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29th - 30th, April 2020
Virtual / Streaming

The equity your finance skills portfolio needs to grow


Tim Emonson

Tim is one of Australia’s foremost financial modellers, both in building financial models and leading financial modelling teams. He has the unique combination of deep technical modelling ability, with extensive experience, whilst delivering high-quality services to clients. With over 20 years of spreadsheet modelling experience, through development of spreadsheet models to testing of models and project management of modelling engagements and teams. Tim’s experience covers a wide range of industries including banking & financial services, energy, utilities, infrastructure, government, defence, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunications and transport.

Model Citizn


- Explore the fundamentals of project finance & understand the unique challenges
- Master best practice financial modelling & hone your Excel skill-set
- Analyse & mitigate a spectrum of common risks in project finance
- Understand & meet the needs of external stakeholders including investors, banks & sponsors
- Build accurate & robust time-series infrastructure
- Navigate the complex relationship between time-based operational & construction expenditure
- Communicate essential information to internal stakeholders using clear & accessible platforms
- Harness powerful modelling software to streamline & optimise your process


Day One - Theory
Day Two - Practice
Project Finance Modeling Workshop

29 Apr - 30 Apr

Fundamentals of best practice financial modelling

- Understand best practice spreadsheet modelling standards

- Explore financial modelling code

- Master three-way financial statement modelling

Fundamentals of project finance

- Analyse the core attributes of project finance 

- Understand the relationship between players and risk

- Explore global trends in project and infrastructure finance

Project finance risk analysis

- Mitigate common risks in project finance

- Project environmental, political and regulatory risks

- Understand common approaches to measuring and modelling project finance risks

Apply financial modelling to project finance

- Quantify specific project risks and mitigation measurement

- Determine cash flows, covenants and waterfalls and calculate ratios for investors, banks, and sponsors

- Examine the best methods for sensitivity and scenario analysis

  • Tim Emonson Trainer Model Citizn

Time series and finance mapping

- Map the peaks and troughs of activity and expenditure

- Build the time-series for construction and operations

- Plan financing for construction and operation periods

Balance debt and equity

- Prioritise drawing and repaying of debt

- Meet financial institution covenants and safeguards to ensure continued funding

- Build and executive dashboard to communicate essential information to executive stakeholders

Essential tech and software applications

- Use Visual Basic for Applications to optimise debt facilities

- Examine other Visual Basic for Applications methods to sculpt and optimise the project finance model

- Conduct a risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulations

Extend your project finance model

- Explore the functions of the latest modelling software applications

- Optimise strategic and operational planning

- Enhance the accuracy of your capital and expense planning

  • Tim Emonson Trainer Model Citizn


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Virtual / Streaming

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