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7th - 8th, December 2021
Adelaide, AU

Maximise key leadership capabilities to drive cross-agency collaboration


- Understand the shift from micro to macro leadership
- Build self-awareness to increase your impact as a leader
- Develop skills to build team, division and agency collaboration
- Map your career pathways and set a plan of attack


Kym Viant

Kym is an exceptional leader in all aspects of learning and development. He is passionate about helping leaders, managers and young professionals recognise and overcome obstacles in the way of them realising their full potential. Kym is an exceptional facilitator, with accreditations in Emotional & Social Competency Inventory, LSI/GSI, DiSC and Level 2 Organisational Coaching. Kym provided 24 years of outstanding service with the Royal Australian Navy, which included active service in hostile environments and key strategic roles that delivered mission-critical communications, recruitment, training and development, mentoring, engagement and change management.

Leadership Facilitator & Coach
Quench Group


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Leadership Level 2: Critical Skills for Experienced Leaders

07 Dec - 08 Dec


Deep dive into your personal leadership values 

- Understand your strengths and values as a senior leader

- The shift from micro to macro leadership

- Unpack common senior leadership challenges


Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

- Explore leadership qualities for a continual learning mindset 

- Utilise heightened EQ to make effective strategic decisions

- Establish the importance of balancing capabilities over your career 


Self-awareness and authentic leadership

- How to find your blind spots as a leader 

- Build your team’s resilience to stress and change 

- Engage constructively with diverse perspectives and competing interests 


Master the art of coaching for leadership success 

- Embrace the benefits of your role of ‘leader and coach’

- Co-create high performance and establish a culture of peak performance 

- Adapt leadership strategies for coaching different levels 

  • Kym Viant Leadership Facilitator & Coach Quench Group


Communicate with clarity - become an ambassador for leading and delivering change 

- Establish the importance of sharing your vision for future culture change 

- Refine your communication skills for future culture change 

- Techniques to foster a culture of accountability and achievement 


Manage team dynamics in complex environments

- Refine your feedback skills in giving and receiving feedback 

- Why conflict is an essential part of high performance and how to manage it in diverse teams

- Engage and manage sensitive issues under pressure 


Influencing up and out - stakeholder management 

- Authoritatively represent and influence on behalf of your organisation 

- Collaborate and develop joint solutions with internal and external stakeholders

- Recognise links between interconnected issues, identify problems and work ways to resolve them


Take the next step, identify your leadership development 

- Create an action plan for your career

- Prepare yourself for a new role

- Manage transition and identify future leadership priorities

  • Kym Viant Leadership Facilitator & Coach Quench Group



Cliftons Adelaide

Level 1, 80 King William Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia

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