8th Indigenous Women's Leadership Summit

Develop key skills to further your personal, professional and community goals

  • August 27th - 30th, 2019
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney


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- Harness your natural strengths & advance your career
- Align your authentic leadership style with your community values
- Develop mindfulness to cultivate resilience
- Balance career, culture & community


Andrea Kelly

See Biography section

Assistant Secretary, Culture Branch, Housing, Land and Culture Division
Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet

  • Mikaela Jade
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Jo Chivers
    Director, Higher Education Program Management
    Department of Education and Training
  • Naomi Moran
    General Manager
    Koori Mail
  • Maree Ansey
    Indigenous Affairs Lead
    Laing O'Rouke


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Combining Communities - Find a balance between corporate and cultural responsibilities
Welcome to country
Empower the leaders of tomorrow
Healing circle - It begins with you
Lift as you lead
Yarning circle - Together towards tomorrow
Mini-workshop - From conflict to collaboration
Wayapa Ancient Earth Mindfulness to cultivate resilience
The power of storytelling
Healing circle - Focus on success
Combining culture & corporate
Yarning circle - Juggling career, culture & community
Break through bias
Mini-workshop - Build your leadership brand
Be a mover shaker
Develop your authentic leadership style
Pre-Summit Workshop

27 Aug


Learn how to negotiate your needs and align with them with your organisation, gain strategies to avoid burnout, and empower yourself and your organisation to rise to the top while remaining firmly rooted in your culture.

Understand and align your cultural and corporate responsibilities

- Be present in all aspects of your life

- Confidently incorporate your personal journey

- Remain genuine to your true self

Develop effective tools to communicate your values

- How to seek and access support networks

- Negotiate your needs with your organisation

- Effectively present your values


Infuse cultural values into your corporate role

- Understand your heritage and pave the path for others

- Take ownership of your career

- Define your corporate and cultural identity


Be approachable and lead with openness

- Develop transparency and create trust

- Lead with honesty

- Persevere through challenging situations

Summit Day 1

28 Aug


Case Study

If we want to make a difference in the world, we must lead by example and inspire those around us to seek the opportunities they deserve. Explore how you can find strength in your identity, create your vision for the future and empower others to inspire change. 

- Find strength in your identity 

- Create a vision for the future 

- Empower others and inspiring change

  • Andrea Kelly Assistant Secretary, Culture Branch, Housing, Land and Culture Division Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet

Break-Out Session

This interactive mini session meets you where you are, helps you identify areas of improvement, and celebrate what's working well.

- Embrace your values 

- Discover your strengths 

- Craft your vision

  • Leanne Phillips Chief Executive Officer Healing to Employment

Case Study

Leadership is empowerment - lifting others up, helping them advance and making them part of something bigger than themselves. Explore the power of mentoring, discover how you can expose yourself to new skills, and how you can lead by inspiring others. 

- Leverage the power of mentoring in career success

- Develop new skills, knowledge and leadership capabilities

- Listen, encourage and inspire

  • Jo Chivers Director, Higher Education Program Management Department of Education and Training


The world needs leaders who are willing to stand up for their beliefs. Our panellists will explore how to expand your circle of influence, champion change in your organisation and how peer-support can help you overcome barriers in your career.

- Expand your circle of influence

- Create change through bold ideas and actions

- Overcome challenges through connection and peer support

  • Naomi Moran General Manager Koori Mail

  • Maree Ansey Indigenous Affairs Lead Laing O'Rouke

  • Phillipa McDermott Head of Indigenous Employment & Diversity Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • Nikki Suey Aboriginal Participation Manager WestConnex M4-M5 Link Tunnels

  • Belinda Murdoch Aboriginal Engagement Advisor NSW/ACT John Holland

Expert Commentary

As a leader, you must identify difficult situations as they occur, recognise our emotions and successfully navigate challenging moments. Explore how you can focus your energy positively, distinguish your unique style of influence and build strategies to respond with confidence.

- Identify where to focus your energy and attention

- Develop your unique style of influence and conflict resolution

- Build strategies to recognise and respond to complex situations

  • Leanne Phillips Chief Executive Officer Healing to Employment

Expert Commentary

Individuals who practice mindfulness have greater resilience. In this session, you will use a unique combination of Wayapa and Ancient Earth mindfulness, narrative meditation and movement to quiet the mind and cultivate resilience in your daily lie.

- Connection to Country, Spirit and Self

- Promote mental health and wellbeing

- Develop strategies to bounce back from adversity

  • Priscilla Reid-Loynes Indigenous Education Consultant Priscilla Reid-Loynes Indigenous Education Consultancy

Summit Day 2

29 Aug

Case Study

Who we are as individuals is anchored in our history, and knowing our history can be a great source of strength and resilience. Mikaela Jade launched InDigital in 2012 with the goal of bringing augmented and mixed reality to Australia’s Indigenous communities, not only to tell their stories but share their history. Mikaela will discuss how you can push your boundaries and harness innovation to create change. 

- Push your boundaries and harness innovation 

- Strengthen and sustain culture through storytelling

- Leverage the digital economy via job creation

  • Mikaela Jade Founder & Chief Executive Officer InDigital

Break-Out Session

Success is a goal and a journey, but what does success mean to you and how does this translate in your personal and professional life? Come together in groups to focus on your goals and reignite your passions.

- What does success mean to you?

- Focus on your dream career

- Reignite your passions

  • Leanne Phillips Chief Executive Officer Healing to Employment

Case Study

Culture has a strong influence on who we are, how we think about the world and how we operate in society. Explore strategies to combine community and corporate, then discover how to grow yourself, your culture and your organisation.

- Understand Indigenous culture in contemporary Australia

- Balance the combination of community and corporate

- Grow yourself, your culture and your organisation

  • Janette Richmond Marketplace FC Operations Manager THE ICONIC


Maintaining the commitments of community and career while pursuing your personal and professional goals can be a tricky balancing act. Explore ways to remain true to yourself and develop strategies for constructing a harmonious balance.

- Recognise personal and professional burn-out

- Balance competing responsibilities and expectations

- Set realistic expectations and remain true to yourself

  • Kristen Ella Manager, Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network Agency for Clinical Innovation

  • Pamela Smith Education Officer, Aboriginal Community Engagement Unit, Industrial Relations NSW Treasury

Case Study

Race, gender and class-based barriers to entry and progression exist everywhere. Building a diverse team and leveraging inclusivity is crucial in overcoming and breaking down bias in the workplace. Explore strategies to break through barriers, thrive in challenging circumstances and unleash the benefits of diversity in your organisation. 

- Break barriers

- Thrive in challenging circumstances 

- Maximise the benefits of diversity

Expert Commentary

To find your voice as a leader is to live by your values, use your influence, be courageous and express yourself authentically. Explore your values, build your unique leadership brand and gain the skills to operate with confidence and authority. 

- Define what is important to you 

- Build your unique leadership brand 

- Operate with confidence and authority

  • Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes Lecturer & Researcher, Aboriginal Education The University of Sydney


This interactive closing roundtable is an opportunity to reflect on all the information shared and create an action plan to apply key learnings to your personal development plan, your organisation and your community.

- Embrace your cultural identity and build your leadership brand

- Discuss key takeaways from the summit

- Explore future opportunities for Indigenous leaders

  • Leanne Phillips Chief Executive Officer Healing to Employment

Post-Summit Workshop

30 Aug


Explore skills and strategies to harness your unique strengths and leadership style, build resilience to thrive and overcome challenging circumstances, drive change in your organisation and create an action plan for your career success.


Build your personal brand and leadership identity 

- Use your values as a harness for effective leadership 

- Identify your key strengths and leverage your unique leadership style

- Trust your instinct and access your intuition 


Develop emotional agility and overcome criticism 

- Build resilience to thrive in challenging circumstances

- Understand and overcome workplace bias and negative cultures

- View criticism as a stepping stone, not a brick wall


Drive change and innovation as an Indigenous leader 

- Recognise and overcome hurdles to effective change

- Identify your influencing style and how to apply it 

- Inspire others and bring them on the journey 


Plan for your success

- Build skills for self-promotion and accelerated career progression 

- Own your accomplishments and communicate your value

- Achieve improved leadership performance with a personal action plan 


Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9253 9000

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