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24th - 25th, March 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Advance your marketing capability by linking strategy and technology to deliver results


- Fundamentals of data science and analytics for marketing
- Successful implementation of a marketing analytics program of work
- Predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms in marketing
- Real-time experimentation with data analytics in a hands-on interactive case study
- Customer segmentation, personas and clustering algorithms
- Analytics techniques for customer retention, social media analytics and sentiment analysis
- Data design fundamentals and visualisation literacy


Felipe Rego

Felipe is a leading advanced analytics and data science partner, helping teams build, manage and enhance their data science and visualisation solutions in a strategically-aligned, commercially-oriented and customer-centic way.

With extensive industry experience as well as analytical expertise, Felipe is often required by marketing, sales, finance, technology and strategy teams to provide support and to deliver robust analytical solutions that are easy to use, understand and implement. Felipe’s unique methodology focuses on a holistic organisational approach to using data and science to improve performance and reduce costs.

Data Science & Analytics Partner
Felipe Rego


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Marketing Data Analytics Workshop

24 Mar - 25 Mar


Module 1 - Making data science work for everyone in the organisation 

- Explore the fundamentals of data science and analytics for marketing

- Delve into the different roles and professional capabilities in data science

- Explore approaches to organisational structure around data science

- Discuss and learn key elements of a successful data science capability

- Review real-world case studies of data science projects in marketing

- How to successfully put a marketing analytics program in place

- How to support the marketing executive to put strategy into action

- Define your deliverables and structure your delivery process


Module 2 - Examples and key concepts of data science in marketing 

- Distilling the applicability of data science across different marketing domains

- Getting your head around popular terms - big data, deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP, Cloud AI, and many others in the context of marketing analytics

- Discuss and explain how data science is applied in a variety of digital marketing settings (real-time bidding, programmatic media, content marketing personalisation, image recognition, etc.)

- Deep dive into some basic concepts, tools and techniques used in marketing analytics

- Provide a comprehensive review of different cloud solutions for data science

- Understand the role of a variety of data management platforms in solving marketing analytics problems

- Understand biases and other common issues in data science and analytics

- Explore current limitations and discuss future outlook of data science in marketing


  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego


Module 3 - Real-world and hands-on applications of data science in marketing

- Real-time experimentation with data science applied to a fictitious business

- Understand basic data analysis and descriptive statistics concepts

- Explore basic predictive analytics/machine learning algorithms in a marketing context

- Learn and apply a basic approach to predicting revenue for new products

- Learn and apply a basic approach to predicting customer churn

- Learn and apply basic concepts for customer segmentation

- Establish ways to advance sales forecasting techniques beyond traditional methods

- Learn and discuss time-series analysis and prediction for website visitors

- Explore other analytics techniques applied to social media analytics, image and video analytics, etc


Module 4 - Data science, visualisation and storytelling

- Defining the key conditions for a successful data visualisation solution

- Data design fundamentals and visualisation literacy in the context of marketing data science

- Understand the power of visual storytelling 

- Differences between different types of visualisation, tools and best practice

- Tackle challenges and create solutions using data science and predictive analysis

- Overview and hands-on examples using the most popular data visualisation tools

- Effectively organise your data and dashboards, and streamline your data assets 

- How to pick the right visual language to influence your audience

- Working with complex charts and data visualisations

- Simplifying the data to tell your story more effectively

- Telling compelling action-oriented stories with data

  • Felipe Rego Data Science & Analytics Partner Felipe Rego


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Virtual / Streaming

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