Public Sector Women in ICT & Digital Leadership Summit

Refine essential skills, create lasting networks and cultivate the confidence to ignite your leadership potential.

  • May 14th - 17th, 2019
  • Hyatt Hotel, Canberra


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- Strengthen core leadership capabilities
- Sharpen strategic communication skills
- Overcome imposter syndrome
- Strategies to manage complexity, uncertainty and change


Susan Monkley

Susan is an experienced Senior Executive with over 25 years experience in the Australian Public Service. Susan recently joined the ATO as Deputy Commissioner and Chief Technology, with responsibility for cyber security, technology architecture, infrastructure projects and corporate applications. Susan is experienced in working in complex, integrated environments with diverse stakeholders, and has a passion for leading change and transformation, through people and technology, and has been a CIO, CFO and Deputy CEO.

Deputy Commissioner, Chief Technology Officer
Australian Taxation Office

  • Damian Giuffre
    Chief Digital Officer
    IP Australia
  • Eva Balan-Vnuk
    Executive Director, ICT & Digital Government
    Department of the Premier & Cabinet, SA Government
  • Sebastian Hood
    Chief Information Officer
    Department of the Environment and Energy
  • Yaso Arumugam
    Chief Information Officer
    National Archives of Australia


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Download the brochure
Essential leadership skills to manage change and transformation
Crack the glass-ceiling
Set your goals
Strategies to generate buy-in from stakeholders
Self awareness - the leadership must-have
Communicate with confidence
Tackle the transition from technical expert to leader
Private sector solutions for public sector challenges
Apply Agile leadership principles in the Public Sector
Optimise networking opportunities
Cherry-pick your leadership style
Define your authentic leadership style
Navigate the new era of management
Opportunities, roadblocks and everything in between
Change leadership in an ever-changing environment
Empower the next generation of leaders
Speed mentoring session
Supercharge your career
Technical expert to leader toolkit
Pre-Summit Workshop -


Whether it be changes in government, technology or internal shifts, the public sector is a continuously changing environment. To deliver results, it is crucial to understand the behaviours and emotions of those affected by change. As a leader, it is essential that you can effectively motivate, influence and support your team through change. 

By attending this workshop, you will uncover common mistakes in leading transformation and how to avoid them. Michelle will provide you with principles, tools and practical guidance, drawing on several public sector case studies. Return to work prepared with the confidence and capability to roll-out organisational change. 

Critical success factors for change leadership

- Prepare your organisation for change 

- Upskill yourself and your team 

- Encourage agile ways of working

Create a culture of belonging

- Overcome change fatigue 

- Generate stakeholder buy-in

- Communicate to build engagement and trust

The importance of self-confidence through disruption

- Have trust in your abilities

- Develop self-confidence as a leader and change facilitator

- Empower your team to maintain productivity

Leadership qualities for successful Public Sector transformation

- A new leadership lens – What does it look like?

- Sharpen your leadership strengths and qualities

- Leadership styles that drive change and transformation effectively

Conference Day 1 -

Case Study

ICT and Digital is a highly male-dominated space. This session will provide you with tips and tricks for leveraging your leadership profile.

- Silence self-doubt

- Infiltrate the male-dominated area

- Find your voice and make it heard

Break-Out Session

Set your short, mid and long-term professional goals

Case Study

Upper management in the public sector are often risk-averse when it comes to venturing into new areas of digital. Learn effective techniques for overcoming these impediments to successfully generate buy-in.

- Master the art of negotiation

- Influence risk-averse and change-averse government stakeholders

- Overcome barriers to innovation

  • Eva Balan-Vnuk Executive Director, ICT & Digital Government Department of the Premier & Cabinet, SA Government

Case Study

The best leaders are those that leverage the skills of their team and use these to compliment them. Marion will share how she has utilised this technique to be an effective leader.

- Know your strengths and weaknesses

- Employ those that have skills that you don't

- Increase emotional intelligence

  • Marion Burchell Former Executive Director, ICT Policy & Governance Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, WA

Expert Commentary

Emerging women leaders must have the confidence to speak up and have their voice heard. Liz will help you adapt your communication style to different audiences and mobilise your inner mentor.

- Find your voice and have it heard

- Take the jargon out of IT

- Deal with your inner critic


Progressing from a technical to leadership role can be a challenging shift. This interactive panel will share practical insights on how to manage and empower others as a leader.

- Shift your mindset

- Value the ideas of others

- Expand your influence 

  • Sebastian Hood Chief Information Officer Department of the Environment and Energy

  • Carol Lehmensich Director, Transformation Program Office Department of Veterans' Affairs

  • Sabrina Peroumal Executive Manager, Corporate Support Systems Campbelltown City Council

  • Jamie Pratt Commercial Principal - DHS & Federal Government Telstra

Case Study

The private sector can offer fresh perspectives and valuable learnings to those working in ICT and Digital in the public sector. Having worked in both sectors, Louiza will use her experiences to offer transferable advice.

- Transferable advice from private to public

- Overcome challenges in the public sector

- Embed a culture of innovation

  • Louiza Nutt Head of Technology Practices & Capability / Board Member MLC Life Insurance / Vic ICT for Women

Case Study

The ability to develop an adaptable leadership style in a rapidly changing landscape is critical for shaping a successful future. Leading in this way will help you keep pace with changes and promote an environment of continuous delivery.

- Leverage the benefits and uses of agile principles

- Respond efficiently to sudden change

- Encourage collaboration to drive change from within

  • Kerrie Campbell Chief Information Officer Flinders University

Expert Commentary

Developing constructive networks is an essential skill for unlocking leadership potential. Productive networking skills can lead to the discovery and creation of support networks for like-minded individuals.

- Identify and build support networks

- Welcome and initiate conversation

- Strategies to work the room and network effortlessly

Conference Day 2 -

Case Study

Every leader must discover their unique leadership style to succeed. Identifying the best, and worst leadership traits in others is a great tool for helping you create your own style.

- Identify the strengths and weaknesses of different styles of leadership

- Managers vs leaders

- Harness adaptive leadership

  • Susan Monkley Deputy Commissioner, Chief Technology Officer Australian Taxation Office

Break-Out Session

Based on the lessons learned in the previous session, write down and share with the person next to you:

- Your personal values

- Your unique strengths

Case Study

With the movement towards flexible workplaces and an increase in digital nomadism, this can pose leadership challenges. Join Antony to find out how to effectively lead distributed teams and the importance of relationship-building.

- Build a remote team that works

- Maintain relationships

- The importance of networking

  • Antony Stinziani Chief Information Officer Department of Parliamentary Services


Most leaders have triumphed through numerous challenges along their leadership path. It is these speed-bumps that enable you to grow as a leader. In this interactive session, this panel of accomplished leader will share their failures and successes. 

- Advice to my younger self

- Identify and seize opportunities

- Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Yaso Arumugam Chief Information Officer National Archives of Australia

  • Katische Vinning National Manager, Business Solutions, Technology & Services Defence Housing Australia

  • Joanne Gray Director, ICT Architecture, UX, Design & Online Services Department of Social Services

  • Olivia Simons Executive Manager, Digital Innovation & Development City of Sydney

Case Study

Whether it be changes in government, technology or internal shifts, the public sector is a continuously evolving environment. Learn strategies to be adaptive and confidently lead transformation.

- Top tips for effective change leadership

- Embed a culture of resilience and continuous improvement

- Uplift capability across the workforce

  • Damian Giuffre Chief Digital Officer IP Australia

Case Study

Mentors and mentees can play a key role in your leadership journey. To make advances for gender equity, it is important not to pull the ladder up behind you, but bring others along with you.

- The importance of mentors and role models

- Advocate for women in leadership within your organisation

- Leave a leadership legacy

Break-Out Session


This interactive roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and collaborate, allowing you to find effective solutions to step up.

- Reflect on your goals

- Highlight key lessons

- Strategies to supercharge your career

Post-Summit Workshop -


Moving into a leadership role can be a challenging shift, especially for those who have previously worked solely in technical roles without direct reports. Leadership requires the acquisition of a new skill set. To build credibility and nurture high performing teams, you must communicate effectively and have a strong understanding of the kind of leader you want to be.

This workshop will equip you with the fundamentals to unlock your leadership potential. Through practical discussions of management and leadership fundamentals, Sally will give you the tools that will aid you in your transition.

Build a base of credibility and trust

- Establish executive presence and leadership impact

- Maintain consistency in your actions

- Harness influence to gain buy-in and respect

The language of leadership

- Adapt your communication for different audiences

- Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication

- Navigate difficult conversations with confidence

Identify and develop your authentic leadership style

- The strengths and weaknesses of different leadership styles

- Understand your values and vision

- Utilise feedback as an insight into your behaviours

Foster productive teams

- Leverage team dynamics to enhance performance

- Techniques for creating a motivating environment

- Strategies for managing underperformance


Hyatt Hotel, Canberra

120 Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, ACT, 2600, Australia

+61 2 6270 1234

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