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23rd - 24th, August 2021
Sydney, AU

A comprehensive workshop to advance your skills as a policy officer


- Fundamentals of policy analysis for successful implementation
- Tools and techniques to deliver key policy outcomes
- Successful policy project management, from concept to implementation
- Contingency planning and how to effectively mitigate risk


  • Carolyn Page


    The Clear English Company
  • Rob Richards




Planning, analysis and development
Policy project management and implementation
Policy Officers Intensive

23 Aug - 24 Aug


Policy analysis and development

- Policy-making models - cycles, systems and other constructs

- The real world - impediments, interruptions and timing

- Expecting the unexpected

- Use logic models to build understanding to map policy trajectories


What's the logic of your policy?

- Identifying policy problems - what are the outcomes we want??

- Understanding context, politics and agendas

- Framing policy issues and developing a theory of change

- Wicked problems and policy experimentation

Evaluation and evaluative thinking

- Essential skills and tools for policy analysis

- Identify pitfalls and manage risk

- Identify measurable indicators of success at each stage of the policy cycle


Plotting for success - Collaboration and communication

- Combine regulatory, economic and social instruments to achieve a desired outcome

- Build key relationships and tapping expertise

- Working with service providers and program managers

- Making your case - communicate policy issues and ideas to achieve a favourable outcome

  • Carolyn Page Director The Clear English Company


Project management within the public policy space

- What is “policy project management” and why is it important?

- What is involved with policy project management?

- Managing for complexity in policy project management

Policy project management - Tools and principles

- Using an evidence based approach

- Inclusive consultation - make it real and effective

- Success and failure factors

Implementation and review

- What does policy success look like?

- Good monitoring and evaluation of policy projects

  • Rob Richards Director Evidentiary



Cliftons Sydney

Level 13, 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 2 9250 0999

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