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9th - 10th, June 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Essential strategic leadership skills & targeted capability development for current and emerging SES level leaders


- Understand the expectations and values of an SES level leader
- Utilise heightened EQ to make effective, strategic decisions
- Diagnose and proactively manage complex business and economic challenges
- Create a leadership action plan to address your strategic challenges


Michael Collins

Michael Collins is one of the region’s leading talent, leadership and change experts with over 25 years of experience in roles spanning Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He is a trusted adviser, thought leader and seasoned practitioner in the field of leadership assessment and development, in particular he specialises in identifying and discovering high potential leaders, differentiating leadership talent, neuropsychology and organisational change. 

High Potential Officer


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
SES Transformational Leadership Program

09 Jun - 10 Jun


The Challenges of Senior Executive Leadership

- Leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment (VUCA)

- The changing role of executive leadership in the APS

- The seven key skills to thrive as an executive leader

- Representing your agency, and the government, with confidence and authority


The Neuroscience of Leadership

- Understanding emotions and behaviour in a VUCA environment

- Implications for leadership selection, development and change management 

- Understanding and managing emotions in oneself and others

- Navigating workplace politics and tackling difficult conversations and situations


Adaptive Leadership for APS executives

- Leadership in a (permanent) crisis

- Lessons from the military

- Understanding the different role requirements at executive leadership levels

- Improving executive insight and decision-making


Personal Development Plan for Enhancing Executive Leadership

- Actions for developing resilience

- Strategies for excelling as an executive leader

- Set and lead strategic directions across your department

- Adaptive leadership development actions

  • Michael Collins High Potential Officer Hipotential


Strategic Decision-Making

- Five perspectives of strategic leadership

- A framework for decision-making in a VUCA environment

- Understand, recognise and manage conflicting stakeholder priorities and departmental politics

- Strategic priority setting


Leading in Turbulent Times

- Understanding the human side of organisational change

- A process for diagnosing and planning change

- Understanding and managing power and politics

- Represent and influence on behalf of your agency with authority


Practical Change Tools

- Framing and communicating change

- Strategies for overcoming resistance to change

- Building a guiding coalition for change

- Refine your managerial impact to positively engage your team and key stakeholders


An Action Plan for Enhancing Team Effectiveness

- Key strategic priorities (30, 60, 90 days)

- Draft implementation actions or initiatives

- Potential obstacles and sources of support 

- Create a leadership action plan to address your personal and strategic challenges

  • Michael Collins High Potential Officer Hipotential


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