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25th - 26th, March 2020
Wellington, NZ

Develop & refine key leadership capability to excel in Tier 4, 5 & 6 roles & beyond


Ruth Hamilton

Ruth has 20 years' experience in the New Zealand public sector working in local government, shared service environments and consulting. She has worked extensively with governance boards, chief executives, leaders and teams in the development and delivery of complex transformational programmes.


By synthesising her formal qualifications, experience and research, Ruth delivers a unique and engaging workshop on why leadership is so important and what you can do to build your leadership skills.

Managing Director
Splice Consulting


- Identify & develop your capabilities as a confident & successful Public Sector leader
- Build productive relationships, lead proficient & capable teams
- Strategies to identify problems & implement effective problem-solving solutions
- Career planning & prioritisation


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Tier 4, 5 & 6 Leadership Success Workshop

25 Mar - 26 Mar

Self-awareness and authentic leadership

- Identify your leadership values and purpose

- Demonstrate authentic leadership

- Leadership self-acceptance and confidence


Leadership curiosity and agility

- Foster learning agility in self and others

- Recognise mindsets and role-model a growth mindset

- Ensure an open and agile approach to explore and integrate new ideas


Communication for improved effectiveness and workplace relations

- Alter your style to suit different situations and people

- Ensure clear communication of organisational strategy and change

- Courageously deliver difficult or unpopular decisions and feedback


Develop resilience through honest and courageous leadership

- How to bounce back from failure and ensuring a positive outlook

- Adopt a solution-focused approach to problem-solving

- Maintain peak performance in times of stress

  • Ruth Hamilton Managing Director Splice Consulting

Strategic and system leadership - navigate for the future and stewardship

- Identify the difference between operational and strategic leadership

- Lead for the future while meeting current demands

- Engage stakeholder support and sector-wide participation


Talent management - develop teams and individuals

- Provide opportunities for professional growth for team members

- Team dynamics and development

- Understand and create employee engagement


Delivery management - making it happen

- The skills needed to make it happen

- Translate strategy into action

- Prioritisation and delegation


Turn insight into action - goal setting for change and development

- Understand the psychology of effective goal setting

- Create your own action plan

- Maintain motivation and momentum

  • Ruth Hamilton Managing Director Splice Consulting


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