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25th - 26th, November 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Transformational strategies to accelerate performance and career progression


- Understand your role as a senior leader in empowering others
- Strategies to build resilience and strengthen your stress response
- Expand your perspective on opportunities and deepen your understanding of strategic issues
- Create your personal action plan for success


Natalie Lincolne

Natalie has over 20 years’ experience and a wide range of skills and experience in driving improved organisational performance. Her passion is to partner with leaders who want to improve employee engagement, performance and productivity so that great talent is motivated and retained. Natalie has been working and consulting in the public sector (WA state, local and federal) since 2008, having transitioned from corporate senior management roles (NAB, Ansett). Natalie also works as a leadership coach and strategic facilitator in her own business and undertakes pro bono work in several not-for-profit organisations. 

Strategic Performance Consultant
Incredible People


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
WA Public Sector PSGO 7-8 Women in Leadership Workshop

25 Nov - 26 Nov


Deep dive into your personal leadership values 

- Advocate your value as a leader 

- Unpack common senior leadership challenges 

- Master your mindset and turn off your limiting beliefs 


Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

- Explore leadership qualities for a continual learning mindset 

- Utilise heightened EQ to make effective strategic decisions

- Establish the importance of balancing capabilities over your career 

Evolve into the strategic authentic leader 

- Expectations and values of PSGO 7-8 leaders

- Distill your authentic approach to management and leadership

- Reflective leadership - Identify your strengths and weaknesses 


Strengthen your resilience and resolve

- Perform productively through tough times

- Deal constructively with stress, criticism and setbacks

- Effectively manage conflict and turn negativity into opportunity

  • Natalie Lincolne Strategic Performance Consultant Incredible People


Leading and influencing others on strategic issues

- Effectively engaging stakeholders to understand the problem and identifying potential solutions

- Integrating multi-stakeholder perspectives and facilitating shared understanding

- Resolving conflict and disagreement in group problem solving


Align your team with organisational expectations

- Support your team and engage others to deliver

- Manage expectations through change

- Build cohesive and engaged teams


High-level communication and negotiation skills

- Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication and relationships

- Explore coaching strategies to build capability in a team environment

- Navigate the challenges of difficult conversations


Personal action plan for success in the WA Public Sector 

- Identify and respond to threats and see challenges as opportunities

- Determine your areas for development, key resources, change agents and networks

- Create an action plan for your career

  • Natalie Lincolne Strategic Performance Consultant Incredible People



Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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