Public Sector Financial Modelling Workshop

Best-practice & flexible financial modelling to support decision making in a dynamic Public Sector environment

  • August 27th - 28th, 2019
  • Cliftons Sydney


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- Develop & apply technical excel skills to produce a best practice financial model
- Gain the analytical skills needed to interpret complex or big data
- Develop a robust & informative financial model to drive strategic direction
- Overcome the common challenges associated with financial modelling in the Public Sector


Nico Mellett

Nico has been working with Axium Solutions since 2016. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has a core focus on financial modelling, data analysis and stakeholder management to ensure value is achieved and benefits are realised. Nico has been a contractor to the Department of Defence, delivering financial tender evaluation and RFT development services to large-scale capability acquisition projects. He was also Manager of Portfolio Analysis, where he developed and maintained financial forecasting models supporting DHA’s property portfolio.

Senior Consultant
Axium Solutions Pty Limited


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Financial Modelling Workshop

27 Aug - 28 Aug


Essential soft skills that support best practice financial modelling

- Routinely consult with management to embed senior level awareness of project milestones

- Administer case by case benchmarking to ensure best practice and excellent outcomes

- Work closely with business and policy teams to meet organisational expectations and inform decision making

- Set written standards for models to maintain modelling quality and consistency

Planning techniques to support effective research, data gathering and analysis      

- An overview of the challenges associated with accessing robust and consistent data from a variety of sources

- Extend reach to broaden analysis and incorporate innovative types of qualitative and quantitative data

- Establish a data working group to maximise model value

- How to deal with large datasets when conducting in depth analysis

Financial modelling with uncertain and emerging variables  

- The challenges of working with uncertain variables and parameters

- The cornerstones of a flexible model

- Incorporate Sensitivity Analysis into a financial model to mitigate risk and increase accuracy

- Apply controls to ensure model accuracy and robustness

Financial modelling in a changing and political environment

- The art of project management and flexibility in a restructuring workforce

- Understand the key elements of scenario analysis and how it can inform senior level decisions

- Maintain a capable team whilst working with strict deadlines and limited funding

- Meeting internal stakeholders’ expectations whilst operating in a political environment

  • Nico Mellett Senior Consultant Axium Solutions Pty Limited


Applying technical skills to aid best practice modelling     

- Common pitfalls of complex financial models and tools to overcome them

- Best practice methods to efficiently derive project budgets in a large and dynamic organisation

- Maintain vigilance in order to identify technical risks of a new model to mitigate user difficulties

- The value of developing a model based on structured data 

Ensure model quality through testing and evaluation     

- Techniques to measure model effectiveness through evaluative methods

- Methods to conduct thorough pilot testing to scrutinise a financial model

- A review of tools and functions that protect your data and increase model security

Create a clear model for finance and non-finance employees

- Tools to clearly visualise financial models that comprehensively display data and outcomes

- Apply basic VBA for simplicity and easy model navigation

- Understand the importance for best practice model documentation and specification to benefit multiple users

- A review of Graphical User Interfaces that enable clear presentation


Advanced financial modelling tools and functions

- Explore shortcuts that increase efficiency when building a robust, thorough financial model

- Review Aggregate Functions to simplify complicated and conditional calculations

- Understand different types of cell referencing to speed up variable calculations - Relative, absolute and mixed referencing

  • Nico Mellett Senior Consultant Axium Solutions Pty Limited


Cliftons Sydney

Level 13, 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 2 9250 0999

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