4th PMO Leadership Conference

Achieve operational PMO excellence to unlock ongoing value for your organisation

  • June 24th - 28th, 2019
  • Crowne Plaza Auckland


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Long-term sustainability for your PMO
Implement effective methodologies
Drive your team to organisational excellence
Navigate a dynamic PMO environment


Eli Hirschauge

Eli works within the technology and business Transformation dvision, DevOps, Cloud, API, responsibility includes building and leading the architecture function as well as the introduction of new ways of working to Tower Technology Delivery function. Eli is also an ocean swimmer and dad of three busy boys.

Technology Delivery Director
Tower Insurance

  • John Montgomerie
    Head of Portfolio and Project Management
    Mercury NZ Limited
  • Claire Laidlaw
    Head ePMO
    Two Degrees Networks Ltd
  • John Baddiley
    Head of Technology Strategy
    Bank of New Zealand
  • Sara Harris
    Head of Strategic Initiatives
    Auckland Council


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Download the brochure
Processes for PMO success
Drive organisational change
Change management & the PMO
Breakout session
Skill set development for PMO success
Align processes with an organisation's vision
Internal vs External PMOs
Traditional PMO Methods
Breakout session
Create corporate value through strategy execution
From PMO to strategy office
Transform your business & deliver excellence
Breakout session
Influence stakeholders
Connections, collegiality & collaboration
Thrive as an Agile Leader
Future directions for PMO success
Day One
Day Two
Pre-Conference Workshop

24 Jun


Enhance your understanding of the inter-dependencies between the groups and elements that create a successful PMO. Learn how to reference and mobilise the four pillars of a PMO to ensure success.

Organisational elements

- Set up the right Project Office with support and a mandate

- Understand your stakeholders and deliver value

- Baseline your organisation’s P3M maturity

People and capability requirements

- Define the Organisation’s P3M Capability Framework

- Build capability in Project Management and Governance

- Establish recruitment strategies for P3M resources

Frameworks and methodology processes

- Create a Multi-Modal Project Office using Agile, Waterfall, Lean etc.

- Reconcile the main methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, SDLC, Lean, NPD etc.)

- Define projects versus BAU (operational) work

Systems and toolsets

- Right-size toolset solutions for the multimodal Project Office

- Understand reporting and business intelligence requirements

- Single Point of Truth analysis with enterprise systems in the organisation

Conference Day One

25 Jun

Case Study

Discover how Westpac's PMO improved for the better and learn how to thrive in a dynamic environment.

- Maintain a focus on results

- Create a capacity model

- Drive change and transformation

  • John Lamb Portfolio Director Westpac New Zealand Limited

Case Study

Creating complex processes for new systems can be a difficult adaptation. Ben will explain how his PMO thrived under new processes.

- Build resilience through complex projects

- Resolve problems as they arise

- Adapt to different projects

  • Ben Blake National Project Controller Transpower New Zealand

Break-Out Session

Expert Commentary

Working in a dynamic environment requires continuous improvement of your skills and capabilities. Youssef will help take you through the essential skills you will need to run a successful PMO.

- Extrinsic and intrinsic expectations

- Identifying common issues and their solutions

- Leadership and consulting styles that impact PMO success

Case Study

Choosing the right processes for a new PMO can be tricky. Andy will review methods used while setting up the University of Otago's PMO.

- Methodologies and frameworks for success

- Prioritise and track projects

- KPIs, measures and metrics

  • Andrew Jenkins Head of Enterprise PMO University of Otago


Our panel will draw upon their experiences of internal and external PMOs, shedding light on how to succeed in either environment.

- The importance of both

- Delegate the right projects

- Find the right fit

  • John Montgomerie Head of Portfolio and Project Management Mercury NZ Limited

  • Adeline Cumings Senior Programme Manager - Enterprise Portfolio Management Office Senior Programme Manager - Enterprise Portfolio Management Office

  • Greg Rozen Technical Lead - Advisory Services Harrison Grierson Consultants Ltd

Case Study

The Agile method is a traditional, widely-used PMO process. Eli will explain how his Agile PMO operates and how he uses it to improve projects with optimum results.

- Explore the models

- The future of Agile PMO

- Size and prioritise value

  • Eli Hirschauge Technology Delivery Director Tower Insurance

Break-Out Session

Case Study

Moving to an Agile method while staying relevant as a PMO can be a challenging juggle. Claire will provide practical applications and simple solutions. 

- Track progress and maintain visibility

- Plan and prioritise

- Manage business and investment cases

  • Claire Laidlaw Head ePMO Two Degrees Networks Ltd

Conference Day Two

26 Jun

Case Study

In a fast-changing world, PMO’s must work to stay relevant and find new ways of adding value. Explore why and how a PMO should extend strategy development and execution for the whole organisation.

- What’s in it for the organisation?

- What’s in it for the PMO?

- Potential risks and how to mitigate them

  • Nicola Faithfull Manager, University Strategic Programme Office The University of Auckland

Case Study

A fresh business model can create positive outcomes for struggling departments. Sara will explain how she has used her project management skills to help transform her business.

- Sources or forces of change

- Key ingredients for successful delivery

- Ensure benefits realisation

  • Sara Harris Head of Strategic Initiatives Auckland Council

Break-Out Session


Maintaining value in a PMO is a critical part of your job. Our panel will discuss how they successfully influence stakeholders.

- Create a process that everyone understands

- Communicate effectively

- Work collaboratively to enhance success

  • John Baddiley Head of Technology Strategy Bank of New Zealand

  • Bronwyn Wood Senior Manager Operational Risk ANZ Bank NZ Ltd

  • Abi Cameron Head of Capital & Governance Vodafone New Zealand

  • Sonia McFetridge Programme Manager, Strategic Initiatives Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Mark Le Comte Corporate Performance Programme Manager Bay of Plenty Regional Council

  • Brendon Cowles Programme Manager MainPower New Zealand Ltd

Expert Commentary

Building a strong external network is super important for a myriad of reasons. A collegial attitude will help build these relationships. Through collaboration people share ideas, release their egos and build credibility and trust.

- Relationship-building strategies

- Network effectively to shape your future.

- Discover the importance of implementing these strategies to strengthen relationships.

  • Matthew Percival Vice President Special Events Project Management Institute of New Zealand

Case Study

Having a forward-thinking mindset is crucial in an Agile space. Annette will explore how to become an Agile leader and create a continuous learning environment.

- Adapt leadership styles around the latest technology

- Innovate to address challenges with solutions

- Expand capacity and extend capabilities to be more Agile

  • Annette Rangi General Manager Operations/Sales New Era Technology


The steps you take today determine how your future pans out. This interactive roundtable will summarise the takeaways from the past two days so you can navigate your future.

- Key learnings from the conference

- Strategies for PMO success

- Create change today

Project Managers Leadership & High Performance Workshop

27 Jun - 28 Jun


Effective team leadership

- Know your team - Build team capabilities for increased performance

- Recognise individual skills and strengths for effective delegation

- Aim for excellence - aligning, integrating and motivating your team

- Diagnose performance gaps

- Utilise feedback to improve performance and competencies

Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and whole-brain thinking

- The emotionally intelligent leader and why empathy works

- Identify how your leadership style can block or enable change

- Explore the intersection of EQ, IQ and RQ

- Manage professional and personal setbacks effectively

Relationship building strategies

- Build your circle of influence - networks and leadership.

- Work out loud - a collaborative and relationship building tool

- Collaborate with external groups for effective partnerships


Building your change management capability

- Key skills for managing change

- Understanding your stakeholders - high level stakeholder analysis

- Explore communication essentials and listening to connect

Critical thinking & problem solving for increased project performance

- Cultivate a high-performance mind-set

- Breaking down the barriers

- Taking a proactive problem-solving approach

Strategies to enhance your power and influence

- Encourage support and buy-in from stakeholders

- Create a common ground for dialogue to facilitate inclusive communication

- How to communicate compellingly to enhance your results

Developing your positive potential

- Understand your value as a project leader and how to increase that unique value

- Creating the change, you want to see

- Setting your leadership blueprint


Crowne Plaza Auckland

128 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

(09) 302 1111

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