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July 13th, 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Become an adaptable leader and guide your organisation through crisis.


- Strengthen your resilience and versatility through learning emotional intelligence
- Broaden your leadership focus by increasing your social & relational awareness
- Foster trust and influence through powerful communication techniques
- Attain strategies for leading the implementation and monitoring of change


Public Sector APS6 to EL1: Crisis Management Essentials for COVID-19
Public Sector APS6 & EL1: Crisis Management Essentials for COVID-19

13 Jul



Develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Before you are able to lead others through times of crisis, it is important to know how you emotionally respond to unexpected changes. Understanding your strengths and limitations that need development gives you a foundation to guide conversations, make quick decisions and help others grow in unstable times.

- Gain an understanding of your EQ level

- Learn how to self regulate and respond appropriately to situations

- Instil a positive realism mindset to view current and future directions

Increase your social and relational awareness

With self-awareness and self-management now strengthened, you can focus on understanding the current climate you are working in by increasing your social and relational awareness. This is the ability to see the big picture of how all parts of the organisation are interconnected and being affected by the crisis. Advancing these skills will help you to see what specific changes are needed, for a higher chance of long term positive transformation.

- Develop your empathy to hear and sense others underlying emotions

- Increase your organisational awareness - who are the key networks, cultures & policies

- Become a coach and mentor to inspire others for change


Effective communication during change

Communication is the key leadership characteristic needed in times of crisis. For without good communication, trust can be swiftly lost, but with open and transparent communication even bad news can impart confidence in your teams. Master the components of great communication when in times of crisis, to help guide your teams through the season and translate information from all levels of seniority.

- Understand your audience and their needs

- Communicate frequently and authentically

- Create space and opportunity for open dialogue

How to implement & monitor change

One thing certain in times of crisis is that previous normalities have been shaken and there is a pressing need to cope with the change fast. Old ways of functioning will not survive and you must create new cultures and policies across the organisation promptly. Therefore, your ability in leading these changes for long term impact is essential for success.

- Trust your intuition in times of ambiguity

- Build strong processes and procedures to support your people

- Think long term and adapt for the short term

  • Garry Mills Presenter & Coach Garry Mills Peak Performance


Garry Mills

Garry is a former bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other world leaders, leading complex operations both in Australia and overseas. His experience and expertise include police officer, public sector executive, Team Australia athlete in an international TV series competition, radio presenter, and Ironman triathlete. Garry delivers high performance, mental health & leadership workshops, 1:1 coaching and presentations across Australia and overseas. Garry is a certified i4 neuroleader trainer and a qualified coach, using neuroscience, evidence-based research and personal experiences in his programs. His clients include senior executives, professional athletes and small business owners.

Presenter & Coach
Garry Mills Peak Performance


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Virtual / Streaming

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