Strategic Finance & Management Accounting Workshop

Future-proof your finance function & engage as a valued business partner

  • September 17th - 19th, 2019
  • Cliftons Sydney


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- Strategy, Planning, Forecasting & Modelling
- Advanced Data Analytics, Visualisation & Insights
- Valued Finance Business Partner - Communicating, Leading & Influencing


Lance Rubin

Lance has a wealth of modelling experience across financial and professional services having worked at two of the Big 4 accounting, Investec Bank Corporate Finance & Advisory and National Australia Bank across both retail and wholesale banking divisions and products.

Lance started his own financial modelling consultancy firm following over 20 years' corporate experience, having moved most recently from the KPMG modelling team (and prior to that, NAB).

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Model Citizn

  • Felipe Rego
    Data Science & Analytics Partner
    Felipe Rego
  • Kevin Riley
    Managing Director
    Capital Training College


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One - Strategy, Planning, Budgeting & Modelling
Workshop Day Two - Advanced Data Analytics, Visualisation and Insights
Workshop Day Three - Valued Finance Business Partner - Communicating, Leading & Influencing
Strategic Finance & Management Accounting Workshop

17 Sep - 19 Sep


The strategic role of the budget and planning in the current organisational context
- How does a budget vs forecast vs model compare. The main functional differences between modelling, planning, budgeting and forecasting 
- Current pitfalls of the planning and forecasting processes
- How to get more value from the planning, forecasting process.

Explore in more detail each of the methods for:
- Activity Based, Zero-Based, Driver-Based, Growth-Based 
Fine-tune traditional budgeting activities to support decision-making
- How do move from reactive to proactive
- Moving towards more dynamic and adaptive forms of forecasting
- Using budgets and forecasts to inform and drive decision-making
- Finance cadence around budgeting activities (what is the best frequency)
Connect business planning, budgeting, and forecasting
- How do you get value from a connected process?
- What does a connected process look like?
- What are the key ingredients and steps to take to get there?
Strategy linked forecasting and performance models
- How to link strategy to forecasting and budgeting
- Strategy of Execution is key to success
- What gets measured gets done, making sure you measure the right KPIs
- How are you tracking performance and how to influence or change the performance trends
Key principles of effective financial modelling
- Key skills required to be a great financial modeler.
- What does a good model contain? How can you tell whether a model has been built well
- Key disciplines and controls needed within a team which will be heavy users of Excel spreadsheets

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


Data science and machine learning history and fundamentals
- Explore the fundamentals and historical developments of data science and machine learning
- Showcase and explain in layman’s terms the latest trends and hot topics in analytics
- Discuss and define a variety of concepts and use cases in data science and machine learning

Introduction to descriptive and predictive analytics in practice
- Explore and work through an exploratory data analysis (EDA) exercise
- Introduce and apply a machine learning model to a basic and simple dataset
- Utilise a popular business tool to interpret and summarise the results of a predictive model 

Deciphering key components and best practices in data visualisation
- Understanding graph theory and colour theory 
- How different shapes and objects are perceived, and create meaning
- Practical interactive activities exploring use cases of data visualisation

Building narratives for successful data visualisation and storytelling
- Learn the power of narrative, and how to effectively communicate with data
- Understand the power of visual storytelling
- Making the right graphical choices, and controlling the narrative

  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego


From bean counter to strategic business partner
- Transform your team into cross-functional, valued finance business partner
- Factors driving information needs and influencing behaviour
- Converting technical knowledge into strategic value

Translate management accounting into effective strategic management action plans
- Articulating complex ideas that achieve stakeholder expectations in a simple manner
- Assisting operational management to understand the financial ramifications of their service
- Identify savings targets, add value and develop savings or revenue plans

Making finance leadership work tactically, strategically and practically  
- Leveraging the value chain
- Strategic analysis to provide insightful analysis and evaluation
- Enable successful transformation using enterprise risk management and more effective business models and processes

Communicating with impact and influence
- Telling the story behind the numbers, gaining stakeholder buy-in
- Presenting to the board, getting the pitch right
- Building influential relationships at senior and executive levels

  • Kevin Riley Managing Director Capital Training College


Cliftons Sydney

Level 13, 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 2 9250 0999

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