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10th - 11th, June 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Increase leadership capability & drive ICT performance as a strategic leader


Jo Stewart-Rattray

Jo has over 25 years’ experience in the IT field, some of which were spent as CIO in the Utilities and as Group CIO in the Tourism space, and with significant experience in the Information Security arena. She underpins her information technology and security background with her qualifications in education and management. 

She specialises in consulting in technology issues with a particular emphasis on governance in both the commercial and operational areas of businesses. Jo provides strategic advice to organisations across a number of industry sectors including banking and finance, utilities, manufacturing, tertiary education, retail and government.

Director Technology & Security Assurance
BRM Holdich


- Establish trust from your team & achieve buy-in with key stakeholders
- Lead with authenticity & motivate your team to focus on results
- Foster a positive workplace culture of accountability for improved performance
- Understand the power of positive language & the challenging conversations leaders must have
- Lead change to add strategic business value
- Understand your personal traits to positively change your leadership performance


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop

10 Jun - 11 Jun

Attributes of executive-level technology leaders

- The psychology of leadership

- Emotional Intelligence (EQ) the art of knowing yourself and others 

- Adapt and understand individuality and its advantages 


Develop cohesive and high performing teams 

- Recognise the value of your team

- Utilise their skills to drive performance 

- The dysfunctions of a team


Self-mastery and balance

- Overcome demotivation, stress and frustration

- Better you, better team

- The significance of balance 


How to have and accept the hard conversations 

- Understand the significance of feedback 

- Measure performance - The good, the bad and the ugly

- Deliver constructive criticism

  • Jo Stewart-Rattray Director Technology & Security Assurance BRM Holdich

The business of leading organisational change and projects

- Challenges leaders face in ICT & Digital

- Navigate challenging business scenarios

- Mentoring, coaching and professional development 


Manage change through times of transformation

- Define change and its attributes

- Foster innovation in times of trouble

- Establish trust within your team


Career planning - A story of yours and mine

- Recognise where you want to be 

- Review and reflect on the past

- Create the stepping stones to your goal


The future of ICT and Digital 

- What’s next in the ICT & Digital sphere?

- Create a realistic action plan

- Revisit key themes and lesson

  • Jo Stewart-Rattray Director Technology & Security Assurance BRM Holdich


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Virtual / Streaming

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