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22nd - 23rd, June 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Resetting Your Organisation in the New Economy: A ‘Best Practice’ Approach to Strategic Workforce Planning and HR Analytics


- Explore COVID-19 implications, digital disruption & implications for SWP
- Understand key trends impacting on the changing nature of work & workers
- Align workforce strategies with the business strategy
- Identify critical roles, specialist roles, ‘make’ vs ‘buy’ roles
- Segment your workforce based on the most prominent model in HR architecture
- Profile the Employment Value Proposition (EVP) for various roles, based on the psychological contract
- Improve data integration and governance
- Become a data driven organisation using HR data to achieve deeper workforce insights
- Enhance organisational agility & customer centricity


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Strategic Planning & Workforce Analytics Workshop

22 Jun - 23 Jun


Workforce trends in Australia, including digital disruption

-Key impacts of the COVID-19 to organisations and workers

- Analyse key trends shaping the future of work

- Key impacts of digitisation in the Australian workforce market in 2020

- Embrace Agile as a new organisational paradigm

- Forecast future workforce requirements in the digital world


Exercise: Digitisation and its impact on your business


Mindsets, models, measures and methodology

- Executive engagement, arguing the business case for strategic workforce planning

- Differentiate strategic workforce planning from workforce planning

- Identify trends and traps in strategic workforce planning and analytics

- Analyse five ways to build human capital


Exercise: Determine status and maturity of workforce strategy


Critical capabilities, core competencies and organisational strategy

- Identify the critical capabilities and core competencies of your business

- Create tighter linkages between talent management and strategic workforce planning


Segmenting your workforce with a best practice HRM architecture model

- Segmentation fundamentals to manage workforce assets as a portfolio

- Explore the influence of hierarchy on critical roles

- One size doesn't fit all - Maximise the ROI from your workplace

- Adopt a skills-based segmentation approach

  • Colin Beames Principal Advanced Workforce Strategies


EVPs, the psychological contract and workforce segmentation

- Link recruitment to workforce strategy

- Achieve actionable insights through appropriate data segmentation

- Link EVPs to engagement, retention and business strategy

- Profile EVPs for roles in your agency


Unlock the true value of your data

- Measure what matters - Categorising demographic, org process and predictive data

- Strategies to improve data ownership, integrity and governance

- Calculate the cost of turnover by workforce segmentation

- Deeper workforce insights and, evidence-based decisions


Exercise: Assess HR analysis and reporting in your agency


Advanced data insights to power people decisions

- Data visualisation for actionable insight, including bottom-line impacts

- Assess and address workforce risk, including succession planning

- Build confidence in data through effective and influential communication

- Legacy workforce projections and forecasting future recruitment needs


Develop and implement a successful strategic workforce plan

- Key steps to develop a successful strategic workforce plan

- Communicate and define responsibilities within your business

- Wrap up, key learnings and takeaways

  • Colin Beames Principal Advanced Workforce Strategies


Colin Beames

Colin Beames is a business focused corporate psychologist and Managing Director of Advanced Workforce Strategies (AWS). He is a global thought leader in SWP, an international presenter, author and consultant. AWS provides services in the areas of strategic workforce planning,
role analysis including critical role identification, workforce segmentation and configuration, workforce analytics including the measurement and reporting of human capital, workforce engagement and retention surveys (including key talent risk assessment), and organisational reviews.

has published a number of books and white papers on the following topics: Strategic Workforce Planning, Critical Role Identification, Adopting an Agile Approach to Talent Management. 

Advanced Workforce Strategies


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Virtual / Streaming

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