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18th - 19th, March 2020
Auckland, NZ

Drive performance, increase efficiency & develop a strategy to take IM to the next level


Kerri Siatiras

Kerri is a self-employed information and records management consultant, with over 25 years of experience. Kerri has wide experience in both the private, public and local authority sectors providing consulting and coaching services for strategy development, policy and procedures, business classification systems, records disposal, electronic document and records management and more. Kerri was part of the SWIM Ltd team that developed the international award-winning ALGIM IM Toolkit. She was recently awarded the New Zealand 2019 RIMPA Outstanding Professional Award.

Information & Records Management Consultant
Siatiras Consulting Ltd


- The changing role of IM
- Latest trends, issues & potential impacts
- Explore the role of Information governance
- Business requirements & challenges addressed by IM
- Ensure full ROI on enterprise-wide systems & tools
- Develop an Information Roadmap
- Key steps to translate the IM strategy into action
- Data, social media & the cloud
- Adhering to legislative & regulatory requirements
- Implementing workforce development strategies


Day One - Determine Information Management (IM) requirements and strategic direction
Day Two - Implement a business-driven IM approach
Information Management Strategy Workshop

18 Mar - 19 Mar

Module 1 - Explore the changing role of Information Manager

- Latest trends, issues and potential impacts facing Information Managers

- Working cross-functionally with other disciplines such as Information Architecture, IT Operations, Data Management, Business Intelligence

- Explore the role of Information Governance

Module 2 - Business requirements and challenges addressed by IM

- Determine the state of IM in your organisation

- Business drivers for improved IM

- Links between business and information requirements

- Challenges and issues to mitigate risk and maximise competitive advantage

- Assess the value IM adds to the organisation

- Key foundations to ensure complete return on investment on enterprise-wide systems and tools

- Identifying key information assets

Module 3 - Developing an effective IM strategy

- Governance processes to sustain the future of your IM strategy

- Matching strategy to your business needs

- Communicate your strategy internally to emphasise the importance of good IM

- Steps to translate the IM Strategy into action

- Making change management work to your advantage

- Develop an Information Roadmap to better deliver the output over time

Day One Action Plan: Developing an Information Strategy Plan for your organisation

  • Kerri Siatiras Information & Records Management Consultant Siatiras Consulting Ltd

Module 4 – Data, social media and the cloud

- Big buckets of big data – managing volume

- Data Management vs IM

- Overcome the impact of volume on traditional IM approaches

- Impacts of social media on IM disciplines

- Good policy and practice to effectively manage social media to your advantage

- Managing your organisation’s information in the cloud

- Adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements

- Understand changing technology and business factors

Module 5 - Skillsets to meet today’s IM challenges

- Capacity, capability and competence – getting the balance right

- Specialist expertise vs employability skills

- Benefits of implementing workforce development strategies

- Supporting staff and teams to embrace changing IM needs

Day Two Action Plan: Developing a 90-day action plan

  • Kerri Siatiras Information & Records Management Consultant Siatiras Consulting Ltd


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