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7th - 8th, September 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Critical skills for agile and resilient policy development in times of change, uncertainty and crisis


- Consider how all policy relates to and is impacted by crisis
- Explore the roles of policy officers before, during and after a crisis situation
- Understand the fundamentals and rationale of crisis policy development
- Develop strategic, anticipatory policy advice
- Sourcing information effectively, and working with evidence
- Explore the risks and benefits of forward-thinking policy
- Ensure continuous evaluation and commissions of inquiry
- Examine real-life case studies, and use lessons to anticipate and prepare for unexpected outcomes


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Policy Development through Crisis

07 Sep - 08 Sep


Navigate the nature and stages of crisis policies

- Understand when, why and how policy interacts with emergencies and disasters

- Define the nature of crisis or disasters and when and why policy matters

- Explore the four stages of disaster policy – prevent, prepare, respond and reconstruct

- Navigate policy cycle & coordination across government agencies and understand interagency coordination before, during and after crisis responses


Frameworks for crisis preparation, planning and recovery

- Examine how the policy process responds to crisis - fast-tracking, and why preparation matters when time is critical

- Explore response and recovery planning – why community partnerships matter

- Policy project management

- Using crisis frameworks to review, refine and reassess your policy

Explore the role of evidence in crisis policy

- Use a design approach to policy development

- Using qualitative and quantitative data for evaluation

- Maximise expert advice and scientific evidence

- Develop strategic, anticipatory policy advice

Explore the risks and benefits of anticipatory or forward-thinking policy

- Why uncertainty and risk matter in disaster planning

- Social justice and disaster justice - why being inclusive and fair matters

- Understanding risks and uncertainties

- Communicating with, engaging and managing stakeholders

  • Jason Alexandra Managing Director Alexandra and Associates


Explore scenario planning and its application in policy testing

- Plan for change - Test policy with scenarios and introduction

- Test for rigour and robustness - Practical and effective policy development and implementation

- Develop a suite of scenarios to test policies 

- Key assumptions, problems, risk and evidence 

Overcome policy constraints and enabling factors 

- Deliver a comprehensive policy analysis

- Examine the chains of dependencies and their interactions with real world pressures

- Overcome setbacks and implement, working out fail safes - a safety net to recover quickly from failures

- Identify responsibilities and allocations during crises 

Practical application: Policy in the 'hot-seat'

- Create, implement and test policy proposals

- Sharpen arguments with concise communication and data

- Discuss and review programme implementation

- Apply real evidence to test logic model

Develop robust and resilient policy 

- Explore claims and justification of policy

- Use evidence and judgement

- Identify criteria for assessing the quality of policy advice

- Evaluate the impacts and strengths of your policies

  • Jason Alexandra Managing Director Alexandra and Associates


Jason Alexandra

Jason Alexandra has 30 years experience working at intersections of research, policy and practice in conservation and natural resources management. Jason has held senior roles as the Executive Director of the Earthwatch Institute, and as a Director of Land & Water Australia and the Port Phillip CMA. Jason was the senior Executive at the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) responsible for a range of water policy reforms, research coordination and ecosystem assessments.

Managing Director
Alexandra and Associates


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Virtual / Streaming

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