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June 17th, 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Creating tangible outcomes in a pandemic of uncertainty using modelling for finance


- Practical steps to build robust models before, during and after crisis
- Scenario planning and simulations to enable quicker decision making
- Test and update models with greater speed
- Strategies to ensure greater integrity and reduction of errors in models
- Bring decision making in opaque conditions to tangible reality


Scenario Modelling for COVID-19
Scenario Modelling for COVID-19

17 Jun


Context of the crisis

- Start with the problem in a crisis?

- What contributes to the crisis?

- How can we prepare for a crisis?

- What is a true black swan?

Finance position in a crisis and how to leverage it 

- What are the key things Finance bring to the table

- What we need to avoid or stop doing

- What we need to leverage and do more of

- What we need to continue doing

Bringing decision making in opaque conditions to tangible reality

- Spectrum of uncertainty of knowns and unknowns

- How do hypothesise and be creative

- How to leverage the science and art of decision making

- Maths, Accounting and Business merging to find optimal decision making

Setting up your modelling tools before, during and after a crisis

- Practical steps to take now by building robust models

- Ensuring greater integrity and reduction of errors in models

- Testing and updating models with speed

- Scenario planning and simulations to quicker decision making

- Visual influencing with speed and impact

  • Lance Rubin Founder & Chief Executive Officer Model Citizn


Lance Rubin

Lance has a wealth of modelling experience across financial and professional services having worked at two of the Big 4 accounting, Investec Bank Corporate Finance & Advisory and National Australia Bank across both retail and wholesale banking divisions and products.

Lance started his own financial modelling consultancy firm following over 20 years of Corporate experience having moving most recently from NAB where he was a senior leader across Performance Management and Rates Validation which was responsible for daily pricing, rates and valuation used in the bank’s core banking systems across interest rate, foreign exchange and commodities.

Lance was previously members of both the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CAANZ), Member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) (2000-2009), Financial Modeling Fundamentals (Modano certified A+), Certified trainer for the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) focusing specifically on the Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) accreditation.

Most recently Lance was selected to be a judge of the world’s first Financial Modelling Innovation Awards and a speaker at the Financial Modelling Summit (to be held virtually)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Model Citizn


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