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9th - 10th, June 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Compliant and collaborative approaches to construction contracting


Mike Ford

Mike Ford is a highly experienced Chartered Professional Civil Engineer with over 30 years of diverse experience in civil construction and infrastructure EPC(M) project management and leadership. His experience spans hard money contracts, design and build contracts, partnering and alliancing in Australia (SA, NSW, QLD and NT) and internationally (UAE). He is a strong proponent of lean construction principles of inclusivity, empowerment, transparency and accountability. He is also committed to developing and supporting more effective and efficient procurement and delivery models. Mike is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Project Leadership


- Establish collaborative and productive relationships from both sides of the contractual relationship
- Negotiate for mutual benefit to boost engagement and commitment to project outcomes
- Utilise efficient procurement strategies
- Hone your commercial skills for optimal financial performance
- Understand the relationship between risk, relationships, and rewards
- Prepare for and prevent scope-creep, conflict, delaying variations
- Explore various contracting models and identify the best fit for your business and project needs
- Improve your compliance capacity with extensive knowledge of relevant regulations


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Infrastructure & Engineering Contracting Workshop

09 Jun - 10 Jun

Relationship management for smooth project delivery

- Understand the stakes of all parties and plan for mutual wins

- Establish and maintain clear, regular, and engaging communication to ensure efficient delivery and universal buy-in

- Differentiate your stakeholder engagement strategies to accommodate the nuances between public and private sectors

- Understand your rights and responsibilities in the contracting relationship


Negotiating for clarity and collaboration

- Strategically segment negotiation into manageable, prioritised elements

- Analyse the needs and stakes for all parties and identify common ground

- Use questioning to differentiate deal-breakers from malleable requests


Effective procurement strategies

- Master the gateway process from planning to contract management

- Provide consistent and accurate reports to support project governance

- Ensure regular engagement and confidence of primary stakeholders

  • Mike Ford Director Project Leadership

Commercial acumen for contract and project managers

- Conduct accurate forecasting and estimation

- Manage expenditure and prevent budget blowouts

- Meet compliance requirements in a shifting regulatory environment to avoid costly breaches


Risk assumption and management

- Understand the relationship between risk assumption and project delays

- Analyse risk ownership and ensure appropriate delegation of risk

- Assess your risk appetite and analyse acceptable vs unacceptable risk


Managing change on contracted projects

- Prevent scope-creep with clear project parameters and early consultation

- Understand common causes for claims and disputes

- Minimise delays and variations 


Select the best contracting model for you

- Summary of transactional contract models such as AS 2124, AS 4000 series, AS 4902 series

- Compare and contrast collaborative contract models such as New Engineering Contract

- Explore the benefits of Early Contract Involvement and Integrated Project Delivery

  • Mike Ford Director Project Leadership


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Virtual / Streaming

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