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October 20th, 2022
Virtual / Streaming

Practical tips, tools, and strategies to plan, deliver, and review articulated and competent presentations


- Develop strategies to create engaging and compelling messages
- Customise your message and delivery for different interfaces and audiences
- Present with confidence, clarity and conviction for a lasting impression that empowers your audience
- Harness your nerves to improve your presentations, pitches and public communication


Garry Mills

Gaz has 25 years of diverse experience across the public and private sectors, including a former bodyguard to world leaders, EL1, specialist training manager and police officer. Today his services include workshops and presentations that blend his neuroscience studies, life experience, research, and practical tips to positively influence your brain and improve your leadership, performance, mental health, and wellbeing.


Gaz shares his experiences of living with depression as a Beyond Blue Speaker, was a Team Australia athlete in an international reality TV competition and is a keen cyclist who loves clocking up big miles on his bike.

Presenter & Coach
Garry Mills Peak Performance


Presentation Skills Workshop
Presentation Skills Workshop

20 Oct


Preparation & structure - Planning a successful presentation 

- Understanding your audience and choosing relevant content

- Aligning your goals to your audience’s needs

- Managing your time and attention

- Review your pre-prepared talk and adjust as required 


Bringing your presentation to life - Present with confidence, clarity and authenticity

- Strategies to bring vitality, interest, and clarity to your presentations

- Discover how to open, connect and close powerfully

- Body language, tone, words and visual aids

- Create higher engagement and support with impact and interactivity

- Mental & physical techniques to help manage fear, harness your nerves and increase your confidence.

- Learning to handle presentation Q&A successfully and effectively


Delivery activity - Deliver your short presentation to the workshop group

- Respond to Q&A on your presentation

- Listen to presentations from other attendees and ask relevant questions


Review - Workshop, application and action plan of presentation skills

- Provide and receive feedback on the group’s presentations

- Create an action plan for your ongoing development and opportunities to present

  • Garry Mills Presenter & Coach Garry Mills Peak Performance



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