Next-Gen Stakeholder & Community Engagement Summit

Skills, strategies and frameworks for excellence in stakeholder communication and community engagement

  • June 25th - 28th, 2019
  • Pullman Melbourne on the Park


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- Analyse your stakeholders to understand their needs and drivers
- Leverage online engagement and innovation
- Establish and evolve your social licence to operate
- Enhance communication and engagement over multiple platforms


Tim Holmes

Over 16 years'​ extensive and varied experience in the UK and Australia in front-line stakeholder relations, community engagement, media management, issues resolution, client relationships, internal communications, negotiation and editorial management

Communications and Stakeholder Director - West Gate Tunnel Project
CPB Contractors

  • James Lye
    Group General Manager, Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
    Mercy Health
  • Katie Pahlow
    Director, Communications & Engagement
    Sustainability Victoria
  • Melissa O'Neill
    General Manager Corporate Affairs
  • Lisa Harrington
    Executive General Manager, Stakeholder Relations
    AGL Energy


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Download the brochure
Explore and implement best practice stakeholder management strategies
Grassroots community engagement on infrastructure projects
Manage effective stakeholder relationships to support strategic and public value in highly regulated environments
Social innovation for effective community engagement
Design public campaigns for impact
Manage community engagement & minimise fallout in a high pressure environment
Broadening your organisation’s stakeholder engagement
The psychology of conflict
Maximise your online engagement strategy
Manage cultural sensitivity with effective engagement strategies
Balance Return on Investment (ROI) with Return on Relationship (ROR)
Build and maintain a Social Licence to Operate (SLO)
Enhance communication skills for online vs face to face engagement
Delivering community engagement on mega-projects
Supercharge your stakeholder management success
Supercharge your facilitation toolkit
Pre-Summit Workshop

25 Jun


Explore essential best practice strategies and gain the skills to enhance your community engagement toolkit.

Master stakeholder engagement fundamentals

- Understand the challenges, opportunities and emerging trends

- Understand the nature of conflict and why it exists

- Build and maintain a Social Licence to Operate

Sharpen your engagement tools and tactics

- Different models to segment and prioritise your stakeholder groups

- Establish success criteria, measures and metrics for engagement

- Explore formats, media and communication styles to facilitate two-way dialogue

Build your stakeholder management or outrage management strategy

- Fundamentals for establishing an outrage management program

- Develop a program that's the right “fit” for the internal architecture of your organisation

- Steps to establishing an outrage management program and strategy development

Embed your stakeholder communication action plan

- Identify actions you can put in place to improve stakeholder communication

- Apply knowledge and specific practices to the unique situations encountered by your team

- Develop practical ideas and strategies to improve outrage management within your organisation

Summit Day One

26 Jun

Case Study

Lisa will share AGL’s experience engaging local communities on proposals based on identifying risks and concerns, rather than selling the benefits.

- Understand community mistrust

- Explore the 'Dilemma Sharing' model

- Lessons learned from AGL's experience

  • Lisa Harrington Executive General Manager, Stakeholder Relations AGL Energy

Case Study

Achieving synergy in a highly regulated environment is not always straightforward. Gain strategies for successful stakeholder management and insights from James' experiences working for the government and with Mercy Health.

- Align strategy and action to build trust and create value

- Execute practical strategies for effective stakeholder management

- Navigate relationships within regulated environments

  • James Lye Group General Manager, Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Relations Mercy Health

Expert Commentary

Organisations should strive to improve the social impact on indigenous and non-indigenous communities. Jacquie will provide you with tools to navigate community engagement using social innovation and a shared-values based stakeholder management strategy.

-Protect your Social License to Operate (SLO)

-Enhance outcomes for your organisation and the community

-Tools to measure social innovation

Case Study

Stakeholder consultation and social research are essential components of campaign accuracy. Explore how Sustainability Victoria is moving from raising awareness to making an impact.

- Ten insights for designing impactful campaigns

- Focus on the right messages and behaviours

- Build a strong stakeholder consultation basis

  • Katie Pahlow Director, Communications & Engagement Sustainability Victoria


Examine how to effectively manage community engagement and explore a variety of experiences in addressing stakeholder concerns before they bubble into conflict. 

-Develop a values-based approach to balance stakeholder needs & expectations

-Build trust through accountability

-Manage community outrage & strong emotions

  • Melissa O'Neill General Manager Corporate Affairs Bunnings

  • Joanne Wandel Program Director, Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Program City of Melbourne

  • Malini Raj Head of Strategy, Multicultural Community Banking Commonwealth Bank

  • Amy Cooper General Manager, Power, Land Access & Stakeholder Engagement nbn

Case Study

Thoughtful and inclusive stakeholder engagement puts more ideas on the table, saves you from being blindsided, and strengthens your organisation’s credibility. Learn how to expand your scope of stakeholder engagement within a complex and fast-moving policy environment.

-   Check your stakeholder blind spots

-   Differentiate between those with loud voices and those who have a vast impact

-   Understand the connections

  • Anastasia Glushko Director External Engagement The Treasury AU

Expert Commentary

Conflict management requires a confident and poised approach. Explore the psychology of conflict, how you can withstand pressure and learn how to thrive under stressful conditions.

- Understand the nature of conflict and why it exists

- Explore communication tools to manage disagreements

- Develop effective conflict resolution processes

Summit Day Two

27 Jun

Case Study

For 21st century stakeholders, online multi-platform communication is the norm. Mikala will share how she successfully engaged customers, communities and stakeholders in South East Water's stakeholder engagement projects.

-Cultivate community buy-in through social media

-Increase your community reach online

-Handle online trolls and regain control

  • Mikala Hehir General Manager Customer and Community Engagement South East Water

Case Study

A strong stakeholder management strategy will help you engage with first nations communities. Gain insights on how Oxfam manages large-scale public engagement programs and innovative community change programs.

-Focus on a partnership approach 

-Effective engagement strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs

-Adapt stakeholder management skills for varied cultural contexts to ensure engagement is culturally appropriate and effective

  • Pam Anders Director Public Engagement Oxfam

Case Study

Building and maintaining trust in times of change is essential for your organisation’s success. Melissa will share her experiences nurturing key stakeholder relationships at Bunnings.

-Maximise value by nurturing key relationships

-Increase your ROR

-Focus on ongoing engagement

  • Melissa O'Neill General Manager Corporate Affairs Bunnings


Developing a high-quality SLO will guarantee community buy-in, but it can be difficult to sustain and measure accurately. Explore a variety of experiences and strategies for obtaining a successful SLO.

-Navigate complex stakeholder emotions and expectations

-Generate buy-in

- Methods to measure SLO

  • Miguel Oyarbide Corporate Responsibility Manager Australia Post

  • Geoff Deans Group Manager, Social Peformance Oz Minerals

  • Shara Speight General Manager, Media & Stakeholder Relations V/Line

  • Emma de Voss Stakeholder Engagement, Director, Insights and Education Roads and Maritime Services

Expert Commentary

The ability to communicate and engage with a variety of stakeholders over multiple platforms is vital to your success. Effective communication can ease stress, build confidence and defuse conflict while steering you toward your goals.

- Identify drivers and motivations for each group of stakeholders

- Explore methods to engage active and inactive stakeholders

- Develop effective two-way communication strategies

Case Study

Integrating with multidisciplinary teams in dynamic and high-pressure environments can be challenging. Tim is recognised as an industry leader in communications and community engagement and will share his insights on successful project delivery.

- Learn innovative and practical application for complex projects

- Strategies to navigate challenging operating environments

- identify and mitigate risks associated with stakeholder and communication management.

  • Tim Holmes Communications and Stakeholder Director - West Gate Tunnel Project CPB Contractors


In this final interactive session, you will get the chance to reflect on the takeaways over the last few days and create an action plan moving forward.

-Review key skills from the past two days

-Build synergy in your stakeholder engagement process

-Develop an action plan

Post Summit Workshop

28 Jun


Discover the skills you need to enhance performance and propel your career forward. You will leave this workshop with the tools to excel as a stakeholder and community engagement manager. 

Explore presentation skills and styles 

-Engage effectively with stakeholders

-Communicate in challenging high-pressure environments

-The impact of stress on communication styles

Enhance group facilitation skills

-Explore strategies for community and stakeholder engagement

-Construct high impact delivery

-Powerful and passionate conversations

Manage hostility and backlash

-Strengthen conflict management skills

-Explore scenarios and practical tools to deal with difficult situations

-Navigate leading vs directing

Create alignment across different stakeholders to generate buy-in

-Align outcomes to a shared purpose

-Expand influence to leverage results

-Manage the perception gap

  • David Ross Director Phoenix Strategic Management


Pullman Melbourne on the Park

192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, Victoria, 3002, Australia

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