STEM Professionals Leadership Workshop

An engaging platform to enhance your effectiveness as a scientific leader in a complex and changing environment

  • May 23rd - 24th, 2019
  • Novotel Sydney Darling Square


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- Refine your communication skills to strategically liaise with stakeholders
- Develop emotional intelligence and better connect with your team
- Adapt to different working styles and create a positive work environment
- Address challenging behaviours and scenarios in the workplace


Desley Lodwick

From coding in the 70s to becoming the Managing Director of a global IT company, Desley has had first-hand experience of the challenges faced in leadership roles; the barriers that hold people back and the conditions that create success. 

Since 2004 Desley has completed a PhD in leadership development and has extensive experience in developing mindsets suitable for shifting workplaces to be productive, focused and creative communities.



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Download the brochure
Day One - 23rd May 2019
Day Two - 24th May 2019
STEM Professionals Leadership Workshop

23 May - 24 May


Strengthen leadership skills for sustained operational success

- Understand the big picture in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world

- Understand the difference between technical and adaptive problems

- Adapt your communication skills for leading in a VUCA environment

- Develop the counterintuitive skills needed for dealing with complex challenges/wicked problems/dilemmas

Lead strategic change as a scientific leader 

- Create a vision and learn to guide team culture through design thinking

- Collaborate across teams to drive new initiatives and face complex challenges

- Develop your skills for strategy formation and implementation

- Improve the way critical information is delivered, presented and understood


Develop your communication skills to achieve influence

- Understand and adapt to different ways individuals make sense of the world

- Develop your one-on-one communication skills to improve individual relationships

- Increase your emotional intelligence to better connect and communicate with diverse teams

Resolve conflict and tackle challenging situations 

- Break down negative perceptions between scientists and technicians to increase workplace harmony

- Strategies to identify and tactically address toxic workplace behaviours in yourself and others

- Techniques for effective conflict resolution in difficult or complex scenarios

- Navigating challenging scenarios - Difficult decision-making in a political environment

  • Desley Lodwick Director STEMMCulture


Leadership in a STEM organisation

- Explore what is different in a STEM organisation and its implications for leaders

- Explore the limitations of personal leadership effectiveness

- Learn how systems thinking can help with the resistant and persistent problems

- Facilitate cross-functional communication to break down silos and broaden perspectives


Liaise with key stakeholders

- Communicate information effectively to different stakeholders

- Write scientific reports accommodating different stakeholders’ communication styles

- Collaborate with policy and other external teams to build beneficial partnerships

- Effectively communicate technical outcomes to key non-scientific stakeholders


Becoming deliberately developmental to realise organisational potential

- Understand constructive-developmental theory and its implications for leading people

- Gain insight into your immunity to change

- Learn to use errors and vulnerabilities to facilitate personal and company growth

- Build team culture and embed support structures into daily fabric of working life


 Drive productivity through engagement and innovation

- Timely brainstorming sessions to inspire creative thinking and produce new ideas

- Build an environment conducive to innovation and creativity in the workplace

- Identify team motivators to increase productivity and engagement in the laboratory or technical environment

- Group discussion: What is your leadership development action plan?

  • Desley Lodwick Director STEMMCulture


Novotel Sydney Darling Square

17 Little Pier Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 8217 4000

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