Leadership Skills for Scientists Workshop

An engaging learning platform to enhance your effectiveness as a scientific leader in a complex and changing environment

  • May 28th - 29th, 2019
  • Cliftons Wellington


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- Hone your communication skills to strategically liaise with stakeholders
- Develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to better connect with your team
- Adapt to different individual working styles to create a positive work environment
- Address challenging behaviours and scenarios in the workplace
- Drive strategic change to improve processes and procedures
- Increase your Leadership potential through feedback and self-awareness


Martyn Pinckard

Martyn is a consultant, coach and facilitator with Continuum Consulting. He brings over 20 years’ experience of working for and with central and local government combined, with coaching, facilitation and training skills and practices. Prior to joining Continuum Consulting Martyn worked as a Director at the Ministry for the Environment and with the Office of the Auditor General. He has extensive experience in the procurement of significant scientific input to both public policy development and projects delivery such as air quality standards, water quality standards, contaminated land clean-up operations, climate change and sustainability issues.

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Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Leadership Skills for Scientists Workshop -


Strengthen your communication skills for operational success 

- Understand and adapt to different individual communication and working styles 

- Develop your one-on-one communication skills to improve individual relationships 

- Working with different personalities and working styles within your team 

Leading productive meetings to efficiently drive results

- Structure and lead meetings to ensure productivity 

- Setting challenging objectives to efficiently drive results 

- Hone your presentation and persuasion skills to improve the way critical information is delivered and understood 

Develop your individual leadership skills 

- Understand the differences between technical expertise, people management and leadership 

- Navigate the transition from the technical specialist to leader

- Increase your EQ to better connect and communicate with diverse teams 

- Develop your self-awareness to encourage an active learning culture in your team 

- Seeking and encouraging feedback in order to improve your leadership skills 

Resolving conflict and tackling challenging situations 

- Strategies to identify and tactically address toxic workplace behaviours in yourself and others 

- Techniques for effective conflict resolution in the workplace 

- The brain and how it drives emotion and behaviour in the workplace

  • Martyn Pinckard Consultant Continuum Consulting Group


Liaising with key stakeholders for project success

- Understand the communication preferences of key stakeholders 

- Plan your stakeholder interactions in order to be more persuasive and effective

- Effectively communicate technical outcomes to key, non-scientific stakeholders

- Collaborate with policy and other external teams to build beneficial partnerships

Manage and develop a capable scientific team 

- Tools for effective project management in the context of available resources, funding and time 

- Delegate responsibilities to match tasks with employee interests and personality types 

- Giving and receiving regular feedback to ensure delivery of work 

- Coach your teams to deliver quality outcomes

Leading strategic change as a scientific leader

- Lead with a purpose: Create a vision that aligns with team culture 

- Advocate and manage change in an organisational environment to improve processes and procedures 

- Formulate and articulate individual and team goals to create collaboration and results 

Drive productivity through engagement and innovation

- Build an environment conducive to innovation and creativity in the workplace 

- Identify team motivators to increase productivity and engagement

- Nurture and coach aspiring leaders within your team   

  • Martyn Pinckard Consultant Continuum Consulting Group


Cliftons Wellington

Level 28, The Majestic Centre 100 Willis Street, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

+64 4 901 9011

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