Technical Specialist to Leader Forum

Practical strategies to enrich your leadership capabilities

  • August 6th - 9th, 2019
  • Crowne Plaza Auckland


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- Optimise your career trajectory
- Unlock a strategic mindset
- Management essentials for progression
- Strategies for change management


Matthew Needham

Matthew is an experienced CFO and Executive Interim, with specialities in business change, transformation, cost reduction and re-engineering the finance function. He is a highly engaged people leader with proven track record of delivering substantial return on investment.

Chief Financial Officer
Housing New Zealand

  • Arabella Brawn
    General Manager of Professional Services
  • Roger MacDonald
    Chief Executive
    Panuku Auckland Development
  • Gary Walker
    Executive General Manager
  • John Bryant
    Group Strategy Manager


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Download the brochure
Emerge from technical specialist to leader
Build your network
Embrace technical changes
Impact & influence as a leader
Develop your leadership style
Manage relationships & expectations
Lead change effectively
Identify a new motivation
Strategic thinking
Connecting for success: The Neuroscience of Networking
Strengthen your resilience
Establish your credibility
Create & lead highly effective teams
The relationship between people & processes
Action plan for effective transition
Growth mindset from technical specialist to leader
Pre-Forum Workshop

06 Aug


To prepare for the leap from technical specialist to a leader, you must refine your soft skill set. This workshop will help you grasp new tools and strategies for leadership success. You'll learn practical strategies and create an action plan to accelerate your leadership transition.

Blend technical and soft skills 

- Leverage your credibility 

- Use your knowledge as power

- Embrace new opportunities 

Importance of your internal mindset 

- Develop self-awareness 

- Promote your passion

- Rediscover your purpose

Define your direction  

- Create a vision of success

- Navigate your leadership journey 

- Design an action plan and take the next step

Propel your leadership career

- Adopt a growth mindset 

- Embed your leadership style 

- Skyrocket into your new role

Forum Day 1

07 Aug

Case Study

To make your next career move, you'll need to build and enrich your support network. Gain practical strategies for capitalising on business relationships.

- Market your brand

- Create effective business networks

- Leverage influence to create opportunities

Case Study

To gain buy-in and manage change as a leader, you need strategic direction and a calculated approach. Maria will provide you with a plan for driving change and those affected by it.

- Plan your career development

- Transition into leadership with ease

- Gain buy-in

  • Maria Pozza Corporate / Commerical Law Associate - Space Law Expert Govett Quilliam


Recognising your influence and importance as a leader will help your team deliver incredible results. Our panel of experts will share how leading by example is the most effective tool for influence.

- Be confident and courageous

- Share vision to reach common goals

- Develop awareness and boost team performance

  • Roger MacDonald Chief Executive Panuku Auckland Development

  • Glen McLatchie Group Chief Information Officer SKYCITY Entertainment Group Limited

  • Sarah Halliday Associate Director, Environment AECOM

  • Christina Pachel Post Market Surveillance Manager Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

  • Anna Davis Finance Director Rocket Lab

Expert Commentary

The ability to adjust your leadership style and consider the broader organisation is difficult, but an essential part of transitioning from technical specialist to a leader. Lisa will share top tips for emerging leaders.

- Apply the growth mindset

- Blend technical and people skills

- Define your leadership style

Case Study

As you transition into leadership, you'll need to adapt flexibly and with certainty. In this session, you will gain strategies for managing this dynamic shift.

- The transition from peer to manager

- Gain trust and respect

- Manage the dynamics with practical insights

Case Study

Effective change management starts with articulating a compelling vision. John will share his advice for navigating challenging times.

- Have a clear vision and purpose

- Build trust within your team

- Embed your leadership style

  • John McConnell Executive Director McConnell Group

Expert Commentary

A clear vision of success will ignite your drive and propel your career. Learn takeaways from Jessica and build strategies to plan your next move.

- Find your “why”

- Enrich your role

- Psychological factors to change

Forum Day 2

08 Aug

Case Study

The ability to see the bigger picture is a critical aspect of leadership. John will examine the importance of thinking strategically.

- Draw upon your core intellectual capabilities

- Recognise the different facets of your role

- Make decisions with confidence 

  • John Bryant Group Strategy Manager Higgins

Expert Commentary

Leaders must create and use their own networks to succeed. In this practical, interactive and energising session, you will build networks - inside and out! Leave the Forum today with new connections to yourself, your colleagues and your learning.

- Reduce your resistance to networking

- Share your networking wisdom

- Construct useful networks

Case Study

When pressure mounts, your expectations and requirements as a leader will change. Ruth will explore what skills and mindset are required to thrive in an unpredictable and changing world.

- Navigate uncertain environments

- Adapt to change

- Lead through adversity

  • Ruth Muller R&D Director Frucor Suntory


Leading a team with technical understanding gratifies credibility, supports decisions and helps manage team performance. Gain tips on how to build leadership legitimacy from our experienced panel.

- Trust your decisions

- Deliver consistently

- Build your personal brand

  • Matthew Needham Chief Financial Officer Housing New Zealand

  • Kathryn Musgrave Technical Director GHD

  • Paul McElwee Chief Financial Officer Northpower

Case Study

Enable your team to fulfill their potential through inspiring leadership techniques. Arabella will teach you how to lead a team to reach their objectives.

- The importance of culture

- Thrive through change

- Provide effective feedback

  • Arabella Brawn General Manager of Professional Services Datacom

Case Study

Shifting roles requires a shift in mindset. Your influence as a leader will be based on attitude and behaviour, not your technical abilities.

- Develop self-awareness

- Growth mindset over fixed

- Learn to let go

  • Gary Walker Executive General Manager Hawkins


Prepare for your leadership transformation by reflecting on the key highlights and create an action plan for success.

- Reflect on practical learning

- Strategies to succeed

- Take the next step

Post-Forum Workshop

09 Aug


This interactive workshop examines the personal process of change and emphasises the shift from technical specialist to a leader. You'll learn how to effectively make changes in your behaviour and model a change-ready mindset to your team. Discover how to take control of your emotional reactions in uncertain environments and thrive as a stable, inspiring role model.

Embrace the mindset of continuous improvement

- Understand the mindset/skillset distinction

- Find your correct mindset

- Four levels of learning under change

Build emotional resilience

- Understand personal motivation

- Take control of your emotional reactions

- Overcome stress and obstacles

Set inspiring goals

- Set your goals

- Find your motivation

- Link business and personal goals

Make it happen

- Implement your action plan

- Maintain motivation levels

- Utilise the "Disney" strategy


Crowne Plaza Auckland

128 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

(09) 302 1111

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