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13th - 14th, December 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Practical strategies, methods & tools for leadership in the diverse & dynamic Project Management sector


- Leadership self-awareness to improve your personal leadership capabilities
- Communicate complex project information to external & internal stakeholders
- Lead change projects & keep relevant parties informed & engaged
- Identify effective problem-solving techniques to manage project issues


Deborah Bispham

Deborah is sometimes referred to as the ‘The Project Fixer’. As a Senior Project Manager and Project Advisor, Deborah focuses on bringing ‘rogue’ projects back on track. Deborah believes it’s the ‘people’ side of projects that often gets neglected. As an Author, Professional Speaker and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Deborah uses the NLP methodology in her projects to guide and lead teams and stakeholders through complex challenges to deliver project outcomes.

Project Manager
Life Changing Solutions


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Project Managers Leadership & High Performance Workshop

13 Dec - 14 Dec


Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- The leadership challenge and leadership beliefs

- The emotionally intelligent leader

- How to manage professional and personal set-backs effectively

Effectively engage and influence stakeholders

- Analyse how stakeholders think and communicate

- Importance of rapport and working collaboratively to manage change

- Create a common ground for dialogue to facilitate inclusive communication

- Aligning values to impact project performance

Strategies for effective project governance

- Encourage support and buy-in from senior management

- Collaborate with external groups for effective partnerships

- Manage difficult conversations and resolve conflict in a project cycle

- Build your circle of influence – networks and leadership     

 How leadership styles impact project success

- Recognise how your leadership style may hinder or enhance project performance

- Identify how your leadership style can be a blocker or enabler of change

- Navigating changing leadership presence and styles in an organisation

  • Deborah Bispham Project Manager Life Changing Solutions


Effective problem-solving for increased project performance

- Taking a proactive problem-solving approach

- Understanding the root cause

- Break down the barriers to critical thinking

- Negotiation and reframing for effective solutions

Managing your team and the efficiency of delegation

- Setting up your project for effective delegation – understanding expectations

- Barriers to effective delegation and the micromanager

- Team leadership vs team management

Driving effectiveness through mentoring and coaching

- The role of the leader in improving staff experience

- Coaching staff for increased performance

- Meta Programs to take your leadership to the next level

Building personal leadership traits 

- Understand and increase your value as a project leader 

- Cultivate a high-performance mindset - become the leader you want to be

- Setting your leadership blueprint

  • Deborah Bispham Project Manager Life Changing Solutions



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Virtual / Streaming

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