NSW Public Sector Grades 9-10 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

Develop & refine core skills & key leadership capability to achieve success & excel

  • December 3rd - 4th, 2019
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney


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- Drive strategic change to improve procedures & meet agency goals
- Build productive relationships & lead proficient & capable teams
- Practical, autonomous & effective decision making processes
- Career planning & pathways in NSW Public Service roles


Maree Walk

Maree is the founder and principal consultant at MW Consultancy. She is an experienced, in-demand leadership specialist focussed on coaching and mentoring across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Maree was the Deputy Secretary, Programs and Service Design in the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), where she specialised in service design and delivery for FACS. Maree is well known for collaborating across both government and non-government sectors to focus services and practices and help the most vulnerable. 

Founder & Principal Consultant
MW Consultancy


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
NSW Public Sector Grades 9-10 High Performance & Leadership Workshop

03 Dec - 04 Dec


Authentic Executive Leadership

- Expectations and values of an leader

- Understand your strengths and value as a leader

- Define your personal and professional brand

- Utilise your expertise to your advantage

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Utilise EQ to motivate and influence your team

- Harness EQ to focus attention

- Utilise heightened EQ to make effective strategic decisions

- Override emotional responses to stressful situations

Evolve into the strategic decision-maker

- The shift from micro to macro leadership

- Cultivate foresight and understanding of contemporary and international issues

- Develop and influencing key strategic directions

- Set and lead strategic directions across the organisation

Build resilience under pressure

- Acting vs reacting upon unexpected developments

- Anticipate and manage risk effectively

- Prepare for unexpected challenges

- Make crucial judgements under pressure

  • Maree Walk Founder & Principal Consultant MW Consultancy


Successful change and strategic management

- Set achievable, manageable and measurable goals

- Problem identification and problem solving strategies

- Support and influence stakeholders through change

- Leadership styles that drive effective transformation and change


Develop resilience to thrive in times of change

- Effectively managing change and uncertainty in the workplace

- Identify and monitor changes that impact your work environment

- Support your team, organisation and stakeholders through change

- Implement policies and procedures that reflect and embrace change


Stakeholder engagement and management

- Manage stakeholder relationships to achieve agency goals

- Identify and meet stakeholder needs and expectations

- Develop effective relationships with stakeholders

- Maintain strong internal and external networks


Core approaches for NSW Public Sector Leaders to advance their confidence in their capabilities

- Be an authentic leader and communicator

- Trust your initiative and judgment

- Plan and commit to actions that will lead to success

- Embrace resilience and flexibility as key leadership skills

  • Maree Walk Founder & Principal Consultant MW Consultancy


Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9253 9000

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