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8th - 9th, March 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Key strategies for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander leaders to achieve personal, professional & community success


- Understand and align your cultural and corporate responsibilities
- Infuse cultural values into your corporate role
- Enhance self-awareness and lead with resilience
- How to handle setbacks constructively


Christine Coyne

Christine has developed and managed a range of Indigenous participation and employment projects for some of the nation’s biggest and most successful companies over a diverse and dynamic 36 year career in Indigenous employment, education and training. In 2013, Christine established her own consulting firm and works with a range of large to medium private sector companies, as well as working across government at all levels in the delivery of her services.  Whilst still managing her own consulting business, Christine has recently established an engineering company – Red Rock Services and is the Company Director, major shareholder and Business Development and Aboriginal Engagement Manager.


Christine is a Noongar woman originating from Gnowangerup in WA. She has worked extensively with Aboriginal people throughout the country; this includes Aboriginal people who are city based as well as those from remote and regional locations. She has an extensive knowledge of the differences that apply between contemporary and traditional Aboriginal communities and groups.


Christine’s expertise, experience and skills are unique within the construction industry. Throughout her employment history she has developed extensive networks within industry and government. Christine has previously held senior roles with CCIWA, Compass Group and FWW – EPCM – Woodside Pluto Construction Project

Aboriginal Affairs Consultant
Christine Coyne & Associates


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Indigenous Women's Leadership Workshop

08 Mar - 09 Mar


Understanding company culture and employer expectations

- Increase knowledge of company structures and processes

- Identify linkages to Aboriginal Engagement Plans, RAPs and Diversity and Inclusion

- Discuss and explore company expectations of employees

- Develop strategies to manage work, family and community obligations


Intercultural communication

- Provide an overview of considerations and barriers that apply to intercultural communication

- Explore perceptions from both an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal perspective

- Cultivate awareness of personal attitudes, beliefs and expectations in the workplace and how this “may” impact on, or differ from, others

- Explore strategies to overcome communication across cultures and the ability to have appropriate conversations


Team building and goal setting

- Understand the benefits of working in a team and the role of individuals in a large work team

- How goal setting can assist you to maintain your employment, achieve your career progression and personal goals

- Principles and value of business mentor/mentee relationship and how this will benefit both your working relationships and personal development


Strategies for working across culture

- Develop networking and influencing skills to build relationships with other Indigenous staff, work teams and managers

- Develop the tools to communicate your values, build confidence to ask questions, consult and collaborate

- Juggling the corporate and cultural aspects of personal and professional life

  • Christine Coyne Aboriginal Affairs Consultant Christine Coyne & Associates


Maintaining culture to unlock your leadership potential

- Understanding your country and culture in contemporary Australia

- Balancing the commitments of community, career and character

- The importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female leaders to community


Individual strengths and areas for growth

- Examine your leadership traits and how to apply them

- Understand where your strengths fit within your community or organisation

- Recognise growth areas and how to reinforce your skills


The importance of authentic leadership and being true to yourself

- The role authenticity plays in effectively leading a team

- Advocating for yourself and developing your leadership identity


Understand and align your cultural and corporate responsibilities

- Be present in all aspects of your life

- Confidently incorporate your personal journey

- Remain genuine to your true self  

  • Christine Coyne Aboriginal Affairs Consultant Christine Coyne & Associates



Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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