Infrastructure, Construction & Engineering Leadership Summit

Stand at the forefront of leadership to excel in the future of Infrastructure, Construction and Engineering

  • February 19th - 22nd, 2019
  • Crowne Plaza Auckland


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- Embrace leadership challenges
- Adapt to achieve
- Optimise your team
- Future-proof your career


Anant Prakash

Anant Prakash leads AECOM’s Energy business in New Zealand. Anant strives to be authentic in all that he does, and to ensure positive outcomes for members of his team and clients alike. His team has minimal turnover, and that’s the result of a concerted effort to connect with people and to support their staff in achieving their goals. 

Group Director, Power and Industrial

  • Jan O'Neill
    Executive General Manager, People and Culture
    Downer New Zealand Limited
  • Patrick Dougherty
    General Manager, Asset Development Group
    Housing New Zealand
  • Gavin O'Connor
    General Manager, Transportation, NZ
  • Joshua Lloyd
    GM Community Infrastructure and Development
    Central Hawkes Bay District Council


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Download the brochure
Transitioning from Technical to Leader
Achieve success through team excellence
Future-proof your leadership
Digital governance
Lead through prosperity and turbulence
The importance of cross functional collaboration
Sustainability leadership
Apply "Lean Thinking"
Leading Through Times of Adversity
A local problem, a global solution – Lekkerkerk 1980
Leadership in the 2020's
Purpose beyond profit
What psychology reveals about effective leaders
Expect prosperity
How to lead a highly-motivated team
Pre-summit Workshop - 19 Feb


Transitioning from technical expert to effective leader can be challenging. The skills required as a technical expert are not necessarily those essential to effective leadership. Recognising this and being open to learning will help you to be successful in this new stage of your career.

This practical workshop will help you to identify and layer the skills required when you make the shift to a leadership role. You'll learn to adopt a leadership mindset and gain new skills for successfully making the transition to a senior level.

Thinking like a leader

- Define leadership and management – what’s the difference?

- What do leaders do and what does that mean for me?

- Leadership mindset - How do I see myself now and how do I need to ‘be’

Stepping back

- How to focus your thinking

- Reflect on your strategy

- Manage key stakeholders

Leading People

- What do people need from me?

- Lead teams and team dynamics

- Manage emotions and those of others

- Understand the impact of my style on others

Purposeful leadership

- The choices and impact of decision making

- Focus on the right things – planning and prioritising

- Build the capability of the team

- Plan your future – what sort of leader do I want to be and what do I need to do now?

  • Denise Carter Director Mantle

Conference Day 1 - 20 Feb

Case Study

In this session, you’ll learn how to set your team up for success through careful leadership and strategic personal development.

- Succeed through team achievement

- Play on strengths to form a team of experts

- Reach personal goals

  • Anant Prakash Group Director, Power and Industrial AECOM

Case Study

As eminent technical professionals we have a unique opportunity and ability to lead society into and through our ever changing world where rapid disruption is the norm. Matt will explain how his organisation has taken a leading position to increase the uptake of future technologies.

- Be proactive for the best results

- Strategise in a prospering industry

- Align your career goals with your value

  • Matthew Capon Built Environment Leader, Auckland Aurecon New Zealand

Case Study

The next generation leaders will face a number of new digital governance challenges. In this session, Haydn will unpack future concepts that will radically change how our industries operate and how these might be governed.

- Transform your organisation

- Solve problems with next generation technology

- Redefine your product

  • Haydn Read Head of Infrastructure Programmes Auckland Council

Case Study

In times of growth or stagnation, organisations distinguish themselves through the actions of management. By maintaining a clear head and staying focused, you will prove your leadership is capable of weathering any storm. 

- Recognise new opportunities

- Recover quickly from setbacks

- Ensure future success

  • Gavin O'Connor General Manager, Transportation, NZ Stantec


To maintain positive relationships across your organisation, you must encourage open communication and active collaboration towards organisational goals. This panel of experts will discuss

- Create a culture of continuous improvement

- Cultivate stakeholder relationships

- Promote diverse thinking to maximise effectiveness

  • Joshua Lloyd GM Community Infrastructure and Development Central Hawkes Bay District Council

  • Sunet Klopper Industrial Engineer, Professional Organisational & Management Coach Coaching Defined

  • Robert Jones Project Director Fletcher Construction Company

  • Paula Lock Technical Principal – Project Management WSP Opus

Case Study

How do you implement an effective sustainability strategy and then activate the plan within your team? Establishing yourself as a sustainability leader will ensure you play a key role in the future of your company.

- The sustainability challenge

- How leaders are responding

- Be recognised for sustainable action

  • Kerry Griffiths Technical Director - Sustainability AECOM

Expert Commentary

By training every team member to identify superfluous time and effort, you will improve processes through the elimination of waste. Your organisation will become more efficient and the confidence of your team will be at a high level.

- Standardisation and flexibility

- The benefits of lean thinking

- Importance of collaborative visualisation

  • Ian Lines Lean Group Owner & Managing Director

Conference Day 2 - 21 Feb

Case Study

When organisations face testing times, they rely on resilient leaders. Learn how to prove your capability and demonstrate real leadership in challenging situations.

- What does great leadership look like in a shifting, dynamic environment?

- How to recognise the risks you face as a leader and how to respond to proactively

- Practical strategies to lead well in a pressure-cooker environment

  • Brett Murray Chief Executive Site Safe New Zealand

Case Study

  • Our people are our greatest asset
  • Their safety at work is crucial to success
  • Protect our people and grow stronger


  • Bill Hackshaw Director BroLube NZ Ltd


A new decade is on the horizon, bringing with it new challenges and exciting opportunities. In this interactive panel, you’ll learn how to distinguish yourself as a future authority figure and take advantage of the promising industry change of the next 10 years.

  • Explore future trends in culture, performance and leadership
  • Invest in developing leaders within the company
  • Transform your leadership style

  • Jan O'Neill Executive General Manager, People and Culture Downer New Zealand Limited

  • Patrick Dougherty General Manager, Asset Development Group Housing New Zealand

  • Andrew Rowden National Operations Manager First Principles Constructors Limited

Case Study

In an increasingly complex world, purpose is key to unlocking the potential for growth. Walter will share how he used purpose to shift culture, drive productivity and prepare Kiwirail for the future of work.


- High Performance, High Engagement (HPHE)

- Outcomes that benefit all stakeholders

- Thought-driven action

  • Walter Rushbrook General Manager, Strategic Projects Kiwirail

Expert Commentary

To navigate the many situations that arise in your leadership role, you must learn to be flexible and deal with them on a case by case basis. This requires an appreciation of different leadership styles so you may lead your organisation through any situation.

- Six leadership styles you need to know

- Create healthy mindsets

- Three ‘universal motivators’

  • Ralph Brown Managing Director Skillset


With the growth of Infrastructure, Construction and Engineering in New Zealand comes a new set of opportunities and challenges. In this final interactive session, you'll reflect on the key themes of the summit and create your 10 year leadership plan.

- Your new leadership strategy

- Take stock of your professional assets

- Prepare for the next generation

  • Debra Chantry Business Coach Ventell Consulting

Post-summit Workshop - 22 Feb


Building a top performing team isn't easy, but it can be done with the help of effective psychology. Through excellent communication, the handling of complex problems and by carrying yourself as a leader, you can secure great contracts and earn the respect of those around you.

In this workshop you will learn how to rise above management into leadership. You will learn how to instill success in your team and throughout your organisation. This practical development opportunity will refine your communication skills and equip you with the tools for leading in any environment.

What's your leadership style?

- Six leadership styles you should know

- What motivates most people?

- Three universal motivators that cost nothing

- Some valuable questions from Gallup

Ways top leaders and top performers think

- The rewards for you

- What the most effective leaders achieve

- The pre-fontal cortex – our brain’s executive centre

- Locus of control – a vital issue for leaders

Develop a high-performing team

- Help them set and achieve goals

- When the going gets tough

- When they work remotely

Negotiation skills for you and the team

- Real negotiation Vs bargaining a compromise

- Three important questions in effective negotiation


Crowne Plaza Auckland

128 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

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