Stakeholder & Community Engagement Workshop

Strategies, skills & frameworks for excellence

  • November 13th - 14th, 2019
  • Cliftons Melbourne


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- Understand challenges, opportunities & emerging trends
- Build & maintain a social licence to operate
- Fundamentals to establish an outrage management program
- Manage internal expectations to improve team cohesion


David Ross

As founding Director of boutique management consulting firm, Phoenix Strategic Management, David uses his expertise as a strategist to help position companies in order to successfully tame the uniquely complex environments in which they find themselves in. Considered a breath of fresh air, he enables authority and inspires those affected to disrupt the old ways and generate ingenious and measurable results. He is particularly passionate about helping organisations advance genuine contributions to community and environmental issues. 

Phoenix Strategic Management


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Stakeholder & Community Engagement Workshop

13 Nov - 14 Nov


Setting the scene: The need for effective stakeholder engagement

- Understand the challenges, opportunities and emerging trends

- Understand the nature of conflict and why it exists

- How to build and maintain a Social Licence to Operate (SLO)

Sharpening your tools, tactics and targeting

- Different models to segment and prioritise your stakeholder groups

- Establish success criteria, measures and metrics for engagement

- Explore formats, media and communication styles to facilitate two-way dialogue

- Manage the perception gap and understand your organisation’s assumptions

Establishing appropriate communication protocols

- Analysing your stakeholders, understand their needs and decision drivers

- Identify engagement goals for each group, topics and media

- Step-by-step processes to communicate and effectively build ongoing positive relationships

- Selecting the best tools to fit your stakeholder engagement needs (including integrating online engagement with your broader community and stakeholder engagement program)

Principles of outrage mitigation: Triggers, traps and trust

- The drivers of community and stakeholder outrage 

- Risk perception as an underlying cause of outrage 

- Understand the context in which you find yourself

  • David Ross Director Phoenix Strategic Management


Building an effective stakeholder management or outrage management strategy

- Fundamentals for establishing an outrage management program

- Developing a program that's the right “fit” for the internal architecture of your organisation

- Steps to establishing an outrage management program and strategy development

Embedding your stakeholder communication action plan

- Identify actions you can put in place to improve stakeholder communication

- Outrage management and mitigation tactics

- Applying knowledge and specific practices to the unique situations encountered by your team

- Developing practical ideas and strategies to improve outrage management within your organisation

Managing internal expectations

- Manage emotions within your organisation and strategies for challenging situations

- Understand how to assist others to adopt these strategies and improve team cohesion

- Distinguish corporate communications from face-to-face community engagement 

- Tactics for dealing with the emotional issues throughout a project

Towards stakeholder and community engagement 2.0 and beyond

- Anticipate the challenges organisations and communities will face in the next five to ten years

- Facilitated discussion on what skills/traits stakeholder & community engagement staff will require

- Contemplating the role of online engagement tools and platforms

  • David Ross Director Phoenix Strategic Management


Cliftons Melbourne

Level 1, 440 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

+61 3 9993 9999

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