.

- Overcome fear and step out of your comfort zone

- Breakthrough decision paralysis with smart risk-taking

- Understand that decisions aren't made in isolation but with the support of others

  • Megan Bolton Chief Financial Officer HESTA

Expert Commentary

Networking at business events is rarely met with enthusiasm. But how do you let people know what you do and what you have to offer if you don’t promote yourself? Jen will help you overcome reservations of speaking to new people so you can use networking as a powerful business skill.

- Build confidence and connections

- Feel the fear and do it anyway

- Learn engaging conversation tips

  • Jen Harwood Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Coach The Jenerator!

Summit Day 2

26 Feb

Case Study

Resilience is the ability to effectively embrace change, adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Resilient leaders meet opportunities for change head on, don’t dwell on failure, and help others to assess, adapt and move on. They acknowledge the situation, learn from mistakes, and then move forward with a positive and action-oriented mindset. Hear from Cathryn as she shares experiences from her personal and professional life, lessons learnt along the way, and how she overcomes adversity and bounces back.

- Gain situational perspective and nurture your self-confidence

- Understand the role of a leader in helping others to build resilience

- Re-calibrate to get back on track and lean on your support network

  • Cathryn Carver Executive General Manager, Client Coverage National Australia Bank

Expert Commentary

On the back of the Royal Commission, organisations and their leadership teams face pressure from stakeholders. The repercussions include higher levels of fatigue, stress, and burnout. Laura is an accredited organisational psychologist working with leaders to improve their mental health and develop support structures. In this session, Laura will provide practical solutions to prevent harm and improve the wellbeing of your team.

- Re-think your organisation's culture with employee wellness at the core

- Tips and tools for managing workplace mental health

- Develop self-care strategies and role model mentally healthy behaviours

  • Laura Kirby Principal & Organisational Psychologist Dr Laura Kirby


In the world of finance, expectations are high, hours are long, and tech has made 24/7 contact the new norm. So how do you strike a work-life balance? Where do you draw the line without compromising your ambition or your wellbeing? How do you change gears as your priorities shift? Our panel of leaders explore how to thrive in the financial services industry, juggle work commitments, and achieve your life goals.

- Pursue your ambitions without compromising on wellbeing

- Work-life balance vs work-life integration

- Discover tips and tools for juggling demands at work

  • Mark Evans Managing Director, Transaction Banking ANZ Bank

  • Mim Haysom Executive General Manager, Brand & Marketing Suncorp

  • Karin van Selm Group Executive, Wholesale Banking, Australia & New Zealand Rabobank

  • Su-Lin Ong Chief Economist and Senior Relationship Manager RBC Capital Markets

  • Esther Kerr-Smith Group Executive, Finance & Strategy Australian Unity

Expert Commentary

To be a persuasive leader, you must be able to influence stakeholders through structured conversations. As an expert in communications, Arabella will give you the skills to make an impact and communicate confidently.

- Understand the psychology behind decision-making processes

- Develop strategies to improve the quality of your communication

- Master empathy-based negotiating and influencing

  • Arabella Macpherson Founder & Communications Coach Resonate Communications

Case Study

A change champion holds a clear vision in their hands and becomes an advocate for making it happen. However, change needs to take place internally, in people’s perceptions and thoughts, before action can follow suit. Change champion and diversity advocate, Hilary, will share her experience leading change at Zurich and strategies for achieving stakeholder buy-in.

- Communicate your vision and its value in your organisation

- Gain stakeholder buy-in and translate this into action

- Overcome reluctance and resistance to cultural change

  • Hilary Bates Chief Claims & Operations Officer Zurich Financial Services Australia


Julie will guide a collaborative roundtable reflecting on the takeaways from the summit. Together you will identify opportunities for progression and create an action plan for your future.

- Reflect on the key learnings from the past two days

- Discuss factors driving reform and change in Banking & Financial Services

- Create an action plan for the future

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)

Post-Summit Workshop

27 Feb


Change can be challenging to manage, let alone the repercussions of a Royal Commission. To succeed, you must be flexible, adaptable, and resilient. You need to manage internally-driven changes and the external, uncontrollable shifts that impact the industry. It is crucial to understand how to manage change and engage your organisation in this process. This interactive workshop will provide you with a change management game plan and the skills needed to minimise the shock of disruption.

Understand the change process

- Identify and define your rationale and vision for change

- Ensure new systems and processes are transparent

- Identify, consult, and inform stakeholders

Communicate change and inspire collaboration

- Engage employees early in the change process

- Master regular, responsive communication

- Overcome complacency and gain commitment

Manage change fatigue within teams

- Improve your understanding of emotional intelligence

- Utilise influencing skills

- Create a positive culture of development

Turn vision into reality

- Dedicate your focus to your people and organisation

- Identify risks and develop contingency plans

- Focus on the future

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)


Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

27 O'Connell Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 8214 0000

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